8-18-15 Tuesday

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Thank you all so much for your kind words about Tommy. You’re always so wonderful to us, and I can’t begin to tell you how much we both appreciate it.

We’ve been spending a lot of time with the kittens, both litters, which is the best kind of therapy. Later this morning I’ll be taking ALL of them to the vet for their combo tests to be sure they’re negative. Then we’ll give it another day or so, and then slowly begin introducing the two litters.

You know there will be many, many pictures and videos taken of the event!


Pattypan haz a sleepy.

“Who me, pee on the Ham-mick? I’d never!” (Yes, someone did get up in the Ham-Mick and peed, and it went all over the floor underneath. It’s happened before – multiple times – with little ones, so you’d think I’d remember to wait ’til they’re older to introduce them to it. Anything remotely bed-like, except for their bed in the cage, is likely to get peed in at this age.)

Well, THAT looks comfy. Calabash and Pattypan, with full bellies.

Ambercup wants a snuggle.

“Seriously, lady. SNUGGLE ME.”

“::thlurrrp:: Or rub my ears. That works, too!”

“Did someone say ‘snuggles’?”

Look who else wants a snuggle.

I love the head tilt.


When I go into the bathroom to feed the Swimmers, the other kittens sit and howl up at me, but Spitz just lays and rolls around and patiently waits for his turn.

Phelps tries to mind-meld with Torres.

Louganis would like Torres to get her butt off his head, please.

Louganis shows off his claws.

“Hallo. I can haz bottle?”

Phelps has had his bottle, obviously.


Videos! In the first, Pattypan gets BOOP’d and isn’t sure what to think about it. (Note: the only reason she wasn’t waving her bandaged leg around is because one of her claws was stuck in my shirt. I had to detach her after I turned off the camera.)

YouTube link.

In the second video, come close, crank up your sound, and listen to that sweet purr.

YouTube link.

And in the last video, Phelps has the zoomies – and he and Spitz get a little skittery at each other.

YouTube link.


Stefan is SUPER pleased with himself.


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8-18-15 Tuesday — 27 Comments

  1. There is nothing like the sweet purrs of a kitten to make the start of the day wonderful!

    • I know, it’s such a shame that Robyn doesn’t feed them warm formula and fill their bellies.

      Spitz is a chunky little monkey, isn’t he?

  2. I swear, with every litter, I think, “Now these are the cutest ever!” but this time it’s true. Those Squash Bugs are just destroying me. I can’t tell if their eyes are bigger than usual or if they just look bigger in proportion to their little faces, but whatever it is, they have all (but especially Calabash and Pattypan) achieved a level of cute that I simply cannot physically handle.

  3. Does Torres have a scratch on her head? Looks like there is a red patch. Those Olympians play rough!

  4. As we’ve said before, it’s great looking at the old entries.

    • Like coming up with Jake and Elwood’s names.
    • Sam the True Blood, the snuggle bug.
    • The baby possum also known as Martin
    • Pupert’s ridiculous white Elvis jumpsuit
    • Butter and his ridiculous outrage.
    • Tricki’s graceful flop

    Lot of good memories.

  5. That is a beautiful picture of Stefan on the bridge with all the yellow flowers! I think Banner worthy =)

  6. I just came from Facebook…my God. Robyn and Fred…if I had superpowers,what I wouldn’t try to do for you!
    Can we…set up a donation page or something? Anything,to do more than say we’re sorry?

    • Yes. I agree, One Cranky Lady. Robyn, Fred — what can we do? You know we’re mourning each loss with you, but it just seems so little. 🙁

        • Agreed. Please, if there’s something that we can do.

          I know that it’s hard as we’re not nearby, but your family is not alone. We’re here. Let us know what we can do.

  7. OH GOOD GRAVY, I am so sorry. I also just got back from FB. How very sad. Poor Gracie, poor George, and poor you guys. This is not your year. I saw the picture and the link from Fred and I just clenched. Damn.

  8. No no no… Poor sweet Gracie, I am just beside myself at the unfairness of this and since this is the family friendly site, I won’t repeat what I also told 2015 to go do… Please let us help anyway we can!!!

  9. Robyn and Fred, I saw the post/link on Facebook. I couldn’t read the entire thing. I just … couldn’t. My heart is breaking for you.

    F*** 2015, indeed.

  10. Oh, Robyn and Fred, terrible news on top of terrible news. I always loved seeing pics of Gracie and George—“happy, happy pups”. I’m glad she was able to have such a good life at Crooked Acres and am so sad that she’s gone. I’m so sorry for the two of you.

  11. I know I already said this, but I am so sorry about Gracie, too. God bless, and hugs to you and Fred. What a sucky year.