9-27-14 – Roundup — 11 Comments

  1. Between today’s fab roundup and an equally winning 2013 — along with following the Ryder Cup online — Heaven is definitely a place on Earth!

  2. Thanks for the roundup! I don’t do facebook, so this is a real treat (besides a Saturday post, of course)!

  3. Always appreciate the Saturday posts, Robyn. Since L&H is such an integral part of my mornings, the weekends are hard without a L&H dose. And since I’m not a big FB person, I’m so grateful that you decided to do these roundups!

    These kittens are cute and hilarious! I love love love them and all their bitey outrage.

  4. Hallo Innernets !!!

    Robyn you really need to think about publishing a book !!! Most of the work is done with all your amazing photos and captions. I’m sure Fred could help with all the business stuff since he is experienced this. It would be a great way to make some extra money. Think of how many more people in the world that could experience the fabulousness of Robyn & Fred and the Crooked Acres Crew !!!!!

  5. That first photo of Ralph makes it look like he has something across the bridge of his nose, like a nasal strip or something.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the hashtag #OpenMouthOfOutrage and if I ever get a phone that has more space on it and kittens that will sit still for half a second with an open mouth, I’m so using it

  6. This is awesome, thanks for the instagram roundup! I second the idea of a book, your photos plus captions are great fun and always have me chortling. 😀