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Oh Tony Rocky Horror Pickle, you make me want to kiss you.

Polly likes to walk around with water on her chin. It’s the newest fashion statement.


One of the many track toys.

Percy and Petey, fighting.

Petey turned his attentions to the bed hanging out of the giant Croc bed, giving us a glimpse of his spotted belleh.

Then he got serious about kicking that pink bed’s butt.

A shot of all five.

The potbelly slays me.

We had to put this track toy away because I was afraid he’d climb into it and then not be able to get out because of his belly.

That’s okay, he’ll play with this one instead.

Silly boy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Monday, I said Don’t expect a new litter too soon – we’re taking a short break from having two litters at a time.

On Wednesday, I say…

Meet the Weeds!

Dandelion is a girl. Yes, she’s got two blue eyes. No, I don’t know if they’ll change or not. And no, she doesn’t appear to be deaf.

Thistle is a girl. Her eyes look terrible because she’s got an eye infection; she’s getting medicated drops for that. It doesn’t slow her down one tiny bit.

Purslane is a girl also. Please note the end of her tail. Wait, here’s another look:

It’s orange-tipped. Is that adorable, or what?

That’s right, they’re all girls. Fred named them (I think the names are cute, even though I was pushing for a Charlie’s Angel theme). They’re about five weeks old, they were dumped in Huntsville with their mother (who has been taken by another local organization – she’s solid white and has one blue eye and one green). Their ears were terribly filthy and they’re all getting ointment in their eyes.

They’re sweet and friendly; every time I walk into the room, their eyes pop open with an almost audible *plink!*, and they run over to greet me. When they’re over their eye goop and a bit bigger, I expect they’re going to be absolute knockouts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In yesterday’s comments, Kerry said: After Stinkerbelle’s cheesecake pose and Miz Poo’s today, I’m wondering if it’s Cover Girl Week at Crooked Acres.

I hadn’t intended that, but hey – I don’t see why not!

Alice Mo
The calico
Sure does have purty eyes,


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8-22-12 — 46 Comments

    • Same here – perfect poem! 😀 I am soooo envious of Robyn’s writing (& photography) skills.

  1. Declarations of any sort don’t work for you, do they? 😉 But three wee kittens are but a drop in the bucket, amiright? And SO cute!


  2. How sweet are The Weeds? I think you’re right, they’re going to be amazing. When I can’t sleep, I amuse myself by thinking up naming themes. I know you have a running list of possibilities that you’ve thought up already, but it’s such fun to think them up – hope you don’t mind my sharing. 🙂 A group of four males could be The Monkees (since you frequently call them monkeys anyway). You could have The Partridge Family. You could do decades themes, with icons from that decade, e.g., The Fifties could have James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, etc. The possibilities are endless! I am at my cat limit with two (a boy and girl, Bogart/Bogie and Bacall), but if I ever get two girls, I’m naming them Laverne and Shirley!

  3. We thought Tony was cute till we saw the little Weeds! do you make jokes about them? as in Dandelions weed.. in the litter box!! Boom Boom.
    Makes a change from poop tales….
    but seriousley Tonys fat little tummy and that tail tip need to cute off.

  4. All the kittens are so cute. That little black one is especially cute. Love all the new weeds. They are all so lucky to have you taking care of them. Great pictures.

  5. My my….Tony really has quite the pot belly!!! I wonder if he will ever even out…or if he will always have to wear his britches low….?

  6. WEEDS! I love it 🙂 Also loving Tony’s pot belly, and the fact that your kittens make my Eloise look positively huge.

  7. That’s a beautiful picture of Alice — thanks, Robyn. I had a feeling something was brewing yesterday when you didn’t respond to comments for a bit. Welcome, wee Weeds, you have hit pay dirt! And today’s Pickles action shots are both precious and hilarious.

  8. Is it sad that the first thing I thought when I saw “Weeds” was that all the kitties would be named after characters from the TV show? :-\

    They are super cute!

