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Charlie Peppers has been allowed some limited time out of the guest bedroom, running around the house with the big Peppers (and the rest of the cats). Patty Peppers has been out once or twice, but it makes her kind of nervous, so she tends to hide under the couch until we pull her out and put her back in the guest bedroom.

Both of the little ones are over two pounds now, but they’ve just turned two months old, so I’m not in any hurry to spay and neuter them. I’ll wait another month, most likely, and do it around the time they turn three months. Adoptions seem to have slowed down a bit, so there’s no rush to get them ready to go.

Charlie has turned into a total lovebug, and Patty’s starting to come around, too. Fred finally heard her voice for the first time yesterday (she’s been giving us the silent meows up ’til then). Her first instinct is to run and hide when the door opens, but she comes back out pretty quickly.

2011-10-04 (1)
Charlie, keeping an eye on things.

2011-10-04 (2)
“Tastes like.. chicken! I better send one of these to Dorothy, stat!”

2011-10-04 (3)
I know that looks like some sort of dead rodent next to Charlie, but it’s not.

2011-10-04 (5)
It’s NOT.

2011-10-04 (4)
Poor, sad, deprived kittens with no toys to speak of.

2011-10-04 (6)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-10-04 (8)
Molly Peppers shows off her long, elegant fingers.

2011-10-04 (10)
She is just SO pretty.

2011-10-04 (11)
Not the best picture, but this is what she likes to do, lay there and have her belly rubbed while she makes biscuits on my leg. When I think of what a scared little hisser she was when we got her, it just blows my mind. She’s always the first to run over and demand love!

2011-10-04 (12)
“‘Allo, lady. You see that I have razor-sharp claws on my back feet as well as my first? The better to mess you UP with, my dear. Now admire my one white whisker, give me a gentle pet, and be on your way.”

2011-10-04 (13)
“Pet. Me. NOW.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-10-04 (14)
These clothes were lying on the table, and Elwood decided it would be the perfect place to hang out.

2011-10-04 (15)
Jake, on the other hand, prefers the bed. He’s no dummy!


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10-4-11 — 19 Comments

  1. Ahem. Miz Robyn. The kitten/toy ratio is ALL WRONG! How could you DO that to those precious kittens??? The proper ratio is 985.2 toys/kitten with a rotating theme throughout the week of chicken flavored, catnip (great for destressing on Fridays), yarn-based toys, sparkle balls, jingly balls, mouse shaped, and cheese flavored. And yes, there should be 985.2 toys/kitten of each type. Best get working on that. I don’t want to have to report you. Ahem. πŸ™‚

    All seriousness aside, my kittens would die over that box! They get theirs and then they disappear.. but wait, I see one hiding beside the fridge, a yellow jingly ball!!!!

  2. I agree with Barbie that the toy ratio is off. I mean COME ON what will they play with?! I’m glad to see we’re not the only house with a toy BOX – although ours includeds plastic spoons and a plastic fork (Vash loves to play with plastic spoons & Kairi likes to chew on plastic fork handles). πŸ™‚
    I have a question for you & your amazing readers. My little boy, Vash (5 years old) has been very sullen lately. He lays around a lot (which cats do – but he seems excessive), and is whiny a lot. He also wants to play with Kairi (his sister), but most often she doesn’t want to play. Do you have any toy suggestions for him? He plays with lasers but gets frustrated because there isn’t anything physical to catch. He loves Da Bird, but breaks them quickly. We recently found some spring toys that he loves, but I was hoping that you (& your readers) could maybe suggest some more toys for him. I tell my husband I think he needs a little brother (a kitten) to play with, but that’s really NOT an option for us. I want to help my little Dude. If he spoke English I know he’d tell us what he wants, but he’s horrible at English and he can’t sign so he just MEOWS and MEOWS and MEOWS and we don’t know what to do!
    A little more story – we thought he just might want more attention, but no matter how much attention we give him – whether we’re playing with him, petting him, or cuddling with him – he seems to get grumpy and sullen after a bit. I just want him to be happy!
    Also – We don’t think he’s sick – he’s not losing weight & his diet hasn’t changed. He’s not puking or anything like that.

    Thank you so much! I told my husband last night that I’d ask you because you KNOW cats! πŸ˜€

      • That’s a great idea! He has some toys like that but perhaps they aren’t nip-ful enough. πŸ˜€ That’s a great idea! Thank you!!!!

        • I like Oldcat’s suggestion – I’ll post your question in tomorrow’s entry and see what other suggestions people might have!

          I was going to suggest one of those toys that fits over a door, you know, with the toy that hangs down that cats can bat around and jump up after? We have one of those in the foster room and one in the guest bedroom, and they’re a big hit with the cats and kittens! The only down side is that eventually they chew through the cord holding the toy on and the toy gets lost, but I always just tie another one up there.

          • Thanks Robyn. I really appreciate the help. He’s our Dude and I love him happy. πŸ˜€ BTW – I LOVE your site! You are so hilarious and witty and, of course, you have cute kitties!

    • Since he’s sullen and meowy, you might want to get him checked for a bladder infection. Neutered male cats are prone to that problem, and they don’t necessarily run a fever or show much sign of it until it’s well advanced. If it’s been awhile since he’s had a vet check, you may want to run him over to the stabby place.

  3. Oh Patty Peppers, you are such a sweetie! Silent meows just slay me. I’m sure you are getting everything you want just using your beautiful eyes and silent mews…no need to do anything else until you are good and ready little girl!

    • Silent meows are the best. Dorothy does those at first and then eventually a little pip comes out. CUTE.

      Those Peppers, all of them, are looking so lovely and playful and sweet and SOFT.

      I agree with Elwood, too. Clothes are a much better bed. Invisible human domination. I like the first one, where the clothes are literally in a MOUND. And then he’s flattened them.

  4. I think you need to retake the 2nd photo of Elwood. It is definitely not showing “his best side!” The first photo is a much better pose. I think cats sit on our clothes because they smell like their favorite humans or to just piss us off. Either one.

    I never thought cats cared about scent until my parents brought their cat to their summer RV for the first time. Poor Louie was so tired from the 3 day trip that when he explored and sniffed my mom’s bed, he dropped and slept for hours. My mom said it was like – oh – something smells right – I can relax now.

    • I think that too (kitties sitting/sleeping on clothes that smell like their favorite human). Thank God I don’t live with anyone; otherwise, they’d hear me in various parts of the house going “You love to be on Mommy’s things.” (Which now that I think about it doesn’t sound quite right, but when you’re talking to a cat that’s all curled up on a messy pile of your clothes, it’s perfectly OK.)