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From Samantha: I have a foster cat problem! She’s about 8 years old and is very overweight, that’s why she’s in foster care instead of an adoption center. We are making good progress on the weight and as she gets lighter she wants to play (GOOD RIGHT?).

That is where the problem starts. She doesn’t seem to have any idea what other cats are “saying”. She will get in my Man Cat’s space and corner him. He growls and hisses and poofs up to try to get her to back up and let him out, she doesn’t act aggressive… she just sits there with the “ok that’s nice hissing we play now?” face. Any advice? I feel bad for my permanent residents… because of her size (17 lbs) she can bully them but she doesn’t seem like she means to be a bully. Her body language makes me think she has NO IDEA what the other cat is saying.

As long as she isn’t cornering them my cats seem to like her and willingly go to her area to hang out so I know it’s not just that they hate each other.

Samantha, I am so sorry – I meant to post this earlier this week, but the week kind of got away from me! I can’t think of any suggestions off the top of my head – I think I’d be inclined to pick her up and move her away from the hissing cat in hopes that she’d get the idea (but that might be hoping for a little too much). I’m hoping that someone out there has some good suggestions for you and can chime in!

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Keri says: I have a question. A long and thorny question. Sorry for hijacking a happy post, but you guys give great advice.

Our not-quite-three year old darling, Squee, passed away suddenly on Tuesday. She had a sore leg, and the vet recommended an xray. She passed away under anesthetic. She hadn’t had issues before, and we were very shocked, and heartbroken. We don’t have a cause of death, and it is, from all accounts, “one of those things”. We brought her home and buried her, and let our other two cats sniff and prod her to let them know she wouldn’t be coming home, since they were looking frantically for her. They seemed much, much more settled after that, and although a little more subdued, they seem to be pretty much back to normal already.

My question is centered around getting another cat, and our remaining two cats. We’ve got our elder-statesman calico Polly, who is seven, and a MASSIVE cat/kitten lover and snuggler, and a four year old Ginger Tom who adores kittens, but isn’t as snuggly as Polly. Polly wants to be on someone or snuggled up to another cat at ALL TIMES, and Max is a boy, and likes an hour or two to himself, thankyouverymuch. Squee was a great buffer for Max, because Polly, although her first and most enduring love was Max, would be more than content to snuggle with Squee if Max wasn’t amenable. She was also pretty good at taking cues from Max if Squee was available.

As you can see, the three-cat dynamic worked really well, and my husband is very, very keen to get another kitten as quickly as possible. We are VERY aware that the new kitten will never be able to replace Squee either as a member of the household or in our hearts, but his reasoning is that we can’t foster (we’re renters), but we DO have both a house and two other cats who can accommodate a kitten who needs a home.

I suppose my question is, given the other two seem to be coping quite well with the loss, how soon is too soon? We are under no illusions that a new cat will heal the pain, but we’re keen to re-establish the dynamic for our existing cats sake, and we really do feel that one of the best ways to honour Squee (She was a rescue, as all our cats were, but more rescue-y than most), would be to give another cat a loving home. Frankly, if it weren’t for the fact that we were renting, we’d have a house full of cats, and we’re coming up to Kitten Season here very soon (We’re in Australia).

So, TL:DR, how soon is too soon?

That tribute to Squee is just so sweet – she was clearly a wonderful girl who gave and got much love in her too-short life. I am so very sorry for your loss, and I know you’ll miss her terribly.

I agree with what most of the commenters said in response – you’ll know when the time is right, and only you two can know when it’s time to start looking.

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From Brandy: I need some help!!!! My 2 cats (Hannah 7 and Murphy 10) are indoor cats. We recently moved into a new townhouse and one of the neighbors has an outside cat. This tom cat is at my window attacking it daily trying to get at Murphy (who is inside yowling and growling his little kitty head off). Murphy is starting to lose fur, weight and vomit multiple time per day due to the stress of trying to protect his window and his sister. This morning when I went to lock my front door, my window screens were laying on the ground because the outside tom had ripped them off my windows trying to get my cats. I bought this stuff hoping it would keep him away with no success. I’m at a loss. I feel bad for my cats and bad for this beat up looking outside cat that I’m half tempted to trap and bring to an awesome no kill shelter (Pet’s without parents in Columbus, OH). Any suggestions out there?

