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Look who it is!

Teresa said: THIS is what he does to me when I walk around the house!!! FLOP ON my foot!!! OMG he makes me giggle always!!! He did this as I was just now trying to walk from laundry room to kitchen! Apparently it had been 30 seconds and it was time for MORE pettin’!!

I set the water dish down a second on way to the other room – and hmmm…
“Look, Pickles! Is my butt! My butt, Pickles, see?!” Ha.

Orlando doing his FLOP imitation… Pickles doing her EVIL eye imitation…

Isn’t it great to see that silly boy looking so relaxed and happy? I LOVE it!


I’d say this has to be the favorite track toy for this litter. They LOVE that toy sticking up, and spend a lot of time grabbing and biting it. That’s Trader Joe.

Trader Joe was minding his own business, and then all of a sudden PW was all “RAWR! I bite your butt!”

Trader Joe was all “ExCUSE me, you cannot go grabbing a mancat like that. That is rude and uncalled for, and I WON’T HAVE IT.”
PW knew that he was wrong, and he stared in silence at Trader Joe.

“He’s right, that was rude. I shouldn’t do that again.” (But you KNOW he did.)

Cap’n Trader Joe, sailin’ that track toy to shore.

PW check out Von’s biting skills.

Winn Dixie and the Open Mouth of Outrage (while Von smacks at PW’s ears and says “Let my sister go!”)

Trader Joe has the funniest expressions. He’s just a little nut, that one.

Winn Dixie’s face is cracking me up. She’s totally saying “You’re just completely insane, aren’t you?”

Von, with the Open Mouth of Outrage, is outraged by the way the mouse keeps moving back and forth and she can’t get hold of it.

“I give up. I need a nap, and this track toy is JUST the place for it!”

Videos! The first one is Von, Ralph, Trader Joe & Winn Dixie, racing around like the wild things they are.

YouTube link.

The second video is mostly Trader Joe, with some Winn Dixie, Von & Ralph thrown in.

YouTube link.

And the last is just in case you were wondering “Just where the heck is PW?” That boy is either go-go-go with the racing around, or he wants to be held and snuggled. You can hear him purring like crazy.

YouTube link.


Tommy loves the X scratcher.

I’m pretty sure he’d like me to go AWAY.


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10-1-14 — 18 Comments

  1. Miss Dixie is so expressive. Her look at Trader Joe is priceless. I can almost hear her saying “Bless your little heart

  2. You have several Biteys, but that little PW is sure a Fluffy McFlufferson! Such an adorable group!! Can’t wait to watch the videos when I get to my computer!

    • Oh the kitty train of tail biting in that first video… SO hilarious!! What a wrestling team you have there!!! Has to be constant giggling when you walk into that room, with some awwwww’s thrown in from the cuteness overload!

  3. When Trader Joe took the tumble off of the cat tree, you and I both went “oh/whoa!” at the same time! πŸ™‚

  4. our rescue has fuzzy kittens at the local Petco and I am so reminded of Von and Winn Dixie πŸ™‚ madness ensues….

    it really is a shame that Orlando isn’t relaxed in his new home

  5. Love the videos !!! I love the bouncing and boinging going on !! Are they a vocal bunch ?

    In the first video is that a mini kitty trampoline ???

    • No, they’re not very vocal at all – with the exception of when I walk into the room with a plate of food for them. Otherwise, they pretty much never meow.

      That’s not a trampoline, that’s a CatIt Elevated Bed. They love to get underneath it and smack at the other kittens as they go by. πŸ™‚

  6. Is there anything cuter/funnier than small kittens bouncing around?? love the videos!!
    Nice to see Orlando updates, too, of course.

  7. Really Teresa? You couldn’t be bothered to get a decent sized cat tree? ;-P

    I’ve said it before but while I maybe a cat lady, they can’t have bigger and more expensive furniture than me.

    I love the casual flop, the “oh, were you there?” attitude that covers up the “I need to physically touch you.”

    PW is such an instigator, if only his butt could cover his bark, or bites.

    • Hehe! Isn’t that tree awesome?! Got a great Woot.com deal w/free shipping a couple weeks ago – couldn’t resist! Orlando is SUCH a flopper! Everywhere! Thud! But my favorite flops are when they’re ON me like that! πŸ˜‰

  8. I need some trader joe in my life. It’s a good thing I live so far away because there is at least one kitten from each litter that I just have to have.

    • I know, or in a few cases, more than one.

      Especialy when you have some brothers who look like they should form a boy band like the Jonas brothers.