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Oh Adriana, poor sweet Fluff-headed monkey. She just cannot figure out how to get IN the crate. I finally had to pick her up and put her in there, and then she was all “Oh, I knew that! I was just testing you!”

Miss Meadow needs a kiss.

Look how casually Livia’s pushing Paulie Walnuts away. “Juuuust rubbing my face on the track toy… ::boot::”

But Paulie Walnuts is no dummy – he’s figured out how to get around this particular maneuver. Livia’s all “How’d he…?”

Carmela reminds me so much of Razzie from the Nominees.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of them; Carmela’s on the left, Razzie on the right.

Obviously Razzie was a bit older in her picture. Also, Razzie only had a short little stub of a tail whereas Carmela has a whole tail (it’s tucked under her). Also, Carmela’s more gray than Razzie. But I still see a resemblance.

Meadow and my foot.

(Seeing the LL Bean name on my sock reminds me that I need to have another litter of Beans so that I can name one of them Leon Leonwood and another one Linda Lorraine.)

That’s Paulie Walnuts’ “I’ve gotta potty!” face.

Meadow and the curved scratcher. That scratcher is popular with every kitten I’ve ever fostered.

Livia and the whole litter. Left to right: Tony, Carmela, Adriana, Paulie Walnuts, Meadow, Dr. Melfi, and Silvio (who wasn’t actually nursing; he was trying to figure out his next move.)


Joe Bob, the sweetest boy ever. He LOVES his humans. He’ll lay there and give me the Love Eyes all day long.


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10-3-13 — 20 Comments

  1. Livia is well named, although since I have never watched the show, I always think of her as the Imperial Empress Livia wife of Augusts, Mother of Tiberius and made famous for the modern age as the grandmother of “I Claudius”

    Livia was considered even in her life time to be a stern but ambitious mother who directed the lives of her off-spring and their off-spring with an iron will. No unneeded and redundant cuddles or indulgences, just the required amount of proper care and attention for the next generation of Upright Roman Citizens.

    Livia the Momma Cat seems to have a similar personality – she loves her babies and gives them just what they need, but she has her own Imperial Career to think about too!

    Hint, some Mother Cats between six and eight weeks decide that “I never, ever made kittens, your grown now time to be weaned and on your way-childhood has now ended!”

    I don’t know if Livia will do this but ferals who have had several litters are more prone to it (its survival, they often have another litter on the way in a few weeks to care for).

    Other Mom’s just wean the older litter but them hang out with Mom and form a colony – I don’t know if Livia will want to rule on her own or prefer to continue over-seeing the royal family.

    Of course if she and one baby are adopted together they will probably be friends for life anyway.

  2. Hi, Robyn,
    I’m one of your long time readers and I believe I have posted only once before. But this morning, I was looking at amazon and checking out the top science fiction reads on kindle and one of Fred’s books is currently number 4! I got so excited! Congratulations! Even though I don’t really know you or Fred, I feel like I do. 🙂


  3. I love the picture of the whole litter and mama Livia together. Looks like Livia has entered some sort of zen meditation state! With that many kittens latched on, I can’t say I blame her for trying to get some relaxation in.

  4. Aww Razzie…thanks for that Robyn. Also, Meadow is just so cute. I have to admit though that I’ve renamed this litter for myself. The Halloween names are what I used and she is Trixie to me.

  5. The tails!! The wee tails!!!

    I predict we will see that shot of Livia and all her kits on some other website!! Cute Overload, one of them.

  6. You’ve had such awesome variety packs of kittens this year! This is a gorgeous bunch.

    Also, I may be late to the party on this, but I just found out that Maru now has a little sister, Hana! Check out lovemeow.com for super cute photos and video.

  7. Question Robyn, when you see this sea of fuzzy, furry little faces and teeny feet, how do you decide who to kiss first?

  8. Hi Robyn and readers,
    Has anyone had any experience with using a catbib? (http://catgoods.com) Specifically for preventing the catching of chipmunks, birds don’t seem to be a problem. I live in CT and we have stone walls along the property–it’s chipmunk heaven. I’ve been trying to keep my kitty in as much as possible, but I’ve also got two new kittens and the older one gets kind of aggressive if she doesn’t get an hour or so of outdoor time. She hasn’t killed any that I know of, but she brings them to the back door and if I don’t realize that she has one in her mouth, I suddenly have a frightened chipmunk running around the house.