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Now THAT is a serious tongue.

“Lady, I’m having some bonding time with my little girl. You are dismissed.”

Tony practices his PAWS UP, Y’ALL.

Silvio made it to the cold, bare floor. He isn’t sure what to do next.

“Hallo, lady.”

Carmela’s trying to figure out what that NOISE is. (It was the camera. That thing is so LOUD when I’m taking pictures.)

Silvio, pondering whether IN the crate or OUT OF the crate is the better place to be.

“I thought I got far enough from the little monsters. You didn’t tell me they were going to start WALKING on their own. I’m not sure I care for this. Can I get a refund?”

Mama always gives in, sooner or later (and it’s usually sooner!)

Meadow thinks this new thing where she can go to the milk bar rather than waiting for the milk bar to come to her is a GREAT idea.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stinkerbelle, atop the small cat tree in my room. In the middle of the day. Yes, she DOES come down from atop the kitchen cabinets occasionally.

She’s keeping an eye out for her Tommy.


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10-1-13 — 22 Comments

  1. I hope Miss SB got her BrBa fix since it’s done and gone. I bet she also feels a bit like she did it for her, she liked it and she was good at it (my friend is the set decorator for the show; we’ve been a bit steeped in it).

    Also speaking of cat games on the iPad, http://feyborn.tumblr.com/post/62794484568/finn-sends-his-affection-to-the-kittens-via-art we have Hodor’s fave, plus it’s related Paint for Cats and Friskies Cat Fishing (Finn likes the gold and pink fish; it seems the aqua one may be too hard to distinguish). We also have just plain App for Cats where ants, ladybugs and some kind of beetle march against three backgrounds. After cat videos (Finn has a crush on Pitter Patter’s Rosie and Min) or Too Cute!, Finn like the painting best. He plays Hodor’s Game when I can’t take the squeaking anymore.

  2. I love kitties at this age. They look so serious. And a little worried about the world’s problems. Or that camera. Or something.

  3. I assumed that Ariana would be the kitten in this litter that would steal my heart but Paulie with his playfulness, he’s so full of life he glows orange!, is worming his way into my heart. On the other hand Tony, is so, Tony. With his beautiful coloring and ‘hey, take me the way that I am’ attitude undeniably he’s my favorite. However Meadow, with her adorable cow coloring and dainty expressions, is quickly becoming my favorite. On the other hand, Carmela, with her “won’t somebody love me” expressions cannot be denied so she’s my favorite. Then again, the mysterious Dr Melfi with her intriguing Garbo-esque beauty is clearly my favorite because she’s so unattainable. Today though, it’s clear that Silvio With his whispy whiskers and shyness is obviously my favorite.

    Poor Livia, she used to be able to get away from her brood and take a Mommy break on the soft carpet or a sunbath. Now those little monsters are all over her and it’s harder for her to take a breather.

    BTW, why do the comments disappear after a couple of weeks/months? Is it a memory thing? I love reading some of the prior thoughts from not only you but the othe regulars.

    • They actually don’t disappear – you just have to click on the post title, at the top of the page (for today it’s 10/1/13) to open the comments. Comments automatically close after a certain period of time (I think 3 weeks), and if the comments are closed, the theme design is such that the link doesn’t show up on the post any more, for some reason. I started (just today, after I saw your comment) posting a link to the comments at the top and bottom of each post, so that once the comments are gone people will know how to get to them.

  4. yep – when they learn to walk, it is all downhill for those moms (until they find a high spot in the room). Watching them on the wood floor must be entertaining though….

    • You know, Livia could get up and away from the babies if she wanted to – there are high spots for her – but since she stays right where she is, I have to assume she doesn’t hate it when they come find her. 🙂

    • Kar mentioned not being able to get to the comments in old posts, which finally got me to get my butt in gear and start adding the link! 🙂

  5. Carmela looks like a little desert cat. And so by this logic, she has to come live with me. BRB driving to Alabama.

  6. sweet sweet faces !!!!
    I really need to kiss their heads and tummies. Robyn you will have to be my proxy, it is a little too far for me to drive down.

    Stinkerbelle is looking ravishing today !!!!

  7. The kittens are growing like weeds and getting cuter everyday. Do I see in my banner the Emmy’s Award kittens? I miss those guys. Is it possible to get some updates from Newberry, Razzie, and the gang?

    • It’s entirely possible that Emmy and the Nominees have popped up as your banner. I can’t provide any updates, though, I don’t have contact info for anyone who adopted any of them, unfortunately.

  8. BTW, is it me or do Silvio’s front paws look HUGE. Especially comapred to his sisters.

      • I noticed those impressive paws on young Silvio, too. That guy has heartbreaker written all over him. (And his sibs aren’t lagging too far behind.) Please blow Stinkerbelle a kiss for me — she’s such a beauty.

  9. So does Dr. Melfi request that she be called by her title, or can I call her Melly for short?

  10. Melfi’s missing again. If she were an actual psychiatrist, instead of just a character on tv, she might read something into that 😉