8-19-20 Wednesday

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Porthos has such pretty eyes.

There was a kitten gathering, and when d’Artagnan decided he had better places to be, Aramis gave him the ol’ chomperoo on the butt.

Constance is keeping an eye on me.

Planchet’s face is CRACKING. ME. UP.

Rochefort in the sun. He has such pretty eyes.

Rochefort and Constance are all “What?”

D’Artagnan has a think.

Ooh, it’s a Planchet-Aramis pie. My favorite!

I brought that bed from the guest bedroom so I could toss it into the washer, but then the kittens found it, and so it’ll live in that spot on the floor forever now.

Porthos has something to say.

Athos checks out the Fancy Sofa.

“This Fancy Sofa is mine now,” says Winter.

“BRB, going to meow-ter space.”


Khal comes to see if there’s a snuggle available. (There was.)


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8-19-20 Wednesday — 5 Comments

  1. I so love that the once elusive Khal now actually asks for snuggles.You and Fred are kitty magic.

  2. Every day I say “Oh! Isn’t (insert kitten name) just the cutest little munchky munch munch!”, and then another day comes along and a new kitten photo has me thinking that another is in fact the munchkiest.

    Clearly there is a dearth of beds / sleeping spots in the kitten room (much like toys and litter boxes), so I think it’s a good thing they now have at least one more.

    Sheesh, Lady.