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(For the new readers, a “Flookdate” is an update on Flynn (formerly Kohle) and Hook (formerly Puff), both of whom were our fosters, though at different times.)

Selena says:

Flynn is cracking me up this morning. He is all about making sure Hook isn’t getting into anything he isn’t suppose too. Hook has finally learned to jump on the kitchen counters and it just makes Flynn crazy because he knows that kitties aren’t allowed up there. (Even though Flynn likes to lay up there with me while I wash dishes.) Here are two pictures I just took with Flynn trying to keep Hook out of trouble!

He’s like look mom I got the little brat. He won’t bother anything while I’ve got him! He’s not going anywhere!

He’s a mess but he sure is a handsome boy!

Hook is getting so big! It won’t be long before he can’t squeeze in with big brother.

Can you believe how much he’s grown? Fred didn’t believe me, at first, that that “grown cat” was Hook/Puff!

Thanks for the update and pictures, Selena! You know I love ’em. πŸ™‚

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The other day, I noticed that the Azalea bushes in our front flower beds were blooming.

That’s Dr. Melfi. See, Kelly? She DOES exist! (And she’s adorable.)

Tony did not react at ALL to having something on his head. This bodes well for his future as a model.

“What? Why you laughin’ at me, lady? Why you keep tellin’ me I am the cutest boy ever?”

Paulie Walnuts wasn’t havin’ it. “This color not match my furs, lady.”

Livia said “I am not EVEN going to ask what’s going on. I think ignorance is the way to go at this point.”

Sweet little Carmela.

I think this color goes perfectly with Meadow’s fur.

“I do feel pretty fabulous!”

Adriana’s heading off for lunch with Mama.

I put the flower on Livia’s head, but before I could get a picture, she shook her head and the flower went flying. She’s not up for that nonsense, obviously.

Carmela goes for the mysterious look.

Over the weekend, the kittens spent more time out of the crate than in it. I put a cat bed in front of the crate (so that tiny Tony would have an easier time of getting out of the crate and then back in, if he so desired), and they were usually either all curled up in the cat bed, or some of them were in the cat bed and the others were inches away, just inside the crate. One of the blankets on the floor had been peed on, so I think it’s time to get the little litter boxes out and encourage some litter box exploration.

Just in the past few days, they’ve gone from looking like wee baby kittens to looking like miniature cats. They get around better every day, and now when one of them is “lost” across the room, I can speak to them, and they’ll turn around, see me, and come toddling back.

I LOVE them at this age!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If she’s not hanging out in the garage, Maxi can usually be found hanging out in her house on the front porch. She’s reliable, is our Maxi.


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9-30-13 — 29 Comments

  1. I love seeing pictures of Flynn. I have a black kitty named Flynn too! Named for Flynn Rider from Tangled and he is as much of a thief as his namesake.

    Love reading your stuff Robyn.

  2. I put the flower on Livia’s head, but before I could get a picture, she shook her head and the flower went flying.

    *cracks up laughing!* I don’t know entirely why, but that’s hilarious. Must be the alliteration there. Flying flowers. Funny fuzzballs. XD

  3. Love the updates. And something else I’ve been meaning to say: It’s amazing when a mama cat trusts a human to “help” care for her beebees. I’ve had that experience, and it’s soooooo wonderful. Obviously, the mama cats you’ve fostered have ultimate trust that YOU have their kittens best interest at heart.

    • I’ve been really lucky – except for Emmy, all the mamas were very friendly and willing to let me handle their babies. And they’ve all been wonderful mothers!

  4. Look at Flynn and Hook! And Flynn is being such the “helpful” big brother, too! πŸ˜‰

    Aww, the flower babies! (And Kelly, I too was wondering about Dr. Melfi!) These pictures remind me of a very old (maybe Victorian?) childrens book I remember that was about flower fairies. I can tell you were having fun taking those shots Robyn!

  5. Oh, the cuteness! A wonderful way to brighten up a dreary-looking Monday here! and Flynn and Hook updates as well…so neat to see how they are doing when you post updates too. Thanks!

  6. Oh I love the updates. Flynn and Hook look like they were always together. Love how quickly they bonded.

    The Sopranos look so cute with those azalea blossoms. Even Paulie and Tony look so adorable.

    However, azaleas blooming in October?

    • They’re Encore Azaleas, they bloom in the Spring and again in the Fall. I always forget that they bloom again in the Fall, and I’m always very happily surprised!

  7. Question: these kittehs and their mama look so different to me than the other litters/cats you’ve fostered, and it’s definitely the shape of their faces. They’re so triangular and Livia’s got those big ears like an Abyssinian. Is it just me or is this bunch kind of unusual?

    • I don’t notice it so much in the kittens, but I definitely notice it in Livia – her face is so exotic looking, I’ve wondered what breeds are in her background.

      • There’s a guy on Twitter, Adam Ellis, who’s doing a “#tinyhats4cats” thing. The cat who models the hats only has three legs, so some of us theorize that Maxwell (the cat) sits patiently and models the hats because it’s easier than running away. Anyway, it’s totally adorable and really creative. (Robyn, I see you’re already following him so you’ve probably seen it.) But I think the flowers are cuter. (c:

        EDIT: Here’s his Instagram, which has lots of the tiny hat pics.

  8. Hook and Flynn have grown into very handsome cats. They do look like they have been together forever !

    Now I want to make some tiny hats for my cats !!! Not that they will like it one bit but I will still do it !! Oh the torment we put our kitties through so we can have some giggles !!

    I agree with Jennifer this batch of kittens have very triangular faces. Gorgeous !!! There must be some oriental breed in Livia’s heritage.

  9. Awww pink blossom hat on the babies is just lovely!! Great update on Flynn and Hook! Yay! take care

  10. This is definitely a post to bookmark for when I’m having a bad day. The Sopranos are adorable little kitty-fairy-elves, and they make me squee like a little girl. Thanks Robyn!

  11. Hook/Puff looks like he’s grown into his poofy-sized head. So handsome he’s becoming! Those Meadow with azalea hat photos are poster/postcard/calendar worthy in our opinion. Heck, all the flower hat photos are adorably cute. Squeeeeee!

  12. That picture of Maxi in the crate is crying out for the Cheezburger treatment. Those gleaming eyes in a judgemental squint don’t bode well for whoever comes knocking.


  13. I love how when you put something on their head, their immediate instinct is to get real low and try to walk out from under it. As they grow they learn the headshake is quicker and more effective, but when they’re little they’re still figuring that stuff out – one of my cats, I think it was Maufry, would hunker down real low to the ground, try walking sideways, then try scooting backwards. It’s almost like a limbo contest – they seem to think all they have to do is get low enough and it’ll go away.

    I usually don’t like black-and-white cats, for some reason – don’t tar and feather me, please, but I was immune even to Norbert’s charms. But Meadow is proving to be the exception to the rule. She’s darling! (They all are, of course, but I’m just so surprised that she’s breaking through my bias that I have to mention her specifically.)