10-4-14 – Roundup — 11 Comments

  1. Knucklesammich, hee hee!

    That picture of Winn Dixie posing like a supermodel makes me think of a little kid sitting at those old wooden desks we had at school. Listening attentively…

  2. Trader Joe is SO GORGEOUS, and matches my current pets AND decor. I may have to plan a trip south…..

  3. If there are more kittens in the litter with Off Kilter and Askew, there’s always that fine old southern word “cattywumpus.” Although it would take a special kitten to carry that name off with aplomb.

  4. Thank you so much, Robyn, for the Saturday roundups! It’s like getting a second helping of dessert when there’s an L&H post over the weekend. Gosh, these kittens could not be cuter or more entertaining. Couldn’t you arrange a “meet & greet” for us, your loyal fans?

  5. And Trader Joe is getting in on the floof act? He’s going to end up a very handsome man-cat.

    Signed, a sucker for floofy cats.

  6. Robyn, do you have an Undercover Mouse? Queenie and I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it. The best part from my point of view is that you can walk away and leave it to entertain the cat while you do other things. The best part from Queenie’s point of view is that when you sit on it so it can’t whiz round, it makes little angry struggling noises like it’s being tortured.

    In our house it’s the best cat toy since the plastic tunnel!