9-30-22 Friday

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Last reminder: the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction ends tomorrow (Saturday October 1st) at 7 pm Central time! Go check it out and get your bid on, if you haven’t already!


That intrepid little Mike is so darling! He’s my favorite. How soon are these young ones going for their spay/neuter surgeries?

They’re not scheduled yet, but Mike will be 12 weeks on October 23rd (we wait until the kittens are 3 months old), so I’m hoping they’ll have their surgeries that following week.


Is it just me or does Saul have a slight case of the Loons?

Oh, I’d say he has a raging case of the Loons!


Can I ask why you changed Charlies name from Aramis? I think Charlie suits him better btw

He came to us pre-named, and I really felt like Charlie suited him better (mostly because I love the name Charlie, but also because he used to wail outside any closed door, and “Charles, Prince of Wails” made me laugh).

I will say that when I do name kittens, it’s pretty much a “I have this name, I’ll give it to this kitten,” and I don’t usually think about it much beyond that. Sometimes it suits them, and sometimes it doesn’t. I always expect that people will re-name fosters, and honestly – every kitten who comes through our foster room gets a thousand different nicknames, so I would be surprised if they had any idea what their name was to start with.


My goodness Charlie is a big boy now. He looks a similar size to my sister’s boy cat, Lapis, who is 12 pounds.

We haven’t weighed Charlie in a while, but he was 15 pounds at his 1-year checkup last November! He is a BIG boy.


Gus and Francesca in the floofy blue bed. I love how it looks like the bed is kinda eating Frannie.

She’s all “Halllllp!”

Saul and Lalo settle down for a nap.

Mike in my lap. He’s spending less time in my lap these days because he thinks he’s ALL GROWN UP and can’t be bothered. Hmph.

Saul strikes a pose.

Frannie’s all “Hallo.”

Gus in my lap getting a snuggle.

Mike checks out the view.

Nacho has a thlurrrp.

Kim would like some pettin’, if y’don’t mind.


We’ve had a ton of sun lately, and Newt is loving it.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and here’s a shot of our award-winning thlurrrper, Lalo.

YouTube link
Throw Back Thursday: I don’t think I ever shared this video. It’s from about 10 minutes after I got home with Mike*. Kim had just given him a quick bath and he was sniffing around the milk bar (also, how cute is little Nacho, really putting her shoulders into kneading?) and I was telling Kim what an amazing mama she is.⁠

*Mike was found, screaming his head off, on a hay bale where he’d been left by his mother. The lady who found him got him to Forgotten Felines, and Mike joined Kim and her kittens. She immediately accepted him, because she is amazing.

YouTube link
Gus shows off his skitterbug moves. That boy cracks me UP.

Throw Back Thursday: This picture (and description below) from my blog post in 2006 still makes me laugh all these years later. We were fostering our first bottle baby, Maddy, and the other cats mentioned were permanent residents.⁠

The absolute best moment of the day came when I was just hanging out with Maddy, and Sugarbutt and Tom Cullen came in to hang out, too. Sugarbutt got into one of the cubes that stays in the kitten room. His tail was hanging out one of the holes, and Maddy saw it and became curious (she’s turning into a real little CAT!) and ran over to sniff his tail. I snapped a picture of that moment.⁠

And one instant later, Sugarbutt realized that Maddy was sniffing his tail, and he simultaneously hissed and levitated out the hole in the top of the cube, and he hung there for several long seconds, then pulled this running-sideways Matrix move, where he ran along a part of the wall and out the door. This act scared Tommy, who was hanging out in Maddy’s cage, so badly that he hit his head on the side of Maddy’s cage with a resounding ::clang:: and then tore out of the room so fast that he was nothing but a big black portly blur.⁠

I called Fred to tell him about it, and ended up laughing so hard I was crying and he couldn’t understand what I was saying.⁠

GOD I wish I’d had the camcorder in there with me. That’s a moment that would surely have won us ten thousand dollars on America’s Funniest Home videos.

YouTube link
Kitten in the foster room, playing. (It’s always play time in the kitten room, am I right?)

YouTube link
Just a quick video with first Lalo and then Mike showing off their skitterbug moves.

It’s still Thlurrrpsday, and Saul would like to show us all that he can thlurrrp with the best of them.

Good night innernets. (Nacho)


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