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Look look look who it is!

It’s Stompers!!!

Kristyn says: A new update! Not that a lot has changed, but I have cute pictures to share. As always, apologies for the quality. iPads are wonderful for many things, but photography is not their specialty. As you’ll see, Stompers loves clean laundry. Its his favorite place to sleep. All warm and fresh and clearly put out just for him. It always requires laying on his back too, for maximum enjoyment.

The picture on the couch is my favorite of this set. Earlier this year one of my sons fell and cracked his skull. It was a very scary time with us getting to know a pediatric neurosurgeon far better than I’d ever wanted. Thankfully he recovered 100% and is back to the antics of a 12yr old boy. But this picture was from his first day home from the hospital. Stompers, who usually sticks with me and let the boys’ cat take care of them, was glued to his side. The two cats actually seemed to work out some sort of napping schedule that made sure that child was never without some feline love and warmth. Stompers is pretty sure the recovery is entirely his doing.

And the last image, in the clear bin, was from this morning. Just before I got the shot, he was crouched in pounce mode watching his sister, Wisp. Pretty sure he thought she couldn’t see him from inside the magic box. But then he abruptly gave up and settled down. Probably decided she wasn’t worth giving up such a primo spot.

Thank you so much for the update, Kristyn! I just love seeing his sweet face again. 🙂


I love the snarky look on Ralph’s face. He knows that PW is there and that PW is prone to jumping and biting the other kittens, but he’s warning him that he better not even think about it.

Von reacts to the Paw o’ Doom with an awful lot of drama.

Ralph the Gorgeous, lookin’ for a snuggle.

Can you even STAND the floof on Trader Joe? (By the way, that’s a freckle alongside TJ’s nose, not crusty boogers. In case you were wondering.)

He is just SO squeezable.

Waiting for his next victim to come along.

And she did!

“You gots a tasty paw, Winn Dixie.”

Have I mentioned that they love this thing? SO much.

Little Miss Innocent. Yes, her front leg is in the box, all the way to the shoulder. I guess I’m lucky her head doesn’t fit in there, because she’d totally climb inside it, if she could.

Von and Trader Joe, posing for the camera. Awww.


This is what Newt does if he sees me walking across the yard. He runs to get in front of me and then throws himself to the ground.

Then he writhes around and waits for me to rub his belly (which, of course, I always do!)


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  1. The photo and story of Stompers with his boy is priceless – what a lucky family. Thank the Good Lord for your son’s recovery and the wonderful kitty care!

    Newt is a smart one!! 🙂

    That pic of Von and PW in full paw-attack – WOW you catch some awesome action!! LOL

  2. Cats are amazing creatures that way. They know. I still always love love love stories like that.

  3. I suffer from a strong case of “cute aggression” 😉 and want to squeeze those fuzzy babies for hours and hours! Maybe take a couple chomps out of that fuzz while I’m at it 🙂

    • I bite my tongue when I’m snuggling kittens so that I don’t SQUEEZE THEM TO DEATH, and I have given myself an annoying canker sore in the middle of my tongue. But at least I haven’t squeezed ’em to death!

      • I often tell my own kitties “You guys are so cute I want to PUT YOU IN MY MOUTH!!” I’m sure they frequently talk about how bonkers I am. 🙂

  4. GAAAAHH!! STOMPERS! Love getting updates of that sweet boy! He has such an adorably unique face that’s he’s immediately recognizable and I get all excited to see what he’s up to! That pic of him in his magic box is all kinds of cute!

    This batch of kittens just has a certain something. They are crazy, for sure… and their antic seem never-ending. Every photo tells a funny story and each of their personalities is larger than life. It’s so enjoyable to pop in every morning and get a laugh.

    I love the face on Newt in that first pic of him… it’s like “You’re gonna stop & pet me, right? I’m not rollin’ in the dirt for nothin’, right? RIIIGHT?”

  5. Could you do something to cut the cute on this batch of kitten? I can barely see anymore from my eyes reacting the the extreme amount of cute in this group. Seriously, that picture of Von and Trader Joe is damaging to my health.
    So happy to hear about Stompers and so very glad to hear Kristyn’s son fully recovered. I love that the kitties rallied round and took care of the boy in the way they know best. I love me some kitties.

