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Puffdate! (PufFlynndate?)

As of today, Puff is out of the front bathroom and officially in the room with me and Flynn. He also stayed in my bedroom/bathroom area with Flynn while I was at work today (about 6 hours) and nothing was destroyed when I got home!! I have to keep them up when I’m out of my apartment because I’m so scared that the apartment guys will have to come in for something and they will run out. My bedroom and bathroom is a pretty big area so they don’t seem to mind it. They have a good view out my window to bird watch!

This is a picture from last night. Puff was annoyed with me because he was ready to eat and I wouldn’t feed him yet because I’m trying to get him on Flynn’s feeding schedule.

I just love this one!

Sweet boy!

Puff’s arm flung over Flynn in that second picture is going to be the death of me (along with the look on Puff’s face in the first picture, and the curled-up ball of cute in the third picture.) I love it so much when two unrelated cats become BFFs so fast!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, okay, okay. I guess you guys are just smarty pantses. The majority of you guessed that the Dragon who didn’t go to Petsmart was…

Norbie. And you were right!

“They WAS?!”

The application to adopt Norbert has been completed, the interested adopter has gone through the adoption process, and the adoption was approved! It’ll still be a few more weeks before he actually goes home, so until then he’ll stay here and hang out with us.

“Oh, joy.”

He’ll be going to the home of a reader, so hopefully we’ll get some Norbdates. Norbiedates? You know what I mean. But y’all are not getting any more details than that – you know how I don’t like to jinx adoptions until after they’ve happened!

Here are the rest of the pictures I got of the Dragons before Ruth, Ember, and Scorch went off to Petsmart.

Ember had the end of her tongue sticking out of her mouth for the longest time. She couldn’t figure out why we kept looking at her and laughing.


Fred bought a big radio-controlled car with which to tease the dogs (and the cats), and the best part of it all was this box.

She’s on display, on display, on display.

Norbie, not impressed.

“The world looks so different from here!”

Arya finds this box tasty.

Ember, shopping for a Dragon statue for her living room.
“Eh. I don’t know. I don’t think it’ll work.”

“HOLY CATS! I was wrong! That pink nose will match my curtains PERFECTLY!”

Ruth shows off her pretty eyes one more time.

“I can SO read! See, here? It says loooove, annnnnd, hisses! Dot com!”

I know I’ve been really lax about posting pictures of the Starks this week. I promise to make it up to you tomorrow.

Until then, you can ponder this: one of the Starks has already been spoken for. Which one do you suppose it is? (And NO, we are not adopting a Stark. And the Stark in question is going to an entirely different home than Norbie! It’s been a very good weekend, Khaleesi’s return notwithstanding.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I think they ALL need to go. I don’t like those kittens.”

“They is little and annoying.”


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8-22-13 — 40 Comments

  1. So happy for Norbert! He’s a sure win. You sure his adopter doesn’t want Scorch too – I have two that same color set and it is pretty awesome! I think Norbert wants Scorch too.

  2. Just read up on poor Khaleesi! πŸ™ Awwww hope she finds a good home asap! Yay for Norbert!!

    Take care

    • I try to look at a “return” as both a little getaway (sleepover?) for the kitty and also a chance to learn more about what is and isn’t going to be a good home for her. At least she was safely returned and not abandoned somewhere.

  3. Hey Love and Hissers,

    I have a question. A long and thorny question. Sorry for hijacking a happy post, but you guys give great advice.

    Our not-quite-three year old darling, Squee, passed away suddenly on Tuesday. She had a sore leg, and the vet recommended an xray. She passed away under anesthetic. She hadn’t had issues before, and we were very shocked, and heartbroken. We don’t have a cause of death, and it is, from all accounts, “one of those things”. We brought her home and buried her, and let our other two cats sniff and prod her to let them know she wouldn’t be coming home, since they were looking frantically for her. They seemed much, much more settled after that, and although a little more subdued, they seem to be pretty much back to normal already.