Rebecca said: There’s a vet who had problems with a bobcat visiting her house. Here’s a link to some of her suggestions (you may have better luck than her, since she had to avoid things because of her dogs).

Janna added: Have you tried a motion activated repellent, like a sprinkler or alarm? The idea is to make your home area unattractive to roaming critters. I looked up “motion activated animal repellent” on Google, and there were several options, and not all of them need to be hooked up to a plug or hose.

This is what I would suggest, a motion activated repellent. I would recommend this one. I bought it to keep the cats off one of the kitchen counters, and it worked a little too well – it scared me as much as the cats – so I think that it would keep the tom cat away from your window. Like Janna, I’ve heard of ones that use hoses, too, though I haven’t tried them myself, so I can’t recommend one particular type.

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From Christina: All right all you cat whisperers out there – HELP!

My two cats are both 7 years old and have been together most of their lives and get along quite well. Until recently. When the girl (Amber) goes to the vet, the boy (Chip) decides she returns as the devil incarnate. This is a whole new thing. The first time it happened she had been totally groomed and shaved a bit (long, long hair) and I thought that was the issue & he calmed down after 2 days. This week she went in for a teeth cleaning. That was Monday. It is Thursday now, and he is still hiding from her, hissing, spitting and growling like mad if she is within 10 feet of him! She, of course, is confused and now is being a royal pest playing the “How about if I get THIS close? THIS close? How about now?” game to completely set him off. I’ve sprayed Feliway around her, brushed her to try to get her scent back to normal with no luck so far. Is there anything I can do to get Chip to calm the heck down? At this point he cowers in my bathroom most of the day, and I have to bring him food because, you know, the devil is out there!

Elaine said: the only other thing you might try is to take a rag or washcloth and rub Chip with the rag and then rub Amber with the rag. It transfers Chip’s scent to Amber and might calm him down. The other thing you might try is to give Amber a bath to get rid of any remaining vet office smell. That is about all I can think of.

I was actually sitting here trying to remember the tip I had read regarding this very kind of situation, and Elaine posted her response. This is exactly what I’d recommend trying! I also like Kate’s idea:

My plan to stop this is to bring both cats to the vet. (I don’t think that would work for Robyn, but I’d like to be at the vet when she tries it:))This way they both stink so no one is the enemy. Sometimes my vet looks at me a little weird when I walk in with both cats and he only wants to see one, but I can live with that. Good luck! I hope they work it out soon!

There are other great suggestions in the comments, too!

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I have come to ask for advice my sister and I found a small kitten possibly four weeks old outside of a local place i have lunch at..he sat on my shoe and I just couldn’t leave him there, we checked for other kittens and a momma and couldn’t find any sign. he can walk just fine, his ears and eyes are completely open and he does eat solid food, he how ever hasn’t had used the restroom yet, so we’re hoping nothing wrong in that department. however, he keeps on crying out constantly, and we’re thinking its possibly because he’s a siamese mix and away from his litter if he had any. he’s also in need of a bath but he’s so little i don’t know whats safe to use on him. any ideas?

Debra, I hope you got the email I sent to you responding to this comment, and that the kitten is doing well! If you didn’t (and anyone who might have this question in the future), I said:

If you see fleas on him, you can use original Dawn dish soap (it will kill the fleas). If you don’t see any sign of fleas, you can use Johnson & Johnson baby wash.

If he’s eating solid food well, I wouldn’t be too worried about his not using the litter box yet, he could have gone a few days without food, and it might take time for his system to catch up. I’d make a point of putting him in the litter box after he’s eaten, just so he gets the idea.

I wouldn’t be too worried about him crying, either – I’m sure he’s confused and doesn’t know where his family has gone. It wouldn’t hurt to get him to the vet for a checkup soon, though, just to be safe.

And bless you for rescuing that baby! 🙂

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When babies go to Petsmart, do they take their names along with them? For example, when someone looks into adopting them, they say – “aw, look at Norbert! I’m going to adopt him and Scorch!”.

They do keep their names – once they’re named, that’s who they are in “the system”, and that’s who they stay ’til they’re adopted and (more often than not) renamed.

On a side note, a commenter referred to Scorch as “Scotch” the other day, and I actually think that would be a really good name for him!

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Is the typical age of the kittens about 3 months when they go to Petsmart? I know you’ve mentioned this before but I can’t remember how much time you get to spend with the little lovebugs before they’re off.

