10-2-12 – Toesday

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10-2-12 – Toesday — 49 Comments

  1. But whose toe beans are these???? No matter who they belong to, each and every one is extra smoochable… although none of my crew indulges in such things.

    • The only reason I didn’t label them is because I’m not positive on all of them. So I left it as an exercise for the reader to decide. 🙂

      • I sometimes do the same thing with photos of Florence and Lionel. They look so much alike that I can’t remember who it is when I look back at the pictures.

  2. I wonder if you can bestow a few kisses from me to all those kitteh toes. They are just too cute!

  3. I love kitten toes and puppy toes. They are so cute, and soft. It’s nice to enjoy the “little” things in life!!!

  4. Am I just being silly for being totally cracked up at the fact that 2008’s entry for today is titled, “Good LORD, the smell?” 🙂

    Sweet feets, all of ’em!

  5. Magoo has toes like a little spider monkey! What a lovable little alien primate-kitteh he is!

  6. Mz Robyn- I have a probably strange and personal question about mancats (sounds so much better than mencats). I’m pretty sure you can help.

    After a mancat is neutered, does he retain some of his, ahem, anatomy? I’ve always had female cats and I’m familiar with the way the back-end of a lady cat looks. My elderly bosses adopted two cats- a boy and a girl- and the boy looks like he hasn’t been neutered. I’m pretty certain that the shelter would have given him the ol’ snip-snip before sending him to a forever home, but i am totally unfamiliar with mancat anatomy so I just wanted to check. This isn’t to say that you’re an expert on mancat anatomy… just an expert on cats in general.


    • There is NO mistaking a mancat that’s been neutered for one who hasn’t. Their “package” tends to be round, fuzzy, and very prominent. After neutering, the scrotum remains, but in a deflated, tucked-in state, if that makes sense. They still have the penis, and still have something “back there,” but it doesn’t look anything like the fuzzy-wobbles you see on an unaltered tom.

    • Noelegy’s mostly right, in that if you put a neutered mancat next to a non-neutered, there’s a HUGE difference. I’m so used to seeing neutered males that when I occasionally see an unneutered adult male, it’s really AMAZING just how big the, uh, AREA is. However, I can say that we definitely had Rupert neutered as soon as we were able to, and afterward he still had some pretty big fuzzy, prominent protuberances going on, to the point where if I hadn’t known for sure that he’d been neutered, I would have thought he was unneutered. I’m wondering if that’s because he wasn’t neutered until he was fully grown – we always have the fostered neutered by three months (occasionally a tiny bit older, as with the Bookworms, since we were waiting for a negative FIV result on them), there’s a little something left behind on them.

      I’m going to post this question on Friday’s post, because I’m sure there’s someone out there who’s had more experience with neutering males as adults and whether that makes a difference, and I’m curious to hear.

      Emily, I’m with you in that I’m sure the shelter would have had them spayed and neutered before adopting them out (assuming they were old enough), and any paperwork they were given should have stated that. Maybe their boycat is just gifted. 🙂

      • My mother once adopted a male who was neutered when he was older. We didn’t think he had been snipped because of the HUGE dingleberries…. But about 6 months or so later, we noticed something: Hey! Where’d they go?? I think it takes time for them to shrink when they’re big guys. He was a short hair, so it was seriously obvious, I don’t know why no one noticed they were shrinking until they were gone..

      • My Percy wasn’t neutered till he got to the shelter (at about 4yrs old) so he had slightly um, larger fuzzy-wobble-remainder bits when I got him a month or two later. They’ve shrunk a bit since then, but it’s still fairly obvious (aside from his biscuit head and stocky frame) that he’s pretty mancatly. I’ve had people ask if he’s been snipped, and I have to assure them he has. Maybe some mancats don’t shrink as much as others? 🙂

      • Thanks all of you! I’m pretty sure Willie (the mancat) came to the shelter when he was around a year old. He’s a big cat to begin with so maybe he’s just “gifted”. Like I said, I know a shelter would neuter him before adopting him out but geez.

        Anyway, thanks so much you guys!!

    • The analogy I’ve used is that the scrotum are little manpurses, with testes producing testosterone coins. If the cat was neutered when young, he never built up any coins in his purse- the scrotum will be very small after the testes are removed. If he reached sexual maturity, he’ll have some coins in the purse, and if he was a dominant tom (big orangutan cheeks, bald ‘stud tail’ patch at the base of the tail), his purse will be bulging with coins. So even if you neuter him (take away the bank!), it will take him a little while to spend all the coins. Youngish non-dominant males will have some slight swelling, but their scrotum will soon be the same size as a male who was neutered young. A male who was a dominant tom may have stretched out his ‘purses’ out enough that even after the testes aren’t making any more ‘coin’, they’ll stay a bit bigger than if he was fixed when young. But they’ll never be as jingly-jangly as one full of coins again.

      (it’s a silly analogy, but it works!)

  7. HALP!!! I need advice on a possible sprain/broken front paw on my little Oreo. She was being removed from behind the fridge by my little 8yo human (who yes is remorseful since she was told not to pick up the cat and now has possibly hurt her little kitty). Anyway, the kitty was favoring her right front paw. She is sleeping now and seems calm enough. I called the emergency vet and he said sometimes little baby kitties overreact (she is 9 wks) so I should give her an hour and then check again. I have 2 kids with me and am the only adult available right now. I don’t want to do anything till morning but I don’t want her to have a problem either. AAAHHHH-if anyone sees this before about 8am ET Wed then please let me know what you would do.

    • I’d just wait and see how she does, Holly. If she’s sleeping now and isn’t obviously in pain, then it may just be a temporary thing. If she’s still favoring the paw in the morning, then I’d get her to the vet then – I truly don’t believe that waiting until the morning will hurt.

      • Thanks Robyn, that makes me feel a bit better. She is still favoring it an hour later so I think I will take her in the am. Why do children (and kitties) always do things like this in the middle of the night? I’m glad it’s not Friday of course where it would cost even more because of the weekend.

        • I swear they plan it! Probably the kitten and the 8 year-old had a planning session when you weren’t looking. “I’ll limp around and look sad, and we’ll see if we can’t get her to drop $300 for an emergency vet visit!” Brats. 🙂