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I just saw this and thought of your poor chickens. Out in the cold every day with no scarf!

I’m trying to imagine how the chickens would react if we tried to put scarves on them. I suspect it wouldn’t be pretty!


Love the videos !!! I love the bouncing and boinging going on !! Are they a vocal bunch ?

In the first video is that a mini kitty trampoline ???

No, they’re not very vocal at all – with the exception of when I walk into the room with a plate of food for them. Otherwise, they pretty much never meow.

That’s not a trampoline, that’s a CatIt Elevated Bed. They love to get underneath it and smack at the other kittens as they go by.


That last picture of PW and Ralph?TJ? reminds me so much of that CLASSIC picture you took of another orange foster leaping into a buttbite — I can’t remember which foster it was, but he’s older than this litter, and he’s stretched out to the fullest so you can see his beautiful tabby markings — I may have to spend the afternoon surfing your Flickr page to find it!

That’s Ralph that PW is gleefully leaping after. And the picture you’re thinking of has got to be this one, I knew it immediately from your description:

That’s Peyton in mid-leap, going after his sister, Jesikat. They’re both from the KATG 2 litter, from way back in October 2007.


Is that an Open Mouth of Outrage on Von in pic #3?

It could be – but I think she was actually trying to bite Ralph’s tail, which was directly in front of her in the second before I took the picture.


Where did you get those waterproof pads? I would like to get some for my furniture!

I got them at Amazon – these are the ones I have on the couch and recliners. They aren’t cheap, but they are 100% worth it! I actually dyed them – they come in white – and they’ve faded over time.


You know, Mr. Piggly Wiggly looks an awful like the Stompers in that picture.


PW is looking very “Stomper-esque” in his second photo!!

He does have moments when he looks quite Stompers-esque, and like I said, he has that same sweet, snuggly personality, too.


Oh I’m back again after reading last year’s post… Whatever happened to the Basketball Hen and is Wanda still wanda-ing around or did her adventures get her in trouble?

Basketball Hen slowed down, and then slowed down some more, and then it was pretty clear that there was something wrong with her, so Fred processed her*.

Wanda just stopped coming over the fence, and spends all her time with the rest of the flock. I’m not sure if something happened to scare her into no longer wandering or if she gained weight and just couldn’t get over the fence or something else altogether. I kind of miss seeing her wandering around out there.

*I know how awful that sounds “Oh, you’re not feeling well? Off with your head!”, but… well, you guys know we eat our chickens, so. It’s not like we’d do the same with a cat** or George or Gracie.

**Except maybe Stinkerbelle.***



Oh – on the chart…. How about ‘favorite spot to pet’ ?? Of course Stinkerbelle’s would be ‘the OTHER cats’… but for me, I know Orlando lurves his chin the most, while Pickles loves at the base of her ears the most… And I love to watch them both MELT when I hit those spots! lol



PW seems to be a great big bully.

You know, he was a singleton for a little while, and I think it’s been hard for him to know how to properly play with other kittens his own age. He’s getting the hang of it, but he can tend to be a little overly rambunctious with them sometimes. They’re learning how to stand up for themselves and he’s learning how to back off, so it’s working out. I even caught them all snuggled up in a pile yesterday for the first time, whereas up ’til now it’s been him off by himself sleeping.


Von and the Open Mouth of Outrage as she calls for someone to protect her from PW.

Trader Joe is all “Hey, what’s going on over there?”

And jumps in to help his sister.

I love this picture so much. Any picture of a kitten with an open mouth is aces with me.

I feel like he looks very Stompers-ish here.

Ralph is all “I SEE YOU BACK THERE FOLLOWING ME. Don’t get any bright ideas!”

Winn Dixie trying on her Floof Suit.

It’s a rough life for a wee kitty.

Winn Dixie is all “What? I’m not doing anything!”

Ralph totally looks like he’s a mechanic sliding out to tell you that the floopleheimer is shot, and it’s going to be EXPENSIVE. Floopleheimers aren’t cheap, y’know!

Trader Joe and his slightly askew eyes.

Winn Dixie and the FANGS (would be an excellent band name.)

Gorgeous girl.

“Hey, lady. Am having quiet time under the scratcher. You go ‘way.”

Yeah, yeah, Von. You can Open Mouth of Outrage me all you want, but we all know you love a good ear rub.


Maxi waits impatiently for me to let her into the garage.


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  1. Oh my goodness, this litter! So fluffy and full of personality! “I bites your butt” is my favorite thing they do.

    And HAHAHAHA at the chart of cats. I particularly love the entry for Stinkerbelle (oh, that lucky creature! Who else would tolerate owning her??) and the best thing about Stefan.

  2. OKAY. In all seriousness now. Your blog is becoming dangerous. I just choked on my bagel upon reading about the “floopleheimer”. Now there needs to be a disclaimer at the top of the page warning people not to eat whilst reading your captions.

    I also love Von’s misdirected Open Mouth of Outrage. It’s like she’s so used to being pounced on by her siblings that it’s her immediate reaction to being touched now… did it take her a second to realize it wasn’t a Bad Touch and enjoy the scritches?

    • I also snorted at “floopleheimer” (although I read it as flopenheimer. I hope you use that for the little blurb for the link to this post!

      • Also – I just read the link from 2013, and you’re talking about another Beans litter – you could add Francis to that list (I’m sure you know, but Francis Bean is Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love’s daughter – that’s her first and middle name).

    • Totally agree. My eyes don’t work anymore from the exposure to the cute. I mentioned this yesterday but the blogger has apparently chosen to ignore my plight and keeps posting pictures of beyond cute kitties.

    • Oh, she was already enjoying it – she just wanted me to think she wasn’t, because she’s a brat like that. 😉

  3. Floopleheimer! BAHAHAHA!!! Great pics today.
    Oh question-since I know you like to consider your kittens well-read, when Winn-Dixie is old enough and knows all her letters and sounds and things, she should read “Because Of Winn-Dixie”. It’s about a dog but she can just replace the word dog with cat every time. It’s a cute story.

  4. OMC the next time I take my 17 year old car into the garage I’m going to tell the guys it’s the floopleheimer acting up!!! They’re use to me making strange noises to describe my car problems anyway, so they’ll probably just roll with it. But these are the wonderful guys who took my car apart the day my 6 week old, 1 pound Jinx was rescued out of the middle of a downtown street and then once in my car, crawled up into the dashboard and refused to come out! And they didn’t charge me a dime because, as the owner Wayne said, they love their animals, too! 😀

    Too bad about Basketball Hen, but I was afraid that might have happened. But with her curved shape, where you later able to identify her when she came back from Freezer Camp? (Morbid curiosity, I know!)

    • She went right into the stewpot, actually! She didn’t look that different to me, but I also didn’t look that closely.

  5. LOVE all of the pix – but the tag-team on PW cracks me up!!! And the floopleheimer – looks like Von was there to give a 2nd opinion… 🙂

    Great updates on the chart – that is TOO funny!!

  6. That chart is hilarious! I laughed out loud when I read about Sugarbutt’s annoying napalm spewing tooshie. My Gandalf (RIP! gone a month today *sniff*) used to drop these lethal gas bombs that would make flowers in the next yard over wilt. Then he had to announce it to world that he took a big dump (can I say that?!)! Meow at the top of his lungs, get the zoomies, then go back for a sniff. All class, my Gandalf.

    Stinkerbelle…must be a fun road trip taking her to the vet!