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Yesterday, my parents had to say goodbye to their sweet dog Benjie.



Benjie was such a good guy – he’s one of those dogs who makes people like me, who has no interest in having a dog in the house, change their mind. He came with them a couple of times when they visited us, and he was so sweet, he’d just sit there and watch the cats circle him.


He was just a real character – everyone who met him loved him.


He traveled all over the place with my parents, and he was a good little travel companion and the best errand assistant.


He will be very much missed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You didn’t think that Everett was the only jumpin’ Pepper, did you?

2011-09-27 (11)
First, Everett displays the correct jumping form, while Molly gets into catching position…

2011-09-27 (12)
Then Everett’s all “Remember, VERY IMPORTANT: Jazz Hands!”

2011-09-27 (1)
“No, no, NO! You must BELIEVE that you can flyyyyyyyyyyy! Like THIS!”

2011-09-27 (2)
“LIFT off! Like so!”
“Jazz hands like this? Am I doin’ this right?”

2011-09-27 (3)
“Fly! FLYYYY!”
“This doesn’t feel right. You sure this is a real jazz hand? It feels awkward.”

2011-09-27 (4)
“I am FLYING!”
Sally is awestruck. “Look at his FORM! The pointed TOES! My god, he’s PERFECT!”

2011-09-27 (5)
Everett says “Yes! YES! That is perfect! Beautiful, perfect jazz hands! Pointed toes! You’re a natural!”

2011-09-27 (6)
Harlan begins to lose his perfect form.

2011-09-27 (7)
“Reach for it, Harlan! REACH!”

2011-09-27 (9)
“I… who taught you the Invisible Motorcycle move? That’s far too advanced for your skill levels!”

2011-09-27 (10)
“By god. Jazz hands with his BACK paws! He’s a prodigy!”

Later that day, Everett was walking along, minding his own business, when out of NOWHERE, smacking him RIGHT in the face…

2011-09-27 (8)

Stupid feather teaser.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-09-27 (13)
Charlie looks like he’s making fun of the size of Patty’s belly.

2011-09-27 (14)
Charlie givin’ me the ‘tude.

2011-09-27 (15)
Laughing at his own joke.

2011-09-27 (16)
More attitude, while Patty’s all “Whuh?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-09-27 (17)
Judging by the look on Tommy’s face, there’s either a knife-wielding serial killer behind me, or nothing at all.


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9-27-11 — 18 Comments

  1. My condolences for Benjie. It’s so hard when a beloved pet dies.

    I love Harlan’s long, long claws. What kind of kitten carries knives like that?! Also, it’s great to see Patty and Charlie looking healthy and happy. You’ve worked some kind of miracle on them! Will Charlie have to have his damaged tooth pulled or is it a kitten tooth?

    Finally, Tommy’s look reminds me of my cats. It’s usually a moth or piece of dust. Happens all the time!

  2. Condolences to your parents — and thanks for your loving profile of Benjy. On a lighter note, the tutorial is brilliant. I expect to be chortling about the invisible-motorcycle move for years. And Patty and Charlie have reached the apex of cute!!!! Stay in guard,Tommy!

  3. I am so so sorry about sweet and adorable Benjie. So so so so sad! 🙁 Thoughts and prayers for your family.

    Awww the flying Peppers!! Fanstastic shots!!

    Charlie and Patty are looking amazing too.

    Oh Tommy!! LOL!!

    Take care

  4. Sweet tribute to Benjie, Robyn. I still sometimes cry over a pet that died years ago. Your captions for the second half of the post are hilarious. Jazz hands, indeed. Hysterical. Oh and the serial killer line got me, too–because it’s so true!

  5. Hope Benjipassed quickly to the Bridge, hugs ((:( ))

    Kitten pics and Tommy just wonderful. Especially with your comments! 🙂

  6. Ah, thoughts for your parents about their Benjie.. He has the most amazing eyes, I am sure he will be sorely missed.

  7. So sorry about Benjie. And I do think it is just nothing behind you… or nothing that YOU can see.

  8. I’m in total agreement with Kerry about the invisible motorcycle move — ROTFL!

    The sittingest Peppers have turned into the flying Peppers!

  9. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of sweet Benji. His photos are just so sweet – you can tell what a sweetie he was! My sympathy to your parents on their loss!

    Oh those flying peppers! How do you capture all of those amazing in motion shots?! 🙂

  10. Sorry about Benji and his leave-taking, that is always sooo difficult, they nestle into our lives and hearts so snugly.
    Love it when a cat sees ‘nothing’ and spooks, unless it’s 1 a.m. and they stare at the front door…then it’s extremely creepy, even when you go turn the light on and there is nothing there, that YOU can see!
    The flying Peppers.1 and the cute Peppers.2 are so much fun to see.

  11. aw RIP Benjie <3

    Great flying techniques Peppers kitties!

    Charlie peppers, i wish i could own you, you melt my heart!

    ROFLMAO @ Tommy — priceless!

  12. Benji was adorable. My heart goes out to your parents!

    I voted!

    The rest of the post just made me laugh! 🙂

    My guess….knife-wielding serial killer but Tommy scared him off!

  13. Lovely tribute to Benjie. My sympathy to your parents on the loss of their wonderful companion. The errand trips will be tough for awhile without him.

    Spotted belly is so cute!

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about Benjie. It sounds like he was loved by all who met him. I hope your folks can see your wonderful tribute to him!

    The flying Peppers are fantastic!! And Tommy is such a handsome boy, even more so when staring down invisible serial killers!

  15. My sympathies to your parents on the death of their puppy (all dogs to me are “puppies”). He sounded like a great friend.

    In the early pictures, Everett looks deep blue! It wasn’t as strong in some later pictures.

    Great action shots, although I am particular to Charlie Peppers. I was an early lover of Bolitar so I’m sure you can understand from where that comes. 😉