9-27-12 – Crooked Acres Thursday

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

If you’ve ever wondered if chickens can fly, please check out that hen in the middle of the picture. She must be about three feet off the ground. When they’re a good distance away from the coop and they see us coming, they get VERY excited, start running at full speed while flapping their wings, and some of them actually lift off. The lighter they are, the higher they go – I’ve seen the white Silkie (Angry Muppet) fly for thirty feet or so.

The male ducks appear to be molting.

I’m sure I’ve only mentioned it 100 times before – the girl ducks are SO much prettier than the males, in my opinion.

That panel in front of Pink Pig is 8 feet long, as a size reference.

He’s such a poser.

“You tawkin’ ’bout me?”

George, unimpressed.

Young rooster. I wonder who his father could possibly be?

“Um. What?”

He’s a fine figure of a man, no?

I love her markings.

Another young rooster. The back forty is lousy with ’em.

Jalapeno jelly on the left, Strawberry-Jalapeno on the right.

This spider set up her web on the outside of one of the guest bedroom windows. Every time I look at her, she’s wrapping up another fly. As far as I’m concerned, she can stay forEVER.

Ladybug and baby ladybug.

Spider Lily! I always forget these pop up every year, so I’m taken by surprise every Fall.

Okra flower.

Morning Glory with visitor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Magoo is all “This is MY grocery bag to bite! You keep away!”

Percy and the giant okra pod.

Petey is just the prettiest boy. And so SWEET. I love him to death.

Please note that Elwood is very carefully NOT looking at Dandelion.

“What kitten? I don’t see any little white kitten with a humped-up back giving me the threatening eyes. Nope, I don’t see any such thing.”

Dandelion isn’t sure what to think about THAT.

Percy up top, Polly down low.

Polly, hopping up to investigate.

Then Percy was like ::CHOMP::, and as many times as I’ve seen Polly biting Percy, I’m pretty sure she deserved this.

Doesn’t seem too disturbed, does she?



Purslane, concerned.

Magoo loves him some sunshine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jake, in the Loon Cave.

And watching the blur that is Magoo running by.


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9-27-12 – Crooked Acres Thursday — 46 Comments

  1. Ah, those things are baby ladybugs??? All of a sudden one day, they were all over my pool and I had no clue what they were or if I should be concerned!

    • Aren’t they weird-looking? I didn’t know what they were, either, ’til I posted a pic and someone told me. That is not at ALL what I expected them to look like.

  2. Toasty (is that Toasty?) certainly is one fine specimen of a man. It’s no wonder the hens want to have his babies 😉

    Also… more chickens, less bugs please. Your photos are amazing but my skin is crawling right now. ((I understand that my present personal foster situation isn’t helping matters any. So you just keep taking your amazing pictures and I’ll just keep saying “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”))

    Elwood has perfected the patented Miz Poo “Kittens? I don’t see any kittens. And if I don’t see them, maybe they will just go away.” I’d say Miz Poo would be proud, but perhaps she would just like Elwood to go away too.

    • That IS Toasty the rooster. He’s not only a good-looking rooster, he’s also careful to make sure his wimminfolk know when there’s food to be eaten. He’s no dummy: the best way to stay around rather than go off to freezer camp is to be a good flock guardian!

      I did intend to make the spider picture smaller so that anyone who wanted to see it bigger could click on it and do so… but I forgot. 🙂

  3. Whoever adopts Purslane is going to spend so much time reassuring her that that girl will be one spoiled little missie — as should be the case for all felines. Those markings are a gift from Darwin! And count me in on the “never seen a baby ladybug” front: surprising little critters. Thanks, as always for the lovely pictures and for taking such great care of the kitties. Plus,how great is it to see the Peppers looking so hale in today’s archive. Those two were SO special.

  4. I love Purslane’s “concerned” face. One of my kitties has the same constantly furrowed brow. He does get a lot of reassurance, let me tell you.

  5. Baby ladybugs: the ultimate ugly ducklings! I’m glad you told me that’s what that was, because if I saw one, I’d definitely have been skeered.

    • Yeah, you would never think something long like that would end up so cutely round! Love ladybugs – aka aphid eaters!!!!