    • Ha – I hadn’t even thought of that, I’m going to have to keep it in mind for the future! I’m definitely going to have a Breaking Bad bunch, too – I’m looking forward to naming a kitten “Mr. White.” 🙂

  9. Dammit!!! I’m maxed out at 2 in a very small house but I might just have to come get Little Miss Dandy! #$^%$#@#@$$#%. 🙂

  10. Tony TOTALLY looks like a kangaroo in the first picture of him. Also, I love his 93-mile long little claws.

  11. What cute girls!!! (And you really have to stop talking outloud about your “plans” Robyn…the Powers That Be seem especially eager to contradict you here lately!) I’ll be the first to go there and say that I hope they grow like weeds!! 🙂

    Tony RH Pickle, I want to snorgle that belleh of yours! And the other Pickles, too!

  12. Dandelion, a white kitteh! Yay! Can’t wait to see her growing (and the other kittehs too)! I’m a bit obsessed with the white kittens/cats, since that is just about the only color cat I’ve never had. Tony Pickles…teeny-tiny but is looking like a bitty dynamo!

  13. OMC, look at that pot belleh!
    I’m nearly dead of cute here. What a great way to start a Wednesday. 🙂

    Also, all those new Weeds–sooooo cute! The kitteh with the Golden Tail (with apologies to Nelson Algren/Frank Sinatra for butchering that title).

  14. Score honey! First hot tea from the nose in celebration of ode d’Alice Mo – and from me, hot coffee out tha nose for the “HALP” picture – Joe Pickles? Either he needs HALP or someone is about to get their heads ripped off – or both! Good show this morning Robyn… and btw, no one was fooled with all the “no more litters, one at a time, blah blah blah…” Like Kerry said, “Weeds have hit pay dirt!” Lucky dogs!

  15. Does Dandelion have some traces of orange points developing? If so, the blue eyes may stay that way!

    • That’s what I thought, too: she looks like a flame-point Siamese mix in the making. However she turns out, I know she’ll be adorable.

      • P.S. It is SO good to see Tony Pickle playing and growing fat like a regular little spoiled rotten kitten.

    • So far, I’m not seeing any traces of orange – but she’s kind of a mess, too, so I just may not be seeing it through the mess!

  16. oh, and btw – the first Tony (potbelly) picture standing on the track ball toy completely made me think “look at that little T Rex!” 🙂

  17. I love the Weeds, and I have to admit a soft spot for Thistle as she is carrying my family name (and is adoreable)…and Purslane because she is a tortie … and Dandelion whom I am convinced has flame points in development. These three will be stunning kittiehs!

    Tony’s belleh is stupendous! And I applaud the cheesecake photos – and they are not just of the permanent girl gang, either – Don’t forget those glamour shots of Brandywine before she was adopted!

  18. there is nothing about ThrP that doesn’t slay me.. man that kitten has a lot to overcome..

    Weeds.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (on so many different levels that I could laugh for quite some time)

    Yo! *snigger*

    • Oh I didn’t even think off that! HA! *snickers too* Are we going to see these kittens raiding the kitchen looking for munchies late at night?

  19. The new kittehs’ names are too cute to stand! Oh Tony(rh), I love your little long scrawny legses, along with every other thing about you. Alice Mo is such a lovely girl. (must resist urge to say “Yo”)

  20. Oh, if only I had a bigger house and more money, I’d definitely be a “totally crazy about cats” lady (like you…that’s a crazy cat lady that makes sure they all have good food, medical care and lots and lots and lots of love!) I have a question about the Weeds and their mother…why did they separate the mother and kids…is it because of their age or is it another reason?

  21. I love all those spotted bellies! Tony’s pot belly is pretty cute, too 🙂

    I think that is the cutest bunch of weeds I’ve ever seen! Purslane is just adorable.

  22. I love the picture of Tony rh Pickle in the sidebar. It looks like you squeezed him so tight you made his eyes pop! Also.. isn’t it about time Razzie came home for a visit?

  23. lol somehow i kbew by you saying you were taking a break from two litters that you would end up with some more lol

    what a cute little orange tipped tail!!

  24. Something about Tony — maybe the skinny arms and legs and the slightly too-big head? — reminds me of Dobby from Harry Potter…. Just adorable, though!

    And the Weeds! I love them and their names! Purslane is one of my favorite ‘weeds,’ although I think it’s a flower!