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I wrote this four years ago, and I saw it yesterday and it made me laugh and laugh, so I’m sharing it here. I might need a life.

“Iiiiiiiiii am the Staaaaaaaank of constant sorrowwwwwwww
I’ve seen no snuggles in my day.
Iiiiiiiiii bid fareweeeeeeeell to that old Boogiiiiiiiiiiee
The one who taaaaaaught me all ’bout rage.”

(“I taught her allllllll ’bout that Boogie rage.”)

Good ol’ Mister Boogers. I can’t believe he’s been gone for over two years now!

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In the comments to Thursday’s post, Catherine said:

I didn’t know you had a daughter!! How many children do you have?! Do tell!

And I thought WELL. Obviously SOMEONE hasn’t read my “about me” page! Then I went and looked at my “about me” page, and uh yeah. I didn’t actually mention her on that page! (I’ve since edited the page!)

Her nom de ‘net has been “the spud” (or just “Spud”) for years (to protect her identity when she was much younger), but her real name is Danielle*. She’ll turn 23 in exactly one month, and she is my only child. She’s from my first marriage, which ended in 1996 after 8 years of marriage. She graduated from high school in 2007, and moved to Rhode Island to go to school. She lives with her father and stepmother, she’s a manager at a fast food restaurant, and she occasionally attends college classes. She’s a good kid, and we text a lot. I get to see her about once a year. She’s only been back to Alabama once since she left, but she’ll be visiting next Spring when her best friend gets married.

She looked like this:

Spud21 Spud5 10DaniXmas2

Spud20 26023 Spud11

SpudHomecoming Spud4 22GradRobyn

And now she looks very much like this (though she doesn’t really spend all that much time kissing dogs) :

2009-01-13 (10)

When I want to amuse her (okay, and ME) I post this on her Facebook wall.

YouTube link

So there you go, there’s the 411 on my daughter!

*She was “Dani” when she was a very little girl, but she hit that mind-of-her-own stage and decided that Dani was a boy’s name, so everyone had to call her Danielle. Then, many years later, she reverted to Dani and that’s what her friends and her father and stepmother call her, but by then I’d called her Danielle for so long that it was pretty much impossible to switch back. This is why your friend Pat’s mother calls her Patricia, I just about guarantee it.

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Update on Coriander and Ciara! No pictures, but one of the Saturday adoption counselors reports:

The girls are doing great. The mother & sister (and 2 year old nephew) of their new mom came by Petsmart today. The extended family thinks the girls are the greatest cats in the world. They are getting along with the Lab and Coriander runs to the door with the dog when their humans get home. Coriander likes to play soccer with her ball and the girls take up the whole sofa

I can absolutely see Cori racing to the door with the dog when their humans get home. How CUTE is that?!

I love hearing that my girls are happy. And just so y’all remember what they look like, here’s one of my favorite pictures of Cori:

2011-05-27 (20)

And I just love this one of Ciara:

2011-07-15 (8)

I love SO MUCH that those two went to their forever home together. I love that Ciara was Maggie’s only girl, she had ALL those brothers, but she ended up with a forever sister anyway!

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In the last few days, when we go into the guest bedroom to hang out with Charlie and Patty, they do their level best to get out the door. This is normal kitten behavior, of course, but new behavior for these two. They’re easy enough to catch – or stop from escaping the room – but I had stuff in my hands Saturday evening and before I could stop him, Charlie went marching out the door and down the hall to sniff wildly around the living room before Fred scooped him up and returned him to his sister.

For a very short period of time yesterday, Fred took first Patty and then Charlie up to see how they’d react to the Peppers Gang. Both kittens were interested but intimidated by the bigger kittens, and after a little while Charlie went into the closet and hid behind the door. Patty hid, too, and watched them play. The big kittens hissed and growled at the little ones and then ignored them.

After that, Charlie and Patty didn’t try to get out of the guest bedroom. I guess now that they know those BIG SCARY KITTENS are out there somewhere, the guest bedroom isn’t so bad!

2011-09-26 (1)
Pretty Patty Peppers.

2011-09-26 (2)

2011-09-26 (3)

2011-09-26 (4)
Charlie Peppers, the little poser.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When the feather teaser comes out, Everett gets…

2011-09-26 (5)
Oh, what’s the word…

2011-09-26 (6)
..it’s on the tip of my tongue…

2011-09-26 (7)
…it’ll come to me…

2011-09-26 (8)
“dramatic” isn’t it…

2011-09-26 (9)
“grabby” doesn’t quite cover it…

2011-09-26 (10)
..what’s the word?…

2011-09-26 (11)
FLAILY. That’s the word. He totally gets all flaily, with his claws flying.

2011-09-26 (12)
What? Flaily IS SO a word!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-09-26 (13)
“Hey, you little whippersnappers! Get off my lawn!”
Old man Spanky keeps on rollin’. He just turned 15 on the 15th. Looks good for an old guy, doesn’t he?


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9-26-11 — 17 Comments

  1. Great to learn more about your daughter; I now miss Mister Boogers; Spanky looks in SUPERB shape; the Peppers 2.0 are so cute; Everett is flaily; but surely Harlan’s giant paws are the secret stars of this post.

  2. One would never ever guess that Spanky is 15,wow!He looks amazing.

    Today is a special day for me, my youngest two (the brother and sister Stanley and Ponchos) turn 1 today!

  3. The other reason Moms know the whole name is for when they bring out the entire name First, Middle, and Last in the “Mom Voice” when you are in real trouble!

  4. Holy crap, those are some claws. Harlan looks like he’s pulling a Keanu Reeves: “Duuude….”

  5. Spanky doesn’t look a DAY over 8 years. He’s just six months younger than my venerable lady and she doesn’t look anything but more beautiful every day.

  6. Awwww, Cori, Ciara and a friendly lab… how adorable can you get! I can totally picture Cori running to the door with the labbydog… sigh, and now I wish I had a Cori to snuggle with my big fluffy yellow labby. Alas.

    I admit I was surprised to learn you have a daughter too. I read the bit in the earlier post about her and went… wait, a kid? Since when? Now I am sufficiently clued in. 🙂

  7. Robyn, your daughter is lovely! And Charlie and Patty Peppers — wow, are they ever looking good!!! You did it, you nursed ’em right into supreme cuteness 🙂

    Kerry – you’re so right!! I didn’t even notice because I was too busy looking at Everett’s flailing claws, but now that you mention it — Harlan’s paws indeed!

  8. Awww, Mister Booger looks a bit like my Chanie (male, despite the name, long story). Chanie has a bit more white and his hair is longer though.

    Like HeidiK said, your daughter is lovely. She looks a lot like you! Does she read your blog?

    Oh and Charlie and Patty are both so cute! I just realized this morning how much they look better now than when you got them! I knew they were doing better, but it hit me this morning.

    • And I’ve just checked Charlie and Patty’s page, and tears came to my eyes when I saw again how bad they looked. Poor little darlings!

  9. Everett looks like a Frankenstein kitty in that last shot! Someone needs his claws clipped (and glad I don’t have to do it!)

  10. Wow! Mr. Booger sure does have a Loony Jake expression. (Or would it be the other way around?) Two years, wow. I think that was one of the first posts I read on this blog.

    For some reason, I just want to kiss Everett’s flaily paws.