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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2011-09-29 (1)
Morning Glory in the rain (LOVE these flowers!)

2011-09-29 (2)
I think I’ll be pulling up tomato plants this weekend. The green tomatoes look gorgeous, but they split (or get eaten by worms) before they can ripen – and the ones that ripen are really bland. On the up side, I’ll have a ton of green tomatoes to freeze, to make green tomato chili this winter!

2011-09-29 (3)
Carrots have finally popped up – took them 10 days to germinate, I’d about given up hope. (I really should have planted them three weeks earlier, but I just couldn’t get motivated!)

2011-09-29 (4)
Of the 30+ cabbage seeds I planted, I ended up with 10 regular cabbage and 5 Chinese cabbage. I don’t know how we’ll eat alllll that cabbage (and that’s assuming we actually get full-sized heads, which you can never assume here at Crooked Acres. We haven’t had much luck with cabbage, but that doesn’t stop me from trying!)

2011-09-29 (5)
The catnip is happy. Next year, I’m planting it in the BIG raised bed. You can never have enough catnip. (On a side note, I read that you can make tea from catnip leaves. What I wonder is, do you then walk around with catnip breath and the cats following you around trying to climb into your mouth? Anyone know?)

2011-09-29 (6)
Chickens looooove watermelon.

2011-09-29 (7)
A lot!

2011-09-29 (15)
I was focusing on the chicken on the log and didn’t realize that the pigs were posing prettily in the background!

2011-09-29 (8)
Pretty little chick.

2011-09-29 (10)
Mama hen and babies.

2011-09-29 (11)
Another mama hen (and one of her babies in the background).

2011-09-29 (13)
Pretty little hen.

2011-09-29 (9)
It is absolutely amazing, how fast these ducks are growing!

2011-09-29 (12)
I love the white at the tips of their wings. Still no idea on the sex of any of them.

2011-09-29 (14)
Considering his/ her next move (the other three were just off-camera).

2011-09-29 (18)
I’m not sure what Gracie was looking at, here, but it certainly had her attention!

2011-09-29 (19)

2011-09-29 (20)
George enjoyed his evening snack.

2011-09-29 (21)

2011-09-29 (22)
Time for the nightly ear rub. If dogs could purr, that’s what he’d be doing.

2011-09-29 (16)
Checking for cookies.

2011-09-29 (17)
“If I smile at you, will you give us cookies?” (Answer: NO. They’d already had their cookies!)

And, some sounds from Crooked Acres – whenever we walk out to the back forty, the chickens know they’re very likely going to get some scratch, so they come running from all over. (Special appearance by George, who hopes there’ll be a snack for him, too.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Guess whose turn it is to attempt to get the feather teaser THIS time?

2011-09-29 (28)
Patty looks like she’s thinking “Why, that’s simply AMAZIN’!”

2011-09-29 (27)
So close!

2011-09-29 (26)
Taking a break to show off their pretty eyes.

2011-09-29 (25)
Be vewwy vewwy quiet. He’s huntin’ wabbits.

2011-09-29 (24)

2011-09-29 (23)
It looks like he snagged a fuzzy blue ball that he’s juggling, but that’s actually laying on the floor a few feet away.

I swear, Patty DOES do more than just sit around and watch what Charlie’s doing, I swear she does. But sometimes she just can’t take her eyes off him, I guess!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-09-29 (29)
I love Everett’s brown-orange eyes.

2011-09-29 (30)
Molly loves her belly rubs.

2011-09-29 (31)
Three-way fighting (l to r: Sally, Everett, Harlan)

2011-09-29 (32)

2011-09-29 (33)
Lucy and Molly partake of some refreshing cool water.

2011-09-29 (34)
Harlan relaxes.

2011-09-29 (35)
Lucy keeps an eye on things.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-09-29 (36)
Stinkerbelle, atop the kitchen cabinets, keeping an eye on Buster.


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9-29-11 — 18 Comments

  1. Watch out, Corbie, Harlan is looking to steal your thunder! As always, thanks for the scenes from Paradise, Robyn.

  2. You have a pretty calm flock there, Robyn! The flock I tended had a lot more fighting. They didn’t have as much room – or watermelon – so maybe that’s it. They also didn’t have George and Gracie for entertainment! 🙂

    I’m still glad to see how healthy Patty and Charlie are. And of course the Peppers are lithe and lovely!

    Keep up all the good work and thanks again for your great blog!!

