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Dandelion and Polly, hanging out in the sun.

Dandelion thinks Polly is cooooool. Polly agrees.

Tandem nose-licking.

“Hey, Polly. You sure are purty.”
“I know.”

Such a little floof.

Trying to pretend that she doesn’t DESPERATELY want Polly to be her BFF.

Cool and mysterious.

A little of the ol’ paw-slap.

I’ll bite your paw, you bite mine.


I’d love to end this series with a picture of the two of them snuggling, but it didn’t happen. YET!

Magoo the RatBat Boy.

Magoo laying, Thistle sitting. He outweighs her by almost a pound now!

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Loony Jake is having Deep Thoughts.


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10-3-12 — 25 Comments

  1. A bit of Loony Jake was just what I needed this am. Last night my kitty hurt her front paw. A few nervous hours and many dollars later, I now know she has basically just sprained it. There is nothing I can do except have her try and rest and let it heal on its own. Um yeah, telling a 9 wk old kitty to rest is not quite as insane as nailing jello to a tree but a close second. She does like cuddling during the day, but I have laundry to do and bathrooms to clean. Hmm, maybe the kids can do the cleaning when they come home. But me thinks THAT WOULD BE an insane request. Kids and kitties-both equally cute and frustrating!

    • I’m glad it’s no worse than it is, but I can only imagine trying to keep a kitten still!

    • Awww, Holly, I’m sorry to hear that she didn’t shake it off! Carriers are definitely a great way to keep ’em quiet when they don’t want to be. Kisses to her from us! 🙂

      • Thanks Robyn. She was still limping around and the vet gave her a cortisone shot to relieve the swelling. Nothing was broken and she’s been sleeping most of the day. She seems okay. So maybe she will come out no worse for the wear but I sure was miserable with worry last night.

  2. Holly–my cat got hurt yesterday. A bag split open and a three liter fell on his paw. Blood, crying, and did I mention blood. On the floors, couch, glider, bed, pillows, blankets. He had a split toe pad. Have to keep him quiet and still. Today, he is running through the house chasing Tyrion. He is 15. Cats don’t do still 🙂

    • Wow Gail-I will be thinking of you then and wishing you luck with your kitty. I don’t know what I would have done with blood everywhere.

      Right now mine is sleeping in her carrier. Time to clean a bathroom or two.

    • Good grief and good healing vibes for both of you! Chuck the wonder pooch once raided the garbage can INSIDE a child proofed kitchen cupboard while I was on the back patio and found a can (we no longer dispose of food garbage inside the house for even a second. He cut his tongue and bled all over (ALL over) everything, including both of his dog beds. Vet suggested keeping him still and keeping him out of things, which lasted approximately 5 seconds and he’s a senior dog. Dogs don’t do still either. Just do the best you can.

      The carrier is a good idea. I know when dogs have to be kept still for heartworm treatment, they normally keep them in their crates for the majority of the day. Just giving her a confined space for a short time may be all you need to do.

    • Wow Gail. I’m glad you told us after he was running around and doing well.. I can’t imagine how traumatic that was for you.

    • Oh, I’m always so worried I’m going to end up dropping something on a kitten! Good luck keeping your kitty still. 🙂

    • Yikes, poor kitty. I had the opposite happen to me recently. I just bought a new 2 liter of Diet Pepsi. I was gone for a whole 10 minutes. My cat was so excited that I FINALLY got home that he head butt’d the soda and it flipped over and landed on my toe like a missile – cap on the toe nail. I currently am missing my toe nail. So I know it hurts, but obviously Mr. Kitty isn’t feeling too bad if he is running and chasing.

  3. So Robyn,

    I am curious, but too lazy to read the articles about it (sue me!). Why on earth are the Alabama Vets so against the spay and neuter clinics for low income people? Are they afraid they are losing money? Like people who use the clinics will be able to afford to use their services.


    • Yeah, they’re afraid that the clinics are taking business away from them. Which is ridiculous, because a large number of people who use the clinic are people who would otherwise not spay or neuter their pets because they can’t afford to. And because the price of spaying and neutering at the clinic is so low, people who have cats just show up at their house are able to have them spayed and neutered. When it’s $45 to have a stray cat spayed, people are more able to do so. If you call a vet around here, they tend to quote a price of $200 – $300 for the same thing. Who on earth can afford to pay that? There’s a huge need for the clinics around here (there need to be more in this state!), and to try to shut them down is so backwards and ignorant that it makes me see red!

      • OMG – in Wisconsin, it costs like $50 at the local vet for a cat. Maybe more – I haven’t had one neutered for 4 years, but still. I know it’s not that much. A dog can cost more – it depends on their size and age. However, $200 to 300 is outrageous!

        • Isn’t it ridiculous? Susan at the shelter gets calls from people ALL the time saying that they found a cat and they’d love to keep her or him, but can’t afford $300 to spay or neuter!

  4. Those pictures of Dandy and Polly are just adorable! I hope they’re snuggling soon!

    And Jake, my loony boy, I do love you so….