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As the time draws ever closer for Reacher and Corbett, Melodie, Moxie, Martin, and Dodger to go to Petsmart (they go Friday morning), I’m remembering to take time to just enjoy having them around. I love the fact that they’ve become such good friends with each other (Martin, especially, loves to tussle with Reacher) and with Jake and Elwood. We’ve got a great bunch here, and I like to watch them play.

(Then I snatch them up and kiss them until they get disgusted and stalk away from me with their ears back. Nothing cuter than a disgusted cat, unless it’s a hissing kitten.)

Corbett got his claw caught in the dishtowel, and Martin’s mocking him.

“NOM. Kitten paws are the tastiest!”

Bath time (is it ever NOT bath time?).

Snack time is over, and a marauding band of kittens go from plate to plate to make sure not one single morsel of food was left behind.

“What, lady? Go away. We’re talking about you.”

The eyes just kill me.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Newt is such a quiet, unobtrusive presence. He likes to sleep in out of the way places where no one will bother him. Lately, if he’s not sleeping on the cat tree, he’s sleeping under the dresser in the guest bedroom. Usually I don’t even realize he’s there until he strolls out into view, stretches, and heads off to the food bowl.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

You know, I keep feeling like there’s something I’ve forgotten to tell you. I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Oh, right! The new guys. Meet ’em.

You didn’t think I was going to let all my kittens go off to Petsmart without some emergency kittens in place, did you?


More about them tomorrow (by which time we might even have names for them!).

(Name suggestions more than welcome – they’re both boys. Names I considered and then discarded: McGarrett and Danno (Danno had already been used), Castor and Pollux (Castor had been used), Hurley and Charlie (Charlie had been used). Fred’s not loving Riggins and Saracen. We’re stumped.)


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9-28-10 — 35 Comments

  1. What about Riggs & Murtaugh? (Lethal Weapon) Or Loki & Bartleby (Dogma… a play off the Kittens being both Angels & Demons at times!)

  2. Sweet and adorable Reacher and Corbett, Melodie, Moxie, Martin, and Dodger!! I will miss you all!! I have enjoyed watching your grow and be wonderful kitties thanks to lotsa love and care from fab Robyn, hubby and permanent residents! And also to the fabulous pics and updates. Me and Charlie wish you all the best in finding fantastic forever homes!! Big purrs and hugs and kitty snoogles and kisses – you’re all STARS!!

    Now for these new kitties – Awwwwwwwwwww!! Names?!? Erm…Starsky and Hutch!
    Take care

  3. Tom and Lorenzo? I’m sure Tom’s taken.
    Bert and Ernie?
    Cop and Robber?
    Abbot and Costello? Too obvious?
    Hope and Crosby?
    Crosby and Sinatra?
    Broccoli and Cauliflower? ha.
    Amos and Andy?

  4. I don’t know the name Saracen at all. I do like Riggins if it is for John Riggins, Hall of Fame running back for the Washington Redskins. If it is, how about Riggo and Sonny (Sonny Jurgenson, Hall of Fame quarterback for the Washington Redskins)?

    They’ll still be adorable whatever names they get!!

  5. I’m going to miss Corbett. If I could have adopted one, he would have been it.

    Butch and Sundance?
    Lenny and Squiggy?
    Ralph and Potsie?

  6. Huck & Tom
    Mutt & Jeff
    Edward & Jacob (sorry, just couldn’t resist this one…)
    Calvin & Hobbes
    Frodo & Sam
    Harry & Ron
    Mario & Luigi
    Michael & Gabriel
    Apollo & Artemis (yes, she’s a she – but you could call him Artie)
    Romulus & Remus

  7. Did you already have a Merry and Pippin?
    I’m not a huge fan of Twilight, but I think naming them Edward and Jacob would be funny!
    Akeem and Semi! (I love the movie Coming to America.)
    Dug and Kevin?
    Chuck and Morgan? Or Casey and Morgan. Or Chuck and Casey. Or you could throw an Awesome into the mix. (Sorry, I love Chuck.)

  8. Jeeves and Wooster
    Hall and Oates
    Gregory and James (after house and wilson on house)

    I have to second the suggestion of mary and pippin though, that would be an awesome name for the pair. Or continuing the LOTR theme Boromir and Faramir.

  9. Black and Decker
    Hamilton and Beach
    Proctor and Silex
    Westley and Roberts
    Inigo and Fezzik
    Harry and Ron
    Herbert and George
    Brian and Vaughan

  10. You are smart to enjoy the group before they go – because I have a feeling that even if you have to rotate some back there you won’t be seeing all of them – they are just so cute who could resist them! And of course lots of pictures are always good!

