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(Pics from last week)

2011-08-22 (1)
Stressing hard or hardly stressing.

2011-08-22 (2)
Laundry inspectors on the job.

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Friday evening, I went into the guest bedroom to find that Fred had let Jake in to visit with the little ones, and there was this going on:

2011-08-22 (3)

2011-08-22 (4)

2011-08-22 (5)

2011-08-22 (7)

2011-08-22 (8)

For the record, Jake didn’t pay ANY attention to those kittens at all. But they were FREAKED.

2011-08-22 (9)

2011-08-22 (10)
Note that Jake is all “Oh look, a toy! ::sniff::” and the kittens are all “STRANGER DANGER!!!!!”

2011-08-22 (11)
I don’t think it’s possible for Lucy to get any more floofed.

2011-08-22 (12)
While Everett and Sally trade “MY GOD DO YOU SEE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” looks, Lucy and Harlan tail the interloper.

2011-08-22 (13)

2011-08-22 (14)
Practicing for Halloween.

2011-08-22 (15)
Jake was just trying to partake of some kitten food, and the little ones were SO freaked out and SO “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE, STRANGER”, that Jake finally gave up and asked to leave the room.

Sunday morning, I was coming downstairs when I heard Fred in the guest bedroom, guffawing. He called to me, and as soon as I opened the door, Jake came running out. It turned out that Fred had let Jake in again, and the kittens all did their insta-floof thing. Then Sally, who was as floofed as possible, was standing there glaring at Jake. Jake sniffed her, and she stood and glared at him. Then Jake tried to rub his head on her and she went stiff and fell over like a fainting goat.

Every time I think of her falling over, even though I didn’t see it myself, it makes me laugh out loud.

Clearly I need to get in there with the little camera and take some videos next time Jake goes visiting!

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2011-08-22 (20)
Regal Tommy.


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8-22-11 — 14 Comments

  1. This post cracked me up! FAINTING GOAT KITTIES!!! LOL Get a video!
    When my baby boy was only 6 wks old, he puffed up and had his pipe-cleaner tail straight in the air over my sister-in-law’s golden. Man, that was the cutest thing. He thought he was sooooo tough!

  2. Pouffed up and annoyed kittens are HILARIOUS! That first picture of a pouffed up little Pepper? So funny. Although they probably didn’t think so.

  3. I have to admit, I got a little huffy when I read the first part of this post. How is it that Petsmart visitors did not see how SPECIAL Clove and her sisters are?!? Don’t they know they are missing out on the most gorgeous kittens in the world?

    Anyway, puffed up kittens crack me up. One of my fosters did the same thing a couple of days ago after catching a glimpse of one of our cats through the door. Wish I had had my camera.

  4. Oh yes, the Peppers are definately practicing for Halloween, as all proper black (and tabby) kitties should do! Black cats have my heart as I was lucky to have two loves who were with me for 16 and 21 years. I could just scoop all the poofy Peppers up and squeeze them!!

  5. I agree…if you should ever get that on video…that would be hilarious!!

    I laughed out loud…when I read “Then Jake tried to rub his head on her and she went stiff and fell over like a fainting goat.” How cute must that have been ; ) Poor Sally.

  6. Thanks for the funnies today! Is there anything cuter than kittens, firstly, but then all “stranger danger” floofed?? I loved it as well as the Fainting Goat Kitten, that had to have been hilarious…hope it can be video material!!
    You made my Monday morning.

  7. Awwwwwwwwww!! The Peppers Gang all ruffled up are the CUTEST!! Awwwww!! Yay for brave Jake too though.

    Tommy is practically glowing royal blue, he’s so regal! Yay!

    Here’s hoping the Spice Girls get adopted asap! Take care

  8. Floofy Pepper kittens are the cutest! And fainting Pepper kittens would be funny as! how adorable. Poor Jake, all he wants is to nom some kitten biscuits before the other permanents wise up and do the Peppers’ co-operate? Someone must have adopted those spice girls/ciara by now? Why is school going back in august? oh, wait, you’re in america…it’s ok, i worked it out.

  9. I am imagining the kittens following Jake doing their tough walk to some music from West Side Story.