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Yesterday, Oldcat did a post about Kara and her kittens and determined that the kittens’ father mostly likely looked a lot like Spanky!

Go check it out, it’s really interesting!

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2011-09-28 (1)
Charlie the little poser.

2011-09-28 (3)
I swear, that cedar scratching post is one of the best things we’ve ever made. Every single kitten who’s been in that room just loves it like nothing else.

2011-09-28 (4)
Patty enjoys ripping toys apart to get to the tasty fiberfill center (and got mad at me when I took it away).

2011-09-28 (5)
Checkin’ out the toys.

2011-09-28 (6)
Charlie supervises.

2011-09-28 (7)
“Oooh, what’s THAT?”

2011-09-28 (8)

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2011-09-28 (12)
When he’s not jumping for the feather teaser, Everett likes to talk to it.

2011-09-28 (13)
And yes indeed, Everett DOES have some fearsome claws, doesn’t he? He’s very careful not to use them on humans, though. He knows we’re big wimps (and yes, I do try to keep their claws trimmed, but sometimes it gets away from me.)

2011-09-28 (14)
Invisible shifting while driving the invisible 18-wheeler.

2011-09-28 (18)
Well THAT’s an awkward land, Everett.

2011-09-28 (19)
“Let the party begin, I HAVE ARRIVED!”

2011-09-28 (21)
Harlan critiques Everett’s form.

2011-09-28 (9)
Talking to the feathers.

2011-09-28 (10)
Checking out Harlan’s pot belly.

2011-09-28 (11)
He flails! He misses!

2011-09-28 (15)
More talking to the feathers.

2011-09-28 (16)

2011-09-28 (17)

2011-09-28 (20)

2011-09-28 (22)

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Just in case you thought that the fosters are the only ones who get in on the feather teasin’ fun…

2011-09-28 (23)

2011-09-28 (24)

2011-09-28 (25)

2011-09-28 (26)
He totally looks like he’s break-dancing here.

2011-09-28 (27)

2011-09-28 (28)
This picture makes me dizzy. So I had to see if it made you dizzy, too!

And, a video of the permanents (Elwood, Buster, Alice) making a play for the teaser. What amazes me is how lightly Elwood lands for such a big cat.


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9-28-11 — 18 Comments

  1. Yes it made me feel dizzy too.

    and WHEN are you going to get those poor kittens a few toys!!

    (our dogs have a toybox like that)
    the cats dont bother with toys indoors much, although they have some.

  2. “invisible shifting while driving the invisible 18-wheeler” – ROFLMAO!

    Robyn, you are brilliant.

  3. well, after watching this video I see now that my feather teaser technique is too tame. I’ve got to put more energy into it and shake it, shake it like a Polaroid!!

    I love Everett even more now that I know he is a chatter. And check out “invisible” Patty waiting under the bed while Charlie is scratching. I love how kittens are all “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me”!

  4. Harlan has NOT got a pot belly! I am outraged on his behalf! Send him to me in that box you had for sending Buster! (He never arrived; what happened?) And hasn’t Everett got some lovely ghostings of spots; do his sisters have them? Could you get a video of Buster’s breakdancing? Would love to see it!
    and yes, I am dizzy!!

  5. Ok…so are you taking all these action shots by yourself?? or is Fred assisting?? They are just awesome!!!

  6. hahaha looks like Alice was thinking, “don’t mess my fur up!”

    btw, did you see that facebook page about some idiot who tied a cat with a rope and then set his dog to kill it. it’s so disgusting yet he’s probably not the only sick person on earth.. sad sad sad



    (seriously, how lucky are kittens that get to stay with you? Those two were the crustiest kittens I’ve seen in quite a while, with no reason to hope for anything in life, and here they are full of delicious food [which feels way better than being full of worms] with a whole playroom to themselves and a BUCKET OF TOYS BIGGER THAN THEY ARE.)

    • LOL – one day, I’ll have to take pictures of all the cat toys in the house INCLUDING the ones I have stuffed in my closet in case we run out of them (or they all get knocked under the stove) and y’all will totally call Hoarders on me. 🙂