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Wellington was adopted last night, finally!

This leaves Dingwall Scotty, Mr. Stripey, and Sungold at Petsmart.

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Thanks to Gertie and her Photoshop skills, I now have a picture of all five Pickles looking my way.

Thanks again, Gertie!!!

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Lazy Wednesday.



Percy and Joe.

Tony Rocky Horror Picklehead Magoo. The Third. Attorney at Law.

All five Pickles – Polly in the front, Petey using my mouse as a pillow, Percy in the back, Joe on the right, and Magoo between Joe and Polly.

All three Weeds! (It’s very hard to get a picture of the three of them together. As soon as they see me, they run over to me. I have to ambush them to get a pic of all three.)



Joe surrenders to sleep.

Left to right: Percy, Polly and Joe in the front, Magoo in the back.

Petey and Magoo.

Magoo on the left, Thistle on the lower middle, and Percy.

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I carried a pile of clean cat beds from the dryer to the table, where I planned to ignore them and then eventually fold what needed to be folded, and put them all away. Less than three minutes later, I came back and found this. Sugarbutt knows how to make himself at home.

One day I’m going to stack all the cat beds in the house in one single stack and set the timer to see how long it takes for a cat to climb in and go to sleep.


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9-26-12 — 49 Comments

  1. I am going to have to go out on a limb her and say that I bet your dining room table is NEVER used for eating…just cat sleeping! πŸ™‚

    Great job, Gertie!!!

  2. “Tony Rocky Horror Picklehead Magoo. The Third. Attorney at Law”. WAIT A MINUTE! There have been TWO OTHER TRHMPMs???? Impossible. There is only one Tony Rocky Horror Picklehead Magoo. And he ROCKS!

  3. The photo of all 3 Weeds in the ratan cat bed looks like a good bio photo the book at Petsmart.

    Great pictures of Sugarbutt snuggled up in the pile of beds.

  4. I would bet those cat beds were the warmest, snuggliest place EVER. Hence why Sugarbutt claimed his spot. πŸ™‚

    And OMG I love when kittehs sleep with their paws over their head like Magoo Attorney at law. Kills me dead every time.

    • Did you ever have surgery and you are freezing and they bring you warmed up blankets? I think Robyn may have mentioned this once in an old post op