8-22-16 Monday

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If you didn’t see this when I shared it on Facebook, Coupaw is having a sale on felted wool caves. They’re $37.95 each, which is a great price – I’ve never seen them cheaper than that. Someone sent me a couple of them a few months back, and I can tell you that they hold up well. I’ve had to wash each of them once, used the “hand wash” cycle and air-dried them, and they still look pretty much like new.

(Of course, the mouse cave we got back when the Fakers were with us will always be a favorite!)


A little more than a year ago, remember how we had three litters of bottle babies, one right after the other? First we had the Squash Bugs, then we had the Swimmers, and when those two litters were eating on their own and we were all “Whew! That was a lot of bottle babies!”, the universe said “Oh, wait! Here’s one more little litter to finish off the summer!”, remember that?

So anyway, what I’m trying to say to you is remember Skinny Pete, from the BeeBees? We named the kitten Skinny Pete because we thought it was a boy, and by the time we found out that Skinny Pete was actually a girl, we were like “No, it’s a good name. We’re not changing it!”

This is what she looked like as a baby.

That picture of her laying on the bean-filled sock KILLS. ME. DEAD.

Here she is on the left, with her brothers Badger (brown tabby) and Combo.

The BeeBees were with me ’til early October. I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach, and then was going to have shoulder surgery, so Kathie took them and kept them ’til they were ready to go to Petsmart. They went in January, and Skinny Pete was adopted pretty quicky.

If you’re following Love & Hisses or Challenger’s House on Facebook, you already know this next part: Skinny Pete was returned on Friday due to a move. She was checked out by the vet, retested, and declared healthy. She’s now at Petsmart, waiting for her forever family to come along.

This is what she looks like now.

Isn’t she GORGEOUS?

She was renamed Minnie, which I think is a pretty cute name.

She was scared at first, but is adapting to being at Petsmart pretty well. Hopefully she won’t be there for too long.

So if you’re in North Alabama (the Huntsville area) and need a house panther, I can hook you UP. Not only is Minnie/Skinny Pete at Petsmart, but so are Spruce and Cypress, and Tillie (who is 8 years old and a total cutie pie), among others. And Juniper and Privet will be ready for Petsmart after Tuesday. On the non-panther side at Petsmart are Meeps (an older gorgeous torbie girl), Gabe (a little brown tabby who’s currently buddying up with Spruce and Cypress), and of course Hemlock will be ready after Tuesday, too.

I know I’ve mentioned it, but seriously – wouldn’t the Evergreens be an excellent starter set for any home? Four house panthers and a brown tabby and white – and heck, let’s toss Gabe in there to get a nice round number! πŸ˜‰


The kittens are adjusting to having Uncle Stefan around.

He still makes Juniper a little nervous, though.

Privet got a little flirty.

Then all three of the kittens sat around and stared at him.

Hemlock got flirty, too.

Then Hemlock told Uncle Stefan what was what. “This toy? Ours. NOT yours. You no touch.”

Later, Stefan curled up for a nap while Privet and Hemlock watched.

Here’s a video of the three kittens standing and sniffing Uncle Stefan. As you can see, it went well until he had the utter nerve to try to sniff Juniper back.

YouTube link

Privet and Hemlock are off to the spay/neuter clinic tomorrow morning for their surgeries, rabies shots, and ID chips. I’ll take advantage of their absence during the day to terrorize Juniper with the vacuum cleaner (just kidding, I’ll probably lock her in the bathroom so she doesn’t get too scared), and get the upstairs cleaned. It desperately needs it!

Then those three will be ready to go to Petsmart when there’s room for them. If you’re seriously interested in adopting any of them, let me know and I’ll shoot an application your way.


Sheriff Mama (Kara), slacking. Well, to be fair, it was raining outside, so there were no cats outside for her to keep an eye on. She had an easy day!


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8-22-16 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. I love brave little Hemlock going tappity-tap-tap on Stefan.

    Poor Skinny Pete, I mean, I can understand….ok, no I can’t understand giving up your baby because you are moving. I really just can’t… πŸ™

  2. I’m not sure I’ll ever understand abandoning an animal because of a move. If we can move 9 cats, 4 hours by car, and endure howls of displeasure and a poop accident, anyone can take 1 little puddy!
    Six weeks later, when Hubs came up to the new house after working on the old, he brought the other 8 all by his onesie!

    • I also find it heartbreaking. However, I can imagine circumstances that would make it difficult. We recently had an unexpected move and went from living in our own house to living in rented accommodation. Moving without our cat was not an option for us, so we kept looking until we found a place that would allow a cat, but it wasn’t easy (and our current place is not ideal), and if our budget were even more limited, or our circumstances more constrained, I hate to think of the decisions we might have been forced to make. Also, although ours was an international move, the cat was able to stay in the car for the duration. I would have hated to put her through the stress of a long flight.

      • You’re right of course, but my heart still breaks for those babies who just don’t understand why everything they’ve ever known is gone.

      • I do try not to judge – but it’s hard. At least she’s adjusting really well to being at Petsmart, so she isn’t too stressed out (she was scared at first, but yesterday she was playing with the kittens).

  3. Minnie (Skinny Pete) has grown up into an absolute DOLL! Will you just look at those big round eyes?!!

    Privet looks as though he’s getting all kinds of words of wisdom from Uncle Stefan “so, once I get the spider, do I eat it? Squish it? I don’t get the point if I can’t play with it, Uncle Stefan.”

  4. Wow, Skinny-Minnie is pretty stunning. Very sleek with gorgeous eyes.

    I think Stefan is looking for his mini-me in this litter. I think we all know that ain’t gonna be Juniper, heh. Brave li’l Hemlock’s “tappity-tap” (as GD so aptly put it) was too cute! And it’s funny how they all watch him when he sleeps. I would love to know what’s going on inside those marshmallow heads of theirs.

    Sheriff Mama on a bed! *squeees*

  5. I love the Skinny Minnie on the sock picture so very much, too!!!

    Am I the only L&H fan that takes it kinda personally when one of “our” kittens is returned?? πŸ™

    • That picture does make one squeeeee, doesn’t it.

      No, you are not the only one. I have that eyebrow that raises as you can read on my face, “What the *bleep* is wrong with you?!”

      Caitlyn and the condition she was in…broke my heart. That one I may never recover from. I wish I knew how she was doing now.