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Did you see that one of my pictures (the top one!) was on Buzzfeed yesterday? World domination is gonna be a cakewalk from here.

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Do you recognize this sweet face?

That’s Maggie! She was our foster (and Mama to the McMaos) back in 2011. Alex says:

We had a bow tie party the other night. Maggie allowed us to put a bow tie on her. She didn’t enjoy it but she didn’t freak out. She mostly just sat there with a scowl on her face.

Her face is cracking me UP! (Thanks for the picture, Alex. It was good to see Maggie’s sweet face again, even if she is secretly plotting how to get back at you!)

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Paulie Walnuts, mid-stretch.

Livia, keeping an eye on me. Thinking about taking a nap, too, it looks like.

Carmela peeks to see what’s going on out THERE.

They’re getting ever more interested in the world outside their crate.

Silvio and Tony, getting a closer look.

All 7 of them in one picture!

I took them out of the crate for weighing, put them on a cat bed, and they started scattering.

Tony on the right, Meadow on the left.

Sweet Meadow.

Yesterday was the day when all those baby kittens decided that they would NO LONGER be held back by the threshhold of their crate, and they would get OUT into the big wide world room. When I walked into the room, I was surprised to see them all out, crawling around on the blanket in front of the crate, wrestling with each other. Last night when I went in before bed time, they were all in the crate sound asleep, and I very softly said “Hey, babies…” They immediately woke up, every last one of them, and flooded out of the crate to sit and stare at me, sniff me, and even climb on me (that was Adriana). Later today I’m going to put them (and Livia) in the crate and put them in the bathroom so I can sweep the floor and spread another blanket out, so they don’t get their toes too cold on the hardwood floor. I think it’ll probably only be another day or two before they decide they want nothing to do with that crate any more, so I’ve got to make sure they have plenty of soft places to sleep.

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We have videos! They’re, basically, the Sopranos being wiggly little wigglebugs. SO cute at this age! (So cute at any age though, right?)

YouTube link.

YouTube link.

YouTube link.

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Sugarbutt, stressed out as usual. Poor Suggie.


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9-28-13 — 23 Comments

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw this pic of Livia was “Sophia Loren.” She’s got that exotic coolness about her. And those eyes!

  2. MAGGIE!!!

    Oh, these babies are killing me!! Meadow’s markings!! I didn’t get to see her whole back (she’s the black and white one?) but it sort of looks like she put her bra on backwards!

    Livia is too gorgeous for live tv.

  3. Maggie !!!!!!!!!! I started following your blog when you posted videos of Maggie on Youtube. I fell in love with the videos then fell madly in love with your blog and all your kitties (and chickens, dogs,etc !). Of course this is also how I discovered DCEP !! You and all your fabulous kittens and witty remarks have been a part of my daily escapades in the realm of the internet.

    Thank you Robyn !!!!

    Snuggles and smooches to the Sopranos !!!! and Corbie !!!!

  4. “…Thinking about taking a nap, too, it looks like.”

    The usual state of most cats, I think… πŸ˜€ Though I’m impressed she can find the time, with seven kittens!

    • She’s generally always either napping, eating, or feeding/pottying the kittens. Sometimes she naps while she’s feeding the kittens, because she’s an excellent multitasker! πŸ™‚

  5. Oh Maggie McMao, what a beautiful and tolerant lady cat you are πŸ™‚

    I dare you to identify Dr. Melfi in a photo. If there wasn’t a photo of 7 kittens together, I’d be saying she doesn’t exist at all.

  6. Robyn, I have to know… At this stage in life, do kitten ears smell like marshmallow fluff? I just want to rub my nose on their cute little heads!

  7. I love flaily kittehs. Great videos! Those kittens are so darling!!

    Robyn, I have a question for you. I have been feeding a feral female on my deck every day. She is obviously pregnant, acts friendly, but is very fearful when I try to touch her. I finally petted her tail last night, and she didn’t totally freak, but still is fearful. I am wondering if I should fix up a box under my deck for her when she has the kittens. I have raccoons, and possoms that come for the food also, so am worried about the babies with the raccoons. Do you think it would be better for the box to be on the deck, or under it, so not mess with a box at all? After she has the kittens, my neighbor and I are going to try to catch her and the kittens, and get them fixed. Ideas? Suggestions?

    • Is there any possibility that you could snatch her up before she has the kittens? Would you (or your neighbor) have anywhere to keep her while she’s raising the babies?

      If not, then if your deck is sheltered – or if there’s a sheltered spot – I’d put a box there and one below the deck, so she can decide where to go. It’s entirely possible that she’ll opt for another location altogether, and if she uses one of the boxes, she might move them all to the other box (or another location that she prefers). I wouldn’t say that you don’t need to worry at all about the raccoons, but I can tell you that at our house the outside cats and the raccoons pretty much ignore each other. I wouldn’t put the box near the food, though (if that’s possible, depending on the size of your deck). I hope this helps – if not, or if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! πŸ™‚

  8. Oh Maggie!! That blue really brings out her eyes and amazing fur coloring.

    Meadow is going to be a stunner when she’s all grown up. I love that we’re seeing more of Tony’s personality emerging.

    I love Livia’s drive-by purring.

  9. All the flailing going on in those videos is just killing me here. It reminds me of the Harlem shake dance craze from a few months ago.

  10. I love how Paulie Walnuts stands out in the kitten scrum with his lighter fur. They’re all adorable, though, and just about to get to a really fun stage. When my furballs were little, I loved to lie on the floor in their room and let them use me as a kitty playground. *sigh* Kittens! (Not that I don’t adore them as adults, but… kittens!)

    Did anyone else look at the Buzzfeed link, see the cat hamster wheel, and think, “I wonder if mine would like it? Where could I put one?”

  11. Is that formerly skinny Maggie, she who was regularly taken down by hordes of kittens, like unto a zombie attack? It’s so wonderful to see her looking plump and spoiled!