    My question is centered around getting another cat, and our remaining two cats. We’ve got our elder-statesman calico Polly, who is seven, and a MASSIVE cat/kitten lover and snuggler, and a four year old Ginger Tom who adores kittens, but isn’t as snuggly as Polly. Polly wants to be on someone or snuggled up to another cat at ALL TIMES, and Max is a boy, and likes an hour or two to himself, thankyouverymuch. Squee was a great buffer for Max, because Polly, although her first and most enduring love was Max, would be more than content to snuggle with Squee if Max wasn’t amenable. She was also pretty good at taking cues from Max if Squee was available.

    As you can see, the three-cat dynamic worked really well, and my husband is very, very keen to get another kitten as quickly as possible. We are VERY aware that the new kitten will never be able to replace Squee either as a member of the household or in our hearts, but his reasoning is that we can’t foster (we’re renters), but we DO have both a house and two other cats who can accommodate a kitten who needs a home.

    I suppose my question is, given the other two seem to be coping quite well with the loss, how soon is too soon? We are under no illusions that a new cat will heal the pain, but we’re keen to re-establish the dynamic for our existing cats sake, and we really do feel that one of the best ways to honour Squee (She was a rescue, as all our cats were, but more rescue-y than most), would be to give another cat a loving home. Frankly, if it weren’t for the fact that we were renting, we’d have a house full of cats, and we’re coming up to Kitten Season here very soon (We’re in Australia).

    So, TL:DR, how soon is too soon?

    • First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. Tragic, inexplicable, and sadly, “just one of those things.” None of those justifications make losing sweet Squee any easier.

      Only you can say when is the right time for you to get another kitten. The good news is that when you are ready, the supply always more than meets the demand.

    • So sorry about Squee….while “just one of those things” can be hard, anesthesia can be a tricky thing if there was anything underlying.

      As for a new kitten, I have to agree that only you know when the time is right. If you think you are ready, then start looking. I tell people all the time – don’t rush…you will know when you find the right fit.

    • Absolutely do not rush these things. You’ll know when you’re ready for another kitty.

      I’ve known people who get new kittens right away but they don’t give themselves the time to truly grieve.

      Squee was special and at least your kitties have each other for now.

    • Sorry to hear about your loss. Unfortunately cats can be very sensitive to anesthesia.

      Have you considered getting a teenager or young adult cat who may be harder to place? Kittens can be overwhelmingly boisterous and as it may have been a couple of years since you adopted Squee your cats are a couple of years older too.

      Don’t know much about Australia but are there any online fosterers or adoption places that are nearby? I know of several people who search for a time before coming across the “right” cat but know it when they see it.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. Your tribute was beautiful and once again my co-workers think I have allergies.

      You will know when it is time. I think you already do. I believe Squee will help you find one.

    • So very sorry to hear about Squee. I would echo what everyone else says, you will know when the time is right. I would watch the remaining two to see how they handle things. They might be fine or you could see stress. I would go by their reactions first before I would bring in a kitten. I am always cheering people on to get an older or teenage cat or at least someone close in age to Squee. I wish you luck.

      • Adding to the chorus — Squee was clearly a marvelous little being, and her brother and sister sound equally special. You all, humans and felines, must still be in shock, but what’s most important is how much love that tiny being generated.

  4. Oh Stinkerbelle, you are so striking. Those kittens who are so little and annoying just want to grow up to be like you someday.

  5. I love the first picture of Puff and the second picture of Norbles. Oh my sweet, sweet, Norbles. How I love him & Ember… to the point of distraction. I’m happy he’s found his home with a reader who has been with him on his journey and understands how special he is but why-oh-why can’t that reader take Ember, too? Does this reader not understand my devotion to those two and how my most fervent hope is that they continue to be a super-awesome-dragon-team? ::CRIES:: In all seriousness, though… YAY!!! I do hope we get updates. Puff’s mom is doing a fantastic job of keeping us in the loop & she deserves a high five so ::HIGHFIVE!::

    And as a sidenote, I have a confession. I was irritated that Khaleesi was returned so quickly but after giving it some thought, I’ve decided you guys are all right and her adopter did the right thing. I had to remember that I have a very needy kitty who wants to be on me constantly and when that’s not possible he gets very perturbed so I finally clued in. I guess I was just upset because, well, she’s so beautiful and gave us those amazing Dragons and I wanted her to get started on her new life in the best possible way. Hopefully it won’t be much longer!

