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Sorry, no Crooked Acres pics today – it was overcast and rainy for the better part of the last week, so I never did go out with the camera. I should have better luck next week!

Polly the Dryer Inspector thinks I don’t empty the lint trap often enough.

Magoo in his box of paper.

And then joined by Thistle.

All five Pickles!

A Pickley Weed sammich! That Thistle (in the center) is a bit of a hussy, no? That’s Petey on the left, Joe on the right.

Smilin’ Polly.

Sleepy Joe.

“What? Is comfy!”

Sweet Miss Purslane.

Percy with attitude.

Thistle wonders where her two hunky slices of Pickle went.

I love Petey’s sweet baby face.

The Pickles are now spayed and neutered, have had all their vaccinations, and are ready to go when space comes available at Petsmart. Adoptions have been a bit slow, so it could be a while. We’ll see!

We put paper collars on the Pickles Monday night with their names written on them, so they’d know at the clinic who was who. Polly and Percy, who are accustomed to wearing collars, didn’t notice anything was different. Petey, Joe, and Magoo, on the other hand, tried to outrun their collars, and then tried to scratch them off, before forgetting that they were there. Tuesday morning when I opened the door to the guest bedroom to grab them and put them in carriers, I found that Petey was collarless. I still haven’t found it – he probably slipped it off and hid it somewhere, hoping that I wouldn’t notice – but he didn’t fight me when I put a new collar on him.

They were glad to see me yesterday morning when I showed up to pick them up, and when I got them home they came flooding out of their carriers, then stretched, ate, and acted as though nothing had happened. Polly was perhaps a little sleepier than usual during the day, but by evening they were all running around playing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stinkerbelle’s Big Adventure.

Checking to see if anyone’s on the platform.

Making extra sure there’s not someone up there.

Looking at the platform on the opposite side of the room, where Alice was sleeping.

Keeping an eye on Alice.

Having left a pile of barf on the platform bed (she’s so thoughtful, that one), Stinkerbelle heads back down, keeping an eye on Alice the entire time.

Hissing at Joe Pickle.

Running back to the safety of her kitchen cabinet.


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10-4-12 — 28 Comments

  1. It’s good to see Stinkerbelle is venturing into the unfamiliar, yet she probably barfed from the stress of it all. Since there wasn’t another way to get down from the platform, she may have been afraid of being ambushed. Who knows? My heart goes out to skitty kitties because they can’t help it. I wish there was more to do for them. Oh well.

    It’s good to see all the kittens doing so well. Especially Mr. Magoo. He appears to be about the same size as his siblings now! It looks like the Pickle in the back of the 5 Pickle shot is the new runt, although that might just be the angle.

    I’m also glad the spaying/neutering went well. It’s amazing how quickly they spring back, isn’t it? It’s not just kittens who slip collars. I’m still looking for one that my hyper-kitty slipped out of back in 2002!!

  2. Thistle and Magoo in that box together makes me think of wonderful Christmas packages that you receive from a friend from Harry and David’s!

    Pickley Weed sammich – Thistle is truly in a “cat bed”. Adorable.

    Dandi – still badly W-A-N-T!

    Poor Stinkerbelle – all that stress made her barf. I think she is just so lovely and wish she could just chill out. She looks like she would be just lovely (fur ect) to cuddle…..except for the claws that you would get ripping through your flesh. Sigh…. must love from afar!

  3. I thought Miss Purslane was Miz Poo in that picture! Lovely Stinkerbelle sequence. She is a beauty — sorry about the aftereffect, though. Glad everyone got through their vet-cation from Crooked Acres. Did the big cats miss them or just take their absence in stride? I have a little feeling that I’ll be revisiting today’s post with its many lovely photos and fun captions; then again, when don’t I do that?

  4. we have similar collar adventures around here. most kittens don’t wear them unless I get tired of spending too much time trying to tell everyone apart. πŸ™‚

  5. Hmm pickles or Pickles, which pictures do I prefer? LOL they are BOTH great!

  6. Oh that little miss Dandelion as a bit of a ‘tude doesn’t she? It looks lovely on her, too.

    And I can’t help myself, I just get so excited to see Stinkerbelle off the kitchen cabinets. You go, girl!!!

    • When I’m taking pictures of my nieces and nephews, I always tell them to say “Fuzzy pickles” or “Sexy cheeseburgers” rather than “Cheese.” It makes them giggle and gets the BEST expressions. πŸ™‚

      I love the Pickleweed sandwich!

  7. Hey, if you’re gonna barf, why not do it in the most inconvient spot? Gotta admire her style!

    Ok, the picture of all five pickles… You just photoshoped the one on the left, copied and put her behind herself.. Right? even the wink is the same! MOL

  8. The Stinkerbelle-puke story made me truly LOL. I have 2 chronic pukers, and one used to sleep under the bed….ugh. Thanks for barfing all over the dumbbell stored there! Nice to find it months later!

    Always good to hear that the kittens recover quickly from the fixings.

  9. Miss Purslane is stunningly beautiful.

    btw, was I the first to call her Miss Purslane?

  10. Has Magoo always had that frosting on his fur? I don’t remember noticing that before the picture above of him in the box of paper.

    Purslane is still my fave followed closely by Dandelion and that fluff and blue eyes. But Purslane’s face makes me go all squishy.

    • He has, actually – but it’s kind of starting to go away. For a while there, I was wondering if he was going to turn gray!

  11. I just spent the last 2-1/2 hours reading the entire Kara saga from front to back. Now I have to go find something manly to do so I can regain my manhood. Mebbe I’ll go clean out the back of my work truck and fondle some power tools. πŸ™‚

  12. I love your ceilings in the Stinkerbell pictures – it kinda gives an illusion that she’s upside down! I need to build something like that for our kitties since we have really high ceilings in our upstairs bedrooms.

  13. Oh, that Thistle. Her eyes are olive green? They’re lovely. And Magoo’s eyes are copper?

    I wonder if with Halloween approaching, black cats will be more, or less desirable?