Yeah, 3 months is usually when they go off to Petsmart (assuming there’s room for them). They get their first vaccination at 9 weeks and their second at 12, and also their rabies shot at 10 – 12 weeks, so after all that’s done (along with their neutering), then they’re ready to go.

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Butter and his ears of annoyance! Love! Reminds me of Dramatic Groundhog.

YouTube link.

I love that groundhog SO much!!!

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Have you seen the kitty circus video on Your Daily Cute? It is a commercial with a wonderful message.

I have seen that – and I love that video. It’s very well done (and very much what life is like in my house, heh.)

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When I read the Puffdate, I was reminded of this image that I saw over on Reddit this morning.

“The big one will act like he isn’t interested in going outside” cracked me UP.

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So, there was less of an overwhelming consensus about which Stark y’all thought had been spoken for. A lot of you thought Jon Snow, and a lot of you thought Arya. I saw Hodor’s name a few times (and not because Hodor was saying it), but I don’t think anyone guessed Brandon. Awwww. Poor Brandon. Obviously I need to up the Brandon pics, because he’s such a sweet and personable little guy.


Brandon’s not the Stark who’s been spoken for. Who is it? Drumroll please….


That’s right, Arya! The Starks actually went for their spaying and neutering yesterday, so all she needs is her final vaccination at the beginning of September, and she’ll go home after that. Arya is also going home with a reader! How cool is that?

‘Til then, she gets to hang out with us. I wish she could relax a little.

She was sound asleep. Yep, total stressball!

Her eyes seem to be going in the direction of matching her fur. SO pretty.

Sweet rumpled little monkey girl.


Dancin’ Hodor.

Look how long they’re getting!

Brandon the observer.

Brandon in motion.

There they go again, fighting through the headboard of the doll bed. Apparently that’s a thing all kittens like to do.

“Hodor,” he said affectionately to the long-legged cheetah.

“Hodor,” he said irritably, as Jon Snow slapped at his tail.

Such a pretty stripey boy.

Hmmm. And apparently I didn’t have any Norbert pics to share today. ONE day I’ll get the balance right!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oh, da Corbs. In case you can’t tell from the picture, he was actually laying on the couch, and I was taking the picture over the back of the couch. Not that it matters, because you can’t look away from his bedazzlingly gorgeous self long enough to wonder just what is going on in that picture.


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8-23-13 — 40 Comments

  1. I feel for Samantha. I have a 3 yr old who has always done that to my 12 yr old but LOVES the 2 yr old. My poor eldest growls, hisses and runs off. I think that when they act like bait, they get treated like bait. I have done everything I can think of…to the point that the 3 yr old knows what “Be nice to her!” means!!! So, I will be checking back in to read all the responses myself. Come on all you wonderful smart kitty folks….give us a solution!!!! 😉

    P.S. I would have adopted Arya (and John Snow together) in an instant if I could. I am not surprised she has been snatched up!!!

  2. Brandon has his fan club — he’s perfect! I’m still chortling about Fred buying a remote-control car to tease the dogs (and cats) — and of course about the kittens’ fascination with the box it came in.

  3. Somebody needs to write an Ode to Corbie’s Belleh. Will he let you rub his tummy, or is he an “admire, but don’t touch” kinda cat?

    • He’ll allow it if you approach slowly and don’t get too vigorous, but he really prefers that you scratch him around the face and shoulders.

  4. That running with cats video is perfect. And so are the videos that are in the links that show up after the video ends. I love British humor.

  5. Keri’s tribute to Squee had me crying. I don’t know how she did it. I would have been unable to see the computer from the tears. What a wonderful friend Squee was. I always figure there is someone in heaven who needs a friend and Squee was the perfect fit and that is why she had to leave us early.

    • Thanks, Elaine.

      It was hard to write, but going through the photos to pick the ones I felt best represented her, and writing about her life actually helped a lot. I think it helped shift my focus from her death to all of the living that girl fit into her short life.