  3. I bought the ceramic pet fountain that you linked to a few months ago. My cats love it. I love it too – the two pieces clean so much easier than the plastic.

  4. I am so happy to see how much healthier the baby kittens look. You have done a wonderful job with them.

  5. Oh now that I have seen Stinkerbelle, I will be singing “Stank of Constant Sorrow” AGAIN all day…thanks! 😉

  6. Please link the fountain again? Or just give me the name. Does it have ‘pool’ at the top and then cascade down? Is it easy to clean? I am sorry I have not paid attention to it before…

  7. Enjoyed the sights from Crooked Acres!
    As to catnip tea, the cats will be after the tea leaves, not so much your breath! In fact, good luck getting them dry and stashed before they’re found and scarfed!! We used to give catnip herb capsules to one daughter to calm her, as she had an overactive fidget gland. It would work like a charm, specially before having to sit still anywhere. The worst cat “battle” I’d ever seen between the 2 cats we had when the kids were little, was over the foil inner seal to that catnip herb bottle!! It involved hissing and growling and otherwise these cats were pals. We’ve had herbal tea bags since then that had catnip leaves in the mix, and I think one of the cats had sniffed at the used bag in the trash, but otherwise as long as they were out of reach it was no problem.

  8. I can’t get over how healthy Charlie and Patty look! (Not that I expected anything different–TLC is the standard of care at Crooked Acres.) They look so soft and silky.

    Harlan looks like a full-grown cat close up. Reminds me of Dorothy when she was still very wee. She looked like a big girl but she was still really small.

    Man, I wish I could have some ducks. They don’t allow them in the city, but they do allow chickens (3 total). I would only get two and use them for eggs since I’m a vegetarian (ovo-lacto, obviously). Of course, I would have to build a coop, etc. That would be something. They wouldn’t be able to roam free, though, because there are dogs in the neighborhood. (A vicious Rottie lives right across the back alley from me. I’m always afraid he’ll jump the fence and attack me while I’m taking the trash to the dumpster.) So I’d have to build them a nice chicken run. Don’t you love my stream-of consciousness pondering…? OMG, and the CATS would LOVE to sit in the windows watching them.

    OK, I’m done now. 🙂

  9. Oh my, When I saw that beautiful picture of Harlan, I was sure it was our weekly reminder how gorgeous Corbie is, until I saw the caption…. Harlan really has started looking EXACTLY like Mr. Handsome (Corbett).

  10. I think your duckies may all be female. They all look like what female mallards look like.

    I tried a live catnip plant once, but the cats ignored it and any fresh leaves I pulled off. The also REALLY don’t like the catnip-scented bubbles.

    Also, this is from a long time ago, but I think if I were pregnant and my OB/GYN told me to get rid of my cats, I’d get a new doctor.

  11. I never knew you could make catnip tea but then again I never knew you could have nettle tea (which is ok – tastes like boiled cabbages though!LOL!)

    LOVE all your sight and sounds at crooked acres – ducks, chickens, piggies, George and Gracie – beautiful!

    The Peppers are all bigger now aren’t they?!?! Awwwww!

    Stinkerbelle loves Buster!

    take care

  12. Ooh, I love morning glories too!!

    That first picture of Charlie looks exactly as if he was playing volleyball and waiting to bump the ball so the other team members can set and spike it!!

    Lately whenever I need a break/laugh I’ve been going to the postings with the leaping Peppers and laughing my fool head off at their antics… so much fun!

    Good to see the doggles and piggles and pretty chickens too 🙂 And the duckles! I love how they’re always in their pack of 4!

  13. Catnip tea is a wonderful thing. It tastes like a lemon mint and it is great for that insomnia when you just can’t relax. But yes, it does attract the cats. They get REALLY friendly when I’m drinking it. I usually give them some of their own so they leave me alone.

  14. I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now, and while I’ve loved every little foster, there is something about sweet Patty and Charlie that makes my eyes well with tears each time I see them. To see their round, full bellies after such a horrid start in life really moves me. I know you already know it, but it’s a fantastic thing that you do at Crooked Acres. Truly.

  15. i’ve been meaning to ask.. so who fathered all that chicks! heehee

    and boy that’s a lot of chickens!

  16. That morning glory is so pretty!

    Those ducklings sure grew up fast!

    Catnip tea — hmmm, interesting — i think next growing season I will try that

    All the peppers are getting sooooo big!