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Tricki is a beautiful and slinky kitty. She reminds me of Gink in of my favorite children’s books, the Dorrie the little witch series by Patricia Coombs. Dorrie is a little witch whose “hat is always on crooked and her stockings never match, she has a black cat named Gink who follows her wherever she goes.” You can see illustrations of Gink here and here.

That looks like such a sweet series!


Check this out!!!

YouTube link

That is very cool. (Now I’m imagining a video of me trying to train Stefan to do that… where he just sits there and yawns.)


“Lily and I got along like sestras” This makes me think that Orphan Black would be a possible naming scheme for another batch o’kitties. I’m sure it’s already been suggested, but just throwing it out in case.

I don’t think anyone has suggested it, actually, but it’s definitely on my list. I need a large litter of girl kittens!


Tricki is just soooo beautiful. Does she have any white hairs on her at all? My Allie-cat is all black like Tricki except she has four white hairs on her chest. C’mon universe, bring Tricki her new people soonest!

Tricki has at least 5 white hairs – two on her chest, three further down on her tummy. I had to made a concerted effort to check her over before I saw them, they aren’t super obvious. They are, however, longer than her black fur, so you’d think I’d have noticed them before now.


Hi, Renee!!! I am in Jacksonville, too!! Everyone, please go and vote. Clay County Animal Control REALLY needs some help. They are located behind a landfill, not visible from the road and they get NO advertisement!!!! The staff and the volunteers work hard and are the ONLY way those little ones get exposure! (Yes, it is a kill shelter!!!) So please, please go vote!!!!!

This is just a reminder for y’all to vote, please!


Your photos of Tricki are amazing! How do you do it? I have 3 black babies (2 cats, 1 dog) and no matter how pictures I take, how many different cameras, flash, no flash, natural light, artificial light, etc….I can NOT capture them. Please share your secret!!!

I think the only real advice I have is to use the brightest natural light possible, and take a LOT of pictures! You’ll probably notice that most of the pictures I’ll share of Tricki will be of her on Fred’s bed, which is right by two windows that gets great light during the day. I’ll occasionally use the flash, but most of the time I prefer not to, because it casts such a harsh light on the cats.

One of these days, I’m going to post all the pictures I take in a week, before I started delete them, so you guys can see all the awful ones, too. 🙂


I saw this today and thought about several of your kittens in the past, who have been looking for a substitute for mom in all the wrong places.

Isn’t that the most adorable thing ever? Wee kittens in socks! How did I never think of that?


Just wondered if you’d seen this video of “Japan’s cat island?” Kinda neat!

YouTube link

I had! (And here’s more information, for those of you who haven’t heard of it before). Definitely very neat!


so do you do anything with Hibiscus? I’ve got a box of Hibiscus Tea here, so I was just wondering..

I’ve never done anything with Hibiscus flowers, but only because it never occurred to me. I don’t usually drink tea, but I’m tempted to give it a try with our own flowers.

So do you know that it is the same Dolores every year, or do you just assume?

No, unless she’s some kind of super spider, it’s a different Dolores every year. BugGuide says that Orb Weavers usually die at first frost. Which here in Alabama might not be ’til November or so, but if I recall correctly, last year’s Dolores disappeared around mid-October. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that this year’s Dolores is the daughter of last year’s Dolores, and last year’s Dolores was 2012 Dolores’s daughter, and so on.

Speaking of Dolores, the Mister has gone missing, and Dolores has been eating like crazy and she’s getting HUGE. I haven’t seen an egg sac yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Yesterday I got too close to her web while trying to take her picture, and it made her run across the web away from me. The sight of all those long legs moving so fast might have made me run in place and scream a little bit.

Poor Dolores. She is SO TIRED of my shenanigans.


So Khaleesi was returned a year ago, huh? So glad we know now that she’s had a happy ending living the life of Riley with a great, smart Mom and doting grandparents. Occasional hazzards of chipmunk patrol, she should have a great life.