    And Newt is just such a cutie – I love his pale orange color so much! I would totally snuggle him.

    And the newbies are adorable! Here are my name suggestions (plus where I got them from):

    Leonard and Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory)
    Mulder and Scully (ok, technically on the show she was a girl, but it seems gender neutral – oh, from XFiles, which I didn’t even really watch)
    Harold and Kumar (but only if they like White Castle – sorry they are talking about that on the radio right now which is why I thought of it)
    I like Butch and Sundance from above
    Jack and Ryan (from those books by that guy who I can’t think of – I know someone who named their son Jack Ryan from it – but they are good first names too)
    Melville and Rockwell (those are just unusual names in my family that could be good)

    I am not good at this.

  11. I totally agree with Starsky and Hutch.It would be super cute!

    I’m going to miss all the other fosters something fierce πŸ™ Can’t even imagine how you feel about them all leaving.

  12. Good luck to the gang! I’m sure someone will snatch every single one of them up in no time. πŸ™‚

    And those new guys… That pink nose!

    Pooh and Piglet!

    Piglet being the pinky nose one, of course. Come on… who WOULDN’T adopt a kitten named Pooh?! πŸ˜‰

  13. My vote goes for a Project Gemini astronaut team.
    Choices below!
    Gemini III Grissom & Young
    Gemini IV McDivitt & White
    Gemini V Cooper & Conrad
    Gemini VI Schirra & Stafford
    Gemini VII Borman & Lovell
    Gemini VIII Armstrong & Scott
    Gemini IX Stafford & Cernan
    Gemini X Young & Collins
    Gemini XI Conrad & Gordon
    Gemini XII Lovell & Aldrin

  14. BABIES!!!! sooo cute! I like Starksy and Hutch. Imagine the nicknames from Starsky!

    Ill miss Martin for sure. If I lived in an enviroment to adopt a cat, he’d be mine

  15. Oh…a friend just pointed out to me that I should have explained why the Gemini Program….there were 2 astronauts in the capsule! I forget that not everyone is from Huntsville!

  16. Olaf

    I love Swedish names for kittens for an unknown reason.


    Felix and Oscar
    Archie and Meathead

    Been watching a lot of All in the Family and Odd Couple! πŸ™‚

  17. Larry and Balki? Perfect strangers πŸ™‚
    Peta and Gale (Mockingjay series)
    Statler and Waldorf (Muppets)
    Kevin & Russell (Up)
    Walter & Bishop (Fringe)

  18. Ooh, Merry and Pippin is a good one!
    So is Tom and Huck, although I’m sure Tom has already been taken.

    My first thought, though, was Bo and Luke from the Dukes of Hazzard. I’m sure they’ll be racing their butts everywhere in no time!

  19. Ooooh, hi new kitties! Hi not-so-new kitties too *snuggles!* I admit, because I’ve just been reading about them, that my first thoughts were Penn and Teller. Oops? XD

    I’d say Dillon and Proudfoot, but I don’t know if one’s a leader and the other’s a follower. That sort of has to be the case, with those names.

  20. Whoa! Asking for names is real lurker bait!!! πŸ™‚ Lots of good suggestions. I really smiled at Pancho & Cisco, Jeeves & Wooster and Riggs & Murtaugh.

    But, just to join in the fun:
    Kramden and Norton (or Ralph & Ed)
    Napoleon and Illya
    Artemis and Jim
    Rowan and Martin
    Friday and Gannon

  21. Good luck, babies. Special kisses to Martin, my favorite of the bunch. And don’t worry (as if you could) for the Bookworms. Their long legs and tails is because they’re decented from hunter cats. They are tottaly survivors. And since they started of lucky (being with such a loving person as you) they will keep being lucky and find the purrrfect forever home.

    As for the new guys, how about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Thet will give you the opportunity to nickname them Crantz and Guild… πŸ™‚

  22. Did someone say Chip & Dale yet?
    and you must always have emergency kittens around, what if you had a panic attack? oh, there were two clowns in parades when i was a kid called Zig & Zag…we hope everyone finds furever homes IMMEDIATELY!!!
    Best wishes to all. oh, oh, what about Hall & Oats? or David & Goliath? ha-ha-ha…

  23. I don’t have any new suggestions, but would like to second the nomination for Maverick and Goose! Best of luck to all the kitties going up for adoption. πŸ™‚