  6. Christina’s story made me laugh because I have the EXACT problem. When my girl was shaved & came back, when she had dental work and came back, etc, the boy thinks I’ve brought home a whole new/different cat. It was ridiculous! So what I do now is this:

    When I bring her home, I put the carrier down & open the door. He usually comes over at this point to investigate. When she comes out of the carrier, I scoop them both up (one in each arm) and hug them to me, squooshing them and giving them kisses and saying “WHO WANTS A CAN?” Then I bring them into the kitchen and quickly open a pop-top can of Fancy Feast so they hear the “FWOOSH” sound of air coming out and immediately their focus is on me and not on each other. Then they eat their meals next to each other and all is forgotten.

    It may not work for Christina but it works EVERY time for me!

    • Oh my goodness, that sounds adorable – BUT – girl cat is a 20 pounder and Chip would be hiding under the bed before I got the carrier open. However, it’s good to hear that this does happen!

  7. For Samantha with the girl who doesn’t know other cats’ signals– is it possible for you to play with the other cats and have her watch and observe? I haven’t had the problem with any of mine, but a friend of mine had a cat who hadn’t interacted much with others, and when she brought him home, it took awhile for him to figure out what they were ‘talking’ about. She said having the other cats play while he watched seemed to help.

    • We have communal “da bird” and “red dot” and catnip time. She has no interest what so ever (except for nip she LOVES nip). The 3 are all fine during these activities and have a good time. When the cats are alone (we are downstairs)she seems to want to try to wrestle like a dog.

      • Hmmmm. Is it possible to try to distract her?

        If not, are there particular areas she seems to always corner them in? If there are, maybe trying to rearrange the space so your other cats can get up (or down) and away?

        • It’s always near the gates to leave her area or near the upstairs litter box. She reminds me of an autistic child I worked with once but I know that’s just me putting human attributes to her.

          She gets fixated on something (Man cat) and doesn’t know how to initiate play. When he doesn’t reciprocate with wrestling it frustrates her. Instead of backing off she corners him stares at him and tries the same thing again but MORE. This used to lead to her getting ignored because she was slow she couldn’t corner them and nothing happened.

          Now that she’s lost almost 4 lbs she is nimble enough to catch up when they run away… but she doesn’t know how to stop so she crushes them into the gate/wall/corner leading to screaming and a few days of hissing and growling through the gate… and by the litter boxes… and in general lots of territorial behavior on my cats part with her staring at them like she doesn’t get it…

  8. The Corbs looks like the last cat I took in — Mr. Mister — and he has gotten so FAT! Being an indoor cat definitely agrees with Mr.

    Happy for Arya, and looking forward to updates from the reader who adopts her.

    Those kittehs have reached the long, lanky teen stage! LOL

  9. Samantha: my youngest was live-trapped at 3 months old and I swear the boy doesn’t speak “cat”. Fortunately after 3 years the adults have learned to deal with him and of course the older foster kittens think he is great fun. My thought would be find a way to distract her – find a wand toy or something and get her moving away from the other cats. And if you can get everyone to play together, they may start to accept her better.

    Brandy: if the boy is friendly and you can catch him, see if he is neutered. If not, SOS of Ohio (in Columbus) is the best and cheapest place I know of for spay/neuter in the area. Getting him neutered will make him less territorial (I would say talk to his owners, but that may be a lost cause).


    And the Corbs needs to chill out a little. 🙂

    • I love SOS. I haven’t been able to get close to him (but that’s probably because every time he sees me I’m chasing him away from my window). Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

  10. for Samantha: I watched a few episodes of “my cat from hell” where Jackson Galaxy mentions that the cats in the house obviously do not speak cat. There are ways around that, setting up a ‘cat superhighway’ around the house so the cats can traverse the home with out being on the same level. Having places where the resident cats can sit up and observe the foster, putting gates up if the 17lb cat isn’t as agile as your cats will give refuge from squabbles as well.. Praise the foster liberally when ever there are positive or even neutral interactions (YAY! Way to walk through the room and not kill each other! kind of things) as for her being overweight, I’m sure your hands are tied via the organization you are fostering through, but I so hope she is on a ‘catkins’ type diet, high in protein and low in plant based ingredients. If you are feeding her a ‘low calorie’ or ‘high fiber’ diet you are not doing her any favors. A lot of those weight loss diets do not actually help cats lose weight, it just leaves them very hungry and frustrated. http://www.catinfo.org and click on the link for obesity if you want to learn more (and if you can change her diet)

    Keri: There is no “right time” there is only the time that is right for you. Go look.. see how you react to being near possible adoptable kitties.. let your heart be your guide. Your resident cats will adjust.

