“Believe it or not! I’m walking on air! I never thought I could feel so free-hee-hee! Flying away! On a wing and a prayer!
Who could it be?! Believe it or not it’s just meeeeeeeeeee!”

“You just talk to the paw, you hear me? TALK TO THE PAW. I’ve been sitting in line waiting for the snuggles for A REALLY LONG TIME, and if you think you’re just going to scoot in line and be all ‘Oh, I’m so cute! I’m all orange and fluffy! Don’t you want to cuddle me?’, you are very mistaken, Mister. VERY mistaken. Those snuggles have MY name all over them, so you just back off!”

“Is it snackin’ time yet?”

The kittens are doing well. They run around and around and around that kitten room so hard, I swear one day they’re going to come right through the floor. And they’ve gotten MEAN in the last week. They used to just climb on me and cuddle and purr, and now I go in, and they’re biting my toes, they’re climbing up my back, they’re eating my hair. I swear, they scratch me so much with those sharp little claws, I walk out of there, I look like I’ve been in a knife fight.

They’re lucky they’re cute and have big ol’ potbellies. Who can resist a kitten with a potbelly? Not I.


“Iiiiiiiiii am the Staaaaaaaank of constant sorrowwwwwwww
I’ve seen no snuggles in my day.
Iiiiiiiiii bid fareweeeeeeeell to that old Boogiiiiiiiiiiee
The one who taaaaaaught me all ’bout rage.”

(“I taught her allllllll ’bout that Boogie rage.”)


“Tommy-o? Wherefore art thou, my Tommy-o?”
Please note that the peachy-pink on her ears matches the laundry room wall nicely. Cats should always complement the decor. It makes for a cozier home environment.


2006: I called Fred to tell him about it, and ended up laughing so hard I was crying and he couldn’t understand what I was saying.
2005: And that’s the state of things in Kittenville.

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