  6. I seriously don’t know HOW I am even posting this as I am dead from the cuteness. The Stompers update was wonderful. Thank goodness he was there to save the boy!

  7. Awww Nurse Stompers is awesome!! Cats get a bad rap for being standoffish, but they really do know when their humans need them!

    PW and the Paw o’ Doom just cracked me up! I just love this fluffy, funny bunch!

    And Newt is a clever boy who knows how to get his tummy rubbed!

  8. Oh I’m back again after reading last year’s post… Whatever happened to the Basketball Hen and is Wanda still wanda-ing around or did her adventures get her in trouble?

  9. OMG – Stompers still has a little bit of that big eyed baby face going on. 🙂

    always amazing how snarky kittens can be…even at such a young age MOL

  10. had to add this when I went back and read 2013….I was in line at a Starbucks one mid-morning. lady in front of me had a HUGE Newfoundland in her car. she ordered her coffee and a small cup of whipped cream (yes, I could hear her order). she gets up to the window and I couldn’t hear but could tell from the interaction that they couldn’t figure out the whip cream request. her windows were pretty dark so she called the dog up and cracked a window. I though the Starbucks guy was gonna have a stroke when this huge head came out the car window (and it wasn’t a big car either). I laughed hysterically….

    • At least he didn’t put his head into the Starbucks window, that would’ve been great.

      Although I’m not sure any one should be drinking a pint of whipping cream, straight up. Even a big puppy.

      • I’m thinking it might have been a cup of already-whipped cream, thus the confusion on the part of the Starbucks workers.

        • Back when I was a teenager and working at McDonald’s, we’d occasionally have people come through the drive-thru and order just a hamburger patty for their dog. One day when I was working, a dog the size of a pony stuck his giant head through the drive-thru window and I just about fell over dead. He wanted his hamburger patty NOW. 🙂

          • When I was in college, my roommate and I went to the Dairy Queen drive-thru quite frequently. I had a dog at the time, and the Dairy Queen gave out dog biscuits at the drive-thru window. Bailey got to the point that he would stick his face out the window to get a treat every time. 🙂

  11. Our black and white tuxedo cat, Bodie, does the same thing as Newt. He will throw himself down in front of our feet when we are walking and want some attention. I’m always so afraid I will step in the middle of him! Love this batch of kittens. They are so gorgeous and floofy! Hope someone incredible gives them all a great home…just not too soon. I want to see their antics for many more weeks.

  12. *sigh* you have totally made my morning by Stomping all over it.. thank you.

    Doesn’t it just bug you when you have a kitten with a nose boogery looking freckle on the nose.. it drives me up the wall when they ‘develop’ one while they are growing, because I go to pick it and scrub at it before I realize it is part of the nose

  13. Hey Jillybean! I have a black and white tuxedo cat named Bode! I guess they are just so awesome that the world needed two of them 🙂

  14. Mercy! Stompers is just as adorable as ever. What a sweet sweet boy. Thank you for the update.

    I usually have one or two favorites out of every litter…but not this one. They are ALL phenomenal and I would never be able to choose. I would have to take the lot!! , ,

  15. So wonderful to see Stompers again! He’s such a gorgeous boy! Bless him for being such a caring nurse as well. Just adds to the perfect!

  16. Kristyn, like everyone else I’m glad that your son recovered. However let’s be honest, 12-yr old boy antics can be scary enough!

    Love how your cats took ‘shifts’ for coverage, although I’m guessing that at more than one point he was covered by multiple cats. Plural.

    Stompy still looks like a Precious Moments poster, doesn’t he?

    I bet Newt makes his floppage appear casual and coincidental, doesn’t he?

  17. Everyone always talks about how their cats are concerned and snuggle up to them when they are sick, but I’m pretty sure my cats could not care less when I am sick. Or else I’ve just never been sick enough for them to bother.

    “It’s just a cold, you’ll be fine. Now get up and feed us.”

  18. So sweet to see Baby Stompers face!

    Looks like Ralph and TJ are gonna keep those gorgeous blue eyes. What handsome kittehs.