    Brandy: It depends on how good of a neighbor you want to be. Technically any cat not on it’s own property is a stray and you are fully able to take it to a facility. If you know who owns the cat you can talk to them and let them know just what a problem it is causing for you. It isn’t really fair that you have to invest in your cats and your home improvement because they let their cat free roam. or you can simply invest in some deterrents. Once again “my cat from hell’ has a few good suggestions. There are motion activated things that water the lawn when activated.. (what a horribly constructed sentence) remove things from your yard that would encourage other cats to visit (the one episode had dirt right up to the house that the neighbor cats liked to use as a litter box, they dug it up and put river stone down to discourage that) Sprinkle citrus rind around the house if you eat oranges and lemons.. etc..

    Christina: http://www.kittyblog.net/2011/11/black-friday.html
    or more specifically http://pic.kittyblog.net/DSC_0240.jpg

    Debra: Yup, dawn dish soap will kill them, but you have to leave the lather on for quite some time to actually kill the fleas. You also need to be aware that fleas will run into the ears and onto the eyes to avoid being killed so it rarely gets them all. I, and the shelter I foster for as well as many other shelters, use frontline on kittens as young as days old. We put one drop on each kit and the rest on the mother cat. Frontline is fairly safe. Occasionally a cat will have a reaction to it, but I’ve not seen nor heard of a problem doing this. It is better to risk that reaction than allow the fleas to suck the kitten dry…

    I love that tv advert. if I were in the UK I would so look into using them! 🙂

    Congrats to Arya… I was kinda hoping it was my boy Brandon, but I can’t win them all 🙂

    • She’s on some kind of vet food. No comment. She is loosing weight with me and I sneak her high protein snacks to supplement her diet with. (kidneys liver and heart mostly)

      She doesn’t play cat either which is part of the problem. Other then scratching posts she’s a dog. She doesn’t chase prey like a cat, and doesn’t bat at things or have interest in Da Bird. She plays like a pug dog… barreling into things…

      My cats do have run of the whole house with baby gates that she can’t get over but they seem to get cornered near the upstairs litter box. I’ve tried moving the litter box so my guys can do their business in peace but that either leads to “sprayapalooza” or a dog getting clever and finding a way to eat dirty litter.

      The worst part is they have been FINE for months. Just now that she is nimble enough to play she is causing a problem. I don’t think it’s my man cat being a drama queen either. The dogs are super rough with him and he has no problem. This foster just seems like a sociopath…

      • I figured on the food, so no real comment there either. Sounds like you have it under control.

        Corners, yup that is what Jackson says to watch out for. Totally makes sense that now that the foster has lost some weight that things are getting worse. Any chance you could put a table or something your resident cats can use to get up and out of that corner?

        • I did try putting a table there but apparently my cats are not too smart and hide under it instead of on top… You can’t fix stupid as my dad always says… I think I’m just going to have to keep them separated unless I’m home. Maybe she will figure it out once she has more experience with being a healthy weight around other cats. If she doesn’t figure it out by the time she can get over gates she’s going to have to go back in a bedroom. 🙁

  11. Samantha, my suggestion was to see if you can encourage some under the door pattycake where size is not an issue. That seems to be a universally loved game and would be a good starting point for friendly interaction where size doesn’t matter.

    Can’t say that I’m surprised that someone is so eager to get their hands on Arya, she’s so pretty and playful! And yet, she’s so adorable curled up or loafing. Like a Precious Moments moment.

    If Brandon were mine I’d be stroking and kissing that grey patch on the back of his head constantly. Just saying…

    I am kind of having Dragon withdrawal, I can’t be the only one.

  12. Brandy: I second the My Cat from Hell suggestions. His approach to an indoor cat being bothered by outdoor cat(s) was a motion activated sprinkler deterrent outside and TNR (trap neuter release) of the cats that were doing the bothering, and it seemed to work for them.

  13. Thanks for the suggestions! It’s getting *marginally* better. At least Chip will be in the same room with her as of last night. He still hissed at her this morning, but it was a much milder reaction. I gave them both lots of lovin’ last night (specifically held Chip in my lap and scritched him while Amber was laying on top of the back of the sofa we were on). I think the co-mingling of scents will work with him so I will try that out.