    • My husband and I have really been weighing bringing home this delightful Russian Blue-like DSH named Miles that we saw this past weekend.

      He looks just like my first cat Steve, and as all our cats are named after musicians, I was adamant with my husband. “His name is MILES! He’s pre-named! It’s like he was MADE for us!”

      The problem is our boys have such a strong bond, and Ray really hates anyone who isn’t us or his brother. He hates the dog. He hates strangers. I fear bringing Miles home would throw things into a spin and we’d have to return him. So, I can understand returning Khaleesi and as much as I hate it, they did the RIGHT thing… I know her forever home is just around the corner. She’s just so beautiful and sweet.

      • Those two do sound like the perfect unit — I’d be loath to alter the delicate balance, but if you have the room and the patience…

  6. Yay for Norbie! And Yay that Robyn and Fred get to enjoy his company (and take lots more pictures) for a few more weeks.

    I think the Stark who already has a family lined up is either Arya (such nicely marked calicos are a bit hard to find) or Jon Snow. Not that Brandon and Hodor aren’t equally gorgeous (don’t want to hurt any kitten feelings!). Can’t wait for the whole story πŸ™‚

    So sad about Squee πŸ™ I think a new kitten will work out just fine, the relationships won’t be exactly what they were, but it sounds like the two older kitties will have no problem welcoming the new addition. Good luck!

  7. Stinkerbelle is so beautiful.

    I think the kittens thought that because they were *in* the box, they could not be seen, but they could see out. Like they had found a secret two-way mirror? Silly monkeys.

  8. I love those kitten in the box pictures. Ember seems to be sizing up Scorch in that one picture. And who knew Ruthie could read. Wasn’t there another in your last year that was a blogger/reader? Also, my guess on the adopted Stark is Hodor (but all of them are so worthy).

  9. Have you seen the kitty circus video on http://www.yourdailycute.com/ It is a commercial with a wonderful message. Your blog is the first thing I check EVERY morning – before facebook and even my email. Thank you for all the work you do for these wonderful babies.

  10. I cannot say that i’m surprised that someone swooped in and couldn’t wait for Norbert to go to Petsmart.

    Wouldn’t be surprised with any one wanting those dragons. Scorch with that amazing coat, Ember with her playful nature and elephant ears and Ruth with her pretty eyes.

    Not to mention Khaleesi. You know there’s somebody out there who needs her and vice-versa.

    I know it’s a repeated joke, but I just can’t help thinking that Puff’s in like Flynn. What a great relaxed pic of them in that cat tree. They all deserve happy endings like that.

    • I put those same kind of post it notes on my bedroom door when I know the maintenance guys are coming and I’m not home! I think I have them terrified of Flynn! They think he will attack when really he would try to run away with them! lol!

      • I’m also terrified of my cats running out when I’m not home. Every time I open the door when I come home from work, Holly is RIGHT THERE, so I’m completely freaked out that if a maintenance worker were to open the door, she would be so freaked out that he wasn’t me she’d book it out the door.

      • For the most part, my guys aren’t interested in the outside so much. Ray has snuck into the garage once though, which terrified my husband.

        Neither of them will bolt, but like you and Gretchen, I am still terrified of the possibility. I lie and caution people who come to the house to do work that the cats are likely to bolt out the door if they leave it open for too long. Honestly, that’s just for my peace of mind. (Neurotic cat lady? NOOOO!)