I had actually forgotten, until I saw the post from last year, that Khaleesi had been adopted and returned after one week. The reason given for that return is that she bit the ankle of the guy who’d adopted her. She was adopted a second time in September and then returned in March, because she and the other cat in her home were chasing each other back and forth at night, and the adopter couldn’t deal with it. So back she came.

What I think is that Khaleesi was just toying with those adopters, biding her time ’til the right people came along. And I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the right ones very much did!


Sweet, gorgeous Tricki. (Yes, this is almost identical to yesterday’s picture, but I can’t help it, I love it!)

Is it time for a nap? I think it is.

Isn’t she just the most gorgeous thing?


Miz Poo likes to go out into the back yard and watch the younger cats race around. She’s not sure why they’re racing around like that (kids these days!), but she’s entertained by their antics.


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  1. “The sight of all those long legs moving so fast might have made me run in place and scream a little bit.” – now I think I would have enjoyed watching that!!! (AND LAUGHING). 🙂

    I was looking back at your house(s) pictures and realized every time Miz Poo was in the picture, you referenced her as “the kitten”. That made me smile. Now she is the matriarch!

    As for Cat Island, I sure hope they have a spay and neuter program going on there!!!

    Tricki IS b-e-a-u-t-I-f-u-l!!!

  2. Also love baby kittens in socks! Makes me think I should get a sock for Holly to wear so she’ll stop licking her belly bare, but that would have to be a big sock!

  3. omc – the sock idea is great. there is a local rescue here who has a kitten with a head injury – she did something similar to try to protect the wound. gotta love it when people think outside the box (so to speak). Ash keeps trying to nurse on Uncle Tim, but I don’t think Tim will wear a t-shirt (and heaven knows he won’t get up and leave or just kick the little dork in the head).

    • Years ago in the 80s I got an old style flea collar for a kitten and she got a huge reaction to it and scratched her neck all bloody and scabby. I cut off the top of one of my gym socks and put it around her neck so the back foot scratching would cut the sock top and not her skin until she healed up.

  4. I too loved those Dorrie the witch books when I was growing up. I hadn’t thought about it till it was said but yes, Tricki is like Gink.

  5. I have to say that I have been a victim of an ankle biting by Khaleesi a couple of times. She would lay on her side in the kitchen just hanging out. I walked past on her back side, and she’d roll over (cat-like reflexes!), grab my leg in her front paws, and give my ankle a bit or two.

    She and Lily both like to pounce toes. If you’re sitting in The Comfy Chair with a blanket on your lap and a cat half asleep, and you wiggle your toes either one of may pounce the mysterious wiggly bits.

    • Well, thank you for not freaking out and handling the biting, which sounds more playful than pathological.

      She is a sweet girl, hopefully she and Lily can do their cat play fighting without causing problems with you.

  6. While I really enjoy the thought of Japan’s cat island, I can’t help but wonder if someone should consider TNR for a good portion of the animals.

    I think of Miz Poo, with her lovely coloring, as the queen of the clowder 🙂

  7. I believe the flower you are calling a hibiscus might actually be a rose of sharon. We have both in our yard and they are beautiful! We also have a double petal rose of sharon, which is beautiful. The hibiscus flowers are typically huge and at least 6 inches across. I have heard that hibiscus tea will lower your blood pressure but I am chicken to try to make my own. I just wanted to chime in because I wouldn’t want you to get sick.

    My son cut a hibiscus flower to put in his girlfriend’s hair for their marching band performance tonight. awww

  8. That is a superb idea! You should definitely post a photo montage of Stefan yawning his way through an obstacle course!

  9. you mentioned about Khaleesi being returned for biting?

    reminds me I saw on facebook a link posted by Oskar (the blind kitty) about this lady who adopted a stray and she posted a video about how the kitty has has its shots etcetc, and she’ll send it to whoever that will like to adopt it because she travels a lot.
    And in that video,she had to SMACK kitty so many times because the kitty would jump and bite her real hard..
    it was sad to watch.. people were commenting how kitties do that to play, is that true?