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First, a couple of videos to start your week off right.

In the first one, Thistle was impatient at snack time and wouldn’t wait calmly on the floor like her sisters. She’s the only kitten I’ve ever seen pull off that particular move! (And the look on her face when she realized there was no snack in the bowls yet cracks me UP).

YouTube link

(PS: When I played the video just now at YouTube, Purslane was laying sound asleep on a bed on my desk. The instant she heard me say “Come on, girls!”, she FLEW off the bed and ran upstairs for snack time. I wish I’d gotten THAT on video!)

In the second, the visual is nothing special (though there’s some cute faces toward the end), but on Saturday I was laying on the couch with the intention of taking a nap, and before I knew it, I was covered in kittens. Polly and Joe were as close to my face as they could get, and they were purring SO hard that I turned my iPod Touch around and got it on video. Crank your sound up to get the full experience!

YouTube link

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I meant to mention this last week and completely forgot. The awesome Stephen (husband of the awesome Rachael) made the howling Pickles (from this video a couple of weeks ago) into an MP3! I’ve set it as my ringtone (and also perhaps harassed the kittens with it – it certainly gets their attention). If anyone’s interested in having it, you can download it from here (right-click on that link and save it, is how I would do it).

If that doesn’t work for you, feel free to email me (mizrobyn (at) gmail (dot) com), and I’ll send it along.

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Dandelion, keeping an eye on something. (Ugh, dirty floor. I believe that was the morning all the kittens ran around in a tub still wet from Fred’s shower, and then left footprints all over the place. I mopped it after that! I swear!)

Polly cleans herself…

And then makes sure Joe is clean as well.

Pretty Thistle in the sun.

It’s kind of hard to tell, but what’s going on here is that Magoo is cleaning Thistle’s ear. Awwww.

Dandelion, in the living room. That plastic table in front of her is the TV tray Fred used to put his laptop on to write (I took it back out to the garage for storage yesterday). He decided to move his laptop upstairs, and so the TV tray was sitting there, ripe for being jumped on by little kittens. Dandelion accepted the challenge.

SUCCESS! Oh, so proud of herself was our little Dandie. But then she had a thought.

“I are having a thought.”

Could she make the bigger jump to the table under the window? Although it looks like a very short distance, it was actually three feet away. She prepared…


She stuck the landing! She watched the birds through the window for a moment, and then went off to take a nap, secure in the knowledge that she was the champion kitten jumper of Crooked Acres.

Then she woke up and had her manservant bathe her.

Manservant Joe awaits further orders from Princess Dandie.

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Sugarbutt, reclining on the kitchen floor.

And doing his best to keep those toes clean.


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10-1-12 — 29 Comments

  1. Is it just me, or are both videos the same. Purring Pickles are adorable, but I’d love to see the other, also

    • They both showed up for me, but I added the direct YouTube links under the videos, maybe they’ll show up correctly for you at YouTube?

      • They both show up now. Don’t know what the glitch was. I thought it was my iPad, but both show up now, so I’m a happy camper. Can’t get enough of your darlin’s.

        • I got that bug too this morning. Both videos were the same on my iPhone, but now I was able to see Acrobat Thistle. Very cute!

  2. I’m getting both videos. Wonder what’s up in the interwebs today?

    Thank you for showing the floor anyway. It makes me feel better about the state of the floor in the upstairs foster bathroom. That little family is messy!!!!! ((And I swear that I clean that floor daily… not that it stays clean for more than a minute or two, but I clean it!))

    I’d download the ringtone for my phone, but I’m already getting a reputation as a crazy cat lady. While that may actually be the case, I’d rather not advertise it 😉

      • I meant to mention that there’s one in ever litter that climbs up the outside of the set of wicker shelves I kept in the front foster room and eats while I’m dishing up the snacks on an upper shelf (and their siblings have fits about “No fair! Why does he get to eat first?” Yep… always one of the boys too). Always thought I should get video of it. Given the ringworm, fleas, and current situation plaguing that room, we trashed everything inside of it that couldn’t be reliably bleached and sanitized. The old cat tree and wicker shelves got chopped into oblivion and put out with the trash. I’ll have to get another set-up.

  3. I gotta tell you that The Crew didn’t much like the Pickle’s Snack Time Video. They think you tease too much

    Btw, if you turn your touch on it’s side when you take video (or take pictures) you won’t get those black lines.

    • For what it’s worth, I don’t usually tease the Pickles that much at snack time – they’re just so CUTE when they’re howling for their food that I had to get it on record. 🙂

      • Well The Crew don’t much like any teasing at all – including that horrible teasing time that it takes to dish out food.. and then transport the food down to the ground..

        they are kinda opinionated about such things.

  4. Love the Thistle video ( both were fine for me). Also, Sugarbutt is a handsome biy. Love me some orange kitties.


    What a lovely sound. Great to come in to on a Monday morning after coming back from vacation.

    Also HAHAHAHAHA Thistle, you lose. 🙂

  6. Oh no. I downloaded the ringtone and Tyrion gave me death stare. He says he is the bAby. And there will be no loud babies allowed! I need to get him meowing. He barely makes a sound

  7. Purring Pickle and Terrific Thistles are lovely! Love how Dandelion’s furrs just stick up!! Take care

  8. Wow I thought my little kitty was loud! I guess it’s just because she is RIGHT IN MY EAR. She loves to curl up on my chest. She’s still little enough now that I can still type this. I don’t know what I will do as she grows.

  9. The CUTENESS!!
    love the purring, that is such a sleep-inducing, all’s-well-with-the-world sound…
    and the ringtone, I can see that going viral!
    happy Monday to all.

  10. AWWWW, purring Pickles! I’m melting, meeeeelting… 🙂

    @A.B. Ack, Rihana song lyrics!