        My first cat Steve was awesome. I swear, you could open the door and he’d look at you like “WTF lady? Food is here. Pooper is here. Why would I leave?” I tried to take him outside once on a harness (Neurotic cat lady? NOOOO!) because I thought he might enjoy the outdoors and all he did was press himself up to the door as flat as he could.

        Of course this was also the cat who ran and hid under the bed for 3 days when a parakeet got loose in the house.

  11. Yay for Norbie! I am so happy he’s already got a home πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed for forever homes for the other Dragons and Khaleesi soon!

    After seeing how much your cats like them, I have given in and purchased 2 ham-micks. My 20-pounder Bagheera is currently testing the strength of one, and the other one is holding a not-so-light 14 pound Maggie. Didn’t take more than 15 minutes to have both occupied and Maggie is fast asleep. I suspect I will have to buy more πŸ™‚

  12. All right all you cat whisperers out there – HELP!

    My two cats are both 7 years old and have been together most of their lives and get along quite well. Until recently. When the girl (Amber) goes to the vet, the boy (Chip) decides she returns as the devil incarnate. This is a whole new thing. The first time it happened she had been totally groomed and shaved a bit (long, long hair) and I thought that was the issue & he calmed down after 2 days. This week she went in for a teeth cleaning. That was Monday. It is Thursday now, and he is still hiding from her, hissing, spitting and growling like mad if she is within 10 feet of him! She, of course, is confused and now is being a royal pest playing the “How about if I get THIS close? THIS close? How about now?” game to completely set him off. I’ve sprayed Feliway around her, brushed her to try to get her scent back to normal with no luck so far. Is there anything I can do to get Chip to call the heck down? At this point he cowers in my bathroom most of the day, and I have to bring him food because, you know, the devil is out there!

    • Hi Christina,
      the only other thing you might try is to take a rag or washcloth and rub Chip with the rag and then rub Amber with the rag. It transfers Chip’s scent to Amber and might calm him down. The other thing you might try is to give Amber a bath to get rid of any remaining vet office smell. That is about all I can think of.

      • I was sitting here trying to remember what tip I had read, and then Elaine posted it! I would very much suggest giving this a try!

        • Didn’t someone suggest putting baby powder on your hands and then giving both cats a good rubdown? That way they smell like each other and like you. Also, since it’s been a few days, maybe you need to “re-introduce” them to each other by feeding them yummy stinky food etc. so they associate each other with good things.

          • I had this problem when my older cat was in and out of the hospital for a couple of weeks. We did the towel-rubdown-routine to no avail each time before she returned. The vet finally prescribed a tranquilizer for my younger cat, since he was so freaked out. I tried it out on him the day before the OC got home, but it seemed to really disturb him, so I resolved to let the hissing etc. carry on. But the drug did its trick after all: he was perfectly fine upon OC’s return. The baby-powder idea is a goodie, though! Best of luck.

    • My plan to stop this is to bring both cats to the vet. (I don’t think that would work for Robyn, but I’d like to be at the vet when she tries it:))This way they both stink so no one is the enemy. Sometimes my vet looks at me a little weird when I walk in with both cats and he only wants to see one, but I can live with that. Good luck! I hope they work it out soon!

  13. I am very glad Norbie is staying around for awhile. You should have his new human sign a contract stating there will be Norb-dates.

    Good luck to the rest of the Dragons and especially their Mom.

    Jon Snow has to be the one already spoken for – his dance moves should have won someone over.

  14. My guess for the adopted Stark is Jon Snow. Also glad Norbert will be sticking around a bit longer. Really nice to see Puff settling in to his new home. The pic of him & Flynn is priceless.

  15. Loving the Puffdate! And pretty, disapproving Stinkerbelle.

    And I say the chosen Stark is Arya!

  16. Not sure how I missed this post..

    Congrats to Norbert’s new family for making such a smart and wise decision.. you must be brilliant πŸ™‚

    Puffdate.. OMG when did Puff get so much white on him??

    Kitten tongue! SQUEEE!!!