  6. “Percy and the giant okra pod” makes me think of “James and the Giant Peach”. I can imagine excellent kitteh adventures as the Pickles sail away on a giant okra pod!

    The picture of “Flash” Magoo and Jake made me laugh! Then the look on Jake’s face got me humming the song “The Streak”… I can hear him saying “Don’t look Ethel!!” :-0

    • OMGoodness SCAmy-thanks for the great laugh this am! That “Ethel” line is JUST what he would say.

    • “I can imagine excellent kitteh adventures as the Pickles sail away on a giant okra pod!”

      That NEEDS to be a children’s book.

  7. I love Dandelion on the stairs too.. and the Okra pod.. lol.. not being a fan of okra myself I think that is a fine use for the pods.

    I am sad to admit that I had to look at that chicken photo several times before I saw the flying chicken. I kept looking on the ground. When I finally saw it I was like “DUH! flying chickens wouldn’t BE on the ground now would they!!”

  8. We have a favorite “surprise lily” in our family: Lycoris Squamigera. It is pink but can have a blue tinge. It looks like the traditional lily.

    Nothing is more cute than a puffed up kitten like Dandelion…well, a crab walking kitten is really cute, too.

  9. Little fuzzy hunchy-backed white kitty with pink ears = cutest thing ever! George is so purty. He and Gracie are beautiful pups!

  10. Read the “FLAILY” post from 2011. Mister Boogers was so handsome! My CJ kitty looks very much like him except he has a goofy white stripe up his nose. I try to avoid the gone but not forgotten permanents pages, because I will CRY. I will have to go read about him.

    I love the look on Jake’s face as Magoo blurs by. LOL

  11. Hello, Robyn, thanks for a great post filled with pure awesomeness (as always). I visit “love and hisses” everyday, it’s a regular part of my daily kitten (and chicken, and puppeh, and pigs, and ladybugs, and spiders and…) fix 🙂
    I have a question about the Alabama spay-and-neuter petition – do you think your readers from abroad (eg. me, from Poland) could participate? I know this blog has a lot of out-of-USA followers, maybe we could contribute to your campaign against stupidity?

  12. I’m sorry.. but baby ladybugs are bug-ugly!!! Bleh! *shudder*

    Elwood sneaking past Dandelion: Awesome!

    And see, I’m right! Even in full Stranger Danger suit, Dandelion is not more wild floofy than she is in no suit! As seen in the last shot of that series, lol! She’s just one wild fluff monster!

    Jake in the Loon cave! I love him! And the wild eyes he gets when that black blur goes past are awesome!

  13. Mr. Elwood almost seems like he’s deliberately not looking at Dandelion to avoid scaring her (am I just restating the obvious? Please stop me if I am.) Also, Magoo is the cutest thing ever. And finally, I’m sure you’ve mentioned this before, but what happens with all the boy roosters? Don’t they fight with each other a lot?

  14. I fall into the “horrified-by-ladybug-larvae” camp as well. They really look otherworldly, and all the more so since adult ladybugs are so cute and roly-poly by comparison.

    On the other hand, could little gray tabbies be any cuter? No. They could not.

  15. Hi Robin,
    Any idea what kind of spider that is? Every year around Halloween season a spider like that one shows up at our house. We call it “arana naranja” (with a ~ over the N in arana; it’s Spanish for orange spider). This year she decided to spin her web right in the middle of the walkway to our front door. Luckily we enter through the garage because if I walked into that web and felt that spider on me I’d freak out and go into shock!
    The Pickles are ADORABLE!! I still think you should open a kitty lovers’ B&B…I’d request Polly as my snugglemate!

    • OMG! If you open a Kitty Lover’s B&B, I would sooooo be there…(and um…Dandelion, please…and Percy…Miz Poo….- how many kitties would fit in my bed…I’ll book a King size room)

    • It’s a garden orbweaver. They spin and sit at night waiting for unfortunates and then usually hide all day.

      • Thanks! That would explain why she disappears during the day. Yesterday afternoon I thought she’d moved on, and then this morning she was sitting there glaring at me. 🙂