The bitter spray was a resounding flop. I guess that the need to suck is so strong that the bitter taste just can’t stop Callie from needing to do it. I’m a little at a loss on what to do, here. I feel so mean putting her in the cage, but I need to do it, because she can’t be dissuaded from doing her thing. I let her out of the cage this morning and she bounced around the room for a couple of hours with her brothers. When I noticed that she was slowing down, I put her back in the cage. She seems okay in the cage, but I feel like the Meanest Momma Alive. Fred and I discussed letting her out into the house and leaving the other three in the kitten room, but she’s still got a touch of the diarrhea. We discussed letting Smitty out into the house, and went so far as to let him run around our room for a little while last night, but if we let him out, we’d want to let a second kitten out to keep him company, and we’re not sure enough that they’re all over what they had, to let them out into the general population. I’d feel a lot better if the diarrhea was gone, though I’ll say that things are still improving in that area.

I gave Sugarbutt a quick bath last night, and you would have thought I was torturing him, instead of dipping his butt and back legs into a sink of lukewarm water to get a little bit of poo off. Big baby.

Someone suggested in my comments yesterday that I’m developing a fondness for Barrett. Honestly, my favorites change from minute to minute. One minute Sugarbutt’s my favorite, the next I think Smitty’s the bee’s knees, and so on. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite; I love them all! They’re all just unbearably sweet.


Bear tries out his Matrix moves.

Sugarbutt inspects Smitty’s tail.

The kittens watching a feather toy. I love that you can see Bear and Callie’s fangs.

Sleepy Sugarbutt in the sun.

Kittens at the trough.

Best. Picture. Ever. There’s nothing about this picture that doesn’t make me giggle, from Bear’s crossed rapper arms, to Sugarbutt’s open mouth (I think he’s cheering Bear on) to Callie’s casual observation. I LOVE IT.

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