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Have you noticed that most of Trader Joe’s whiskers have been chewed off? I had to do some investigative work, and found that except for PW (and I don’t expect him to be the culprit, since Trader Joe’s whiskers were stubby when I got him), the only kitten without any whiskers chewed off is… Any guesses?

“What can I say? Whiskers is tasty!” Ralph’s the culprit. Trader Joe’s whiskers must be the most tasty, but the girls are each sporting a few stubby whiskers, too.

Remember how a couple of years ago I went out and gathered up the dog fur after Fred brushed George and Gracie, and then I stuffed it all into a pillowcase and ran it through the washer? The resultant tangle of dog hair is still kicking around, and every batch of kittens loves it just as much as the ones before.

PW, trying to figure out the track toy.

Von’s all “OMG, you GUYS! There’s a window to another room, and the MOST BEAUTIFUL CAT EVER is in there!”

“UM. I’m pretty sure the most beautiful cat ever is RIGHT IN THIS ROOM WITH YOU.”

Winn Dixie is a climber. On the good side, if I wear shorts into the room, she doesn’t try to climb bare skin, for which I am grateful!

After a strenuous climb up my leg, Winn Dixie needed a long nap.

Trader Joe and Winn Dixie. Hangin’ out, bein’ floofy.


Grandma Poo, coming to see what’s up and wanting to know WHY I am not petting her. (I did. When Miz Poo wants petting, you put that camera down and pet her!)


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9-29-14 — 33 Comments

  1. I’m confused about their names still, who is who/whom?, but those first two light kitties are GORGEOUS!! And I can’t get over the floof on the orange kitty!! And the last picture with the brown kitty and the light kitty, the angle of the brown kitty’s head makes him look like he has Don King hair!! Such a pretty litter of kittehs!!

    • Here’s what I’ve got. Robyn help me out if I’m wrong!

      — The floofybutt ginger is Piggly Wiggly or PW.
      — The two light ones are Ralph and Trader Joe; Ralph has darker stripes on his front legs, Trade Joe doesn’t. Trader Joe also has a pink nose with a brown splotch on it, while Ralph’s is all brown.
      All three are boys.
      — The floofybutt tabbies are both girls — Von and Winn Dixie. Von’s got a white bib and white feet, while Winn Dixie’s white is confined to mouth and neck.

  2. Isn’t chewing off your sibling’s whiskers a dominance thing? Maybe I’m on the short side on sleep this morning but I seem to remember reading that someplace.

  3. I love to start the day with a coffee and pictures of beautiful kittens!
    Today I get the bonus of seeing Miz Poo, my favorite cat of all!! πŸ™‚

  4. I know all kitties are beautiful but honest to dog Robyn, this group is unbelievably beautiful. I am very partial to colorpoints like Siamese and Birmans. And I love me some fluffy tabby action. And of course the marmy tabbies I love as well. And I envy those with Tuxie babkies, but wow, these babies are stunning. If the blue eyes on the meezer/birman/ragdoll babies sticks they will be stunning adults and will be adopted in approximately 3 seconds. That will leave the tabby action for me. Beautiful photos you took there Robyn.

  5. Have you ever had a kitten climb up *inside* your pant leg? OMG! I couldn’t get him out and I couldn’t get my pants off because it was so tight with him in there. Husband and kids were no help as they were all on the floor laughing.

    That was a long time ago and I never had one try it again, thank god!!

  6. This has just got to be the most adorable, and floofiest, batch of kittens ever! Even sans whiskers, your photo of Trader Joe is gorgeous! Very much loving these grocer cats.

    • I’m loving them, too – I worry that I’m going to bite my tongue clean off, because I tend to bite my tongue while I’m snuggling them!

  7. I always love your pictures, but that one of WD climbing your leg is quite eye-catching, and even more stunning when viewed on Flickr — it would make an excellent computer wallpaper. I sent the Flickr link to that photo to a couple of my coworkers and now there’s a small crowd gathered in one cubicle, oohing and aahing over your photos!

  8. I start every morning by reading the current post, then going to the Previously. 2005 (Nas. Tay) had me falling off my chair. Someone recently mentioned you should right a book. They are SO RIGHT!
    Thanks again for all you do (and for the entertainment you provide in the process :))

  9. well aren’t these some horribly photogenic kittens!!

    I know whisker chomping is common among kittens, but I also wonder if there isn’t some nutritional deficiency thing going on there too..

    • You know, I kind of wondered that same thing – I’ve asked Google, but either I’m asking the wrong way, or Google doesn’t know!

  10. You know, Mr. Piggly Wiggly looks an awful like the Stompers in that picture.

    Look at that fuzz!

    LOL, my 16-year old Atticus, (who has NO concept of personal space and is pretty sure I should be lucky to be allowed to sit on this recliner), just pawed my laptop screen as I came to Miz Poo! I think my Old Man is smitten…