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On Tuesdays, we leap.

Why climb over the giant mouse when you can leap?

A track ball toy makes an excellent springboard for PW.

See? He made it! Over on the wooden puzzle toy, Von is stunned and amazed.

Winn Dixie in motion.

Von – back feet in the air like she just don’t care.

Please note that all four of PW’s feet are off the ground, and Von doesn’t really seem to know that he’s coming at her.

Winn Dixie, all four feet off the ground.

Von’s all “Whoa! What’s going on?!”
Winn Dixie’s all “Just passing through!”

PW is an excellent soccer player.


He’s a boy in motion, that one.

Ralph is flying. HE’S FLYING!

The utter GLEE on PW’s face has killed me dead.


When we’re not actually sitting in our chairs, we keep them covered in washable waterproof pads (we haven’t had much of a spraying issue in a while, but I would much rather be safe than sorry). Under the washable waterproof pads is a pillow and blanket, and Sugarbutt is pretty sure that this is a setup designed solely for his comfort.


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9-30-14 — 28 Comments

    • Perfection. That there is calendar worthy. I love that picture with PW’s big ole grin and poor unsuspecting Ralph ( I think) is just lalalalalalaing along, totally unaware that Danger Kitty is in midair.

  1. I’m super klassy too! But my water proof liners aren’t good enough to stop someone (ahem, captain looking at you) from peeing on them as soon as we walk out. So now I have the couch covered in baby gates and carriers when we sleep or leave. Out class that!

    Seriously, Connie help!!!

  2. That giant mouse is cracking me up! If you look at it as a normal-sized biter mouse, it makes the kittens seem like extra tiny kittens, a la “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”!

    “Honey, I Shrunk the Kittens”!

    • hehehe, when I saw that it looked to me like she was playing “HALP! SOMETHING IN THIS BOX HAS GOTS ME!”

  3. That last picture of PW and Ralph?TJ? reminds me so much of that CLASSIC picture you took of another orange foster leaping into a buttbite — I can’t remember which foster it was, but he’s older than this litter, and he’s streched out to the fullest so you can see his beautiful tabby markings — I may have to spend the afternoon surfing your Flickr page to find it!

  4. a) your kittens are at the OPTIMUM AGE for LITTLE FLUFF BALL cuteness and I want to put them in my mouth, especially Winn Dixie and PW. I hope we get to see some quality butt-biting pictures from this litter.
    b) I love how ungainly Sugarbutt looks while relaxing on that comfortably padded chair. I had to take a moment to count legs and work out where they were all coming from.