    And yes – I have now decided that I will take them in to the vet together. Thankfully the next appointment is just for him and Amber doesn’t react when he returns, but I’ll make him tag along for her next visit.

    • Unfortunately, taking my cats to the vet together didn’t solve the problem. It did make the hatred go from 3-4 days post vet trip to 2 days, so still worth it. Talcum powder didn’t seem to work for mine-but since I felt my hand was in danger of attack, there wasn’t a very thorough dousing!

  14. I was also going to suggest like Connie did the “super highway” solution offered by Jackson Galaxy (I love his name btw). You say that is not so much the problem though. Do you have more than one litter box in the house? maybe they just don’t like to share boxes.

  15. I meant to comment on this when it was first posted, but wanna know what we did when a nasty tom moved into the neighborhood several years ago? ***WARNING: I am not recommending this, I’m sure it’s illegal, and it won’t work for all cats, but I’m just letting you know what we did***

    Next door neighbor managed to capture him and had him neutered. I did not ask for details–I just know she did it and somehow convinced the vet to keep him for a couple of days. The cat’s still around, still not friendly but no longer aggressive. And, I’d bet whoever owns him has no clue the cat’s no longer intact.

      • Yup, I TNR my yard too! I don’t even hesitate anymore, any unneutered cat that walks thru my 1ac yard is subject to a trap & snip. It calms everyone down (will take 3 months) and no more babies. Win, Win. TNR is a gift to the cat and who cares what the neighbors think!

        • I found (sadly) that if you talk to the owners, it doesn’t do anything but cause hostility. If they cared, he would have already been neutered. Once you talk to them, you can’t neuter him cause they will come knocking at your door and be very aggressive.

    • I am hoping this new round of stuff for my front yard will deter him. Otherwise he is going on a neutering vacation lol. I was woken up at 1am last night to cat screams. It took me an hour to get Murphy calmed back down and now my husband is suggesting we cardboard the front window or keep the cats locked in a bedroom over night and when we’re out. I may have a nearby friend come and see if she can get close enough to tell if he’s been fixed.

  16. It’s great to hear that Norbie and Arya both have pending adoptions. Hopefully, this weekend will bring good news for Khaleesi and the other Dragons at Petsmart as well.

    I have to say that both Scorch and Hodor have given me a new appreciation for the little buff boys. If I were anywhere near Alabama and didn’t already have a house full of cats though, the one I’d be sorely tempted to take with me would be Brandon. He has amazing eyes. Actually, so does Hodor. Now that would be a lovely pair!

    On the advice front, while I unfortunately don’t have anything to add to the current subjects, I will say thanks for some of the DTE and blue Dawn advice. I’m slowly winning the flea invasion battle (at least I hope!) I do plan to get some DTE to work into the carpets, though not on the cats as they’ve already had enough. I also really want to use garden DTE in my yard next year to hopefully kill the little buggers before they get inside. (Oddly enough, in the last year since I moved to Pennsylvania, I’ve had much worse problems with fleas than I ever did in Florida.)

    Some of my cats don’t tolerate baths well at all, which is partially my fault, so we have daily grooming sessions with a flea comb which gets cleaned off by being dipped in a bowl of Dawn and water. It seems to help a lot and they adore the attention. I’m also using a rosemary tea to rub into their fur as a natural flea repellent. Vacuuming like a fiend also helps.

    By the way, I’m not trying to be mean to the cats by not getting chemical flea treatments for them. My cats all belong to one of two family groups. One group is so sensitive to the chemicals that they very literally have saliva foaming at the mouth after application. The other jumps like they’ve been burned when the chemicals hit their skin and it always results in bald patches. I’m not at all comfortable about the overall safety of either result. OTC products, which I quit using long ago, were the worst, especially for the foaming at the mouth, but I’ve also tried Revolution, Frontline, etc.

    If there are any other green treatments anyone knows of, please share!

      • Thanks, Robyn. I do remember seeing the comment, but made the (stupidly) unfortunate and incorrect assumption it involved something chemical. I’ll check out the site. 🙂

  17. yay go arya and update on the kitten that we had found, we ended up finding an experienced foster mom for him!! she’s going to take care of him until he’s large enough for her granddaughter to properly adopt, i’ve also been promised updates on how he’s doing. we ended up not keeping him because it was stressing my cats out so much they were getting sick, so we found a better place for him, but the dawn bath did help he wasn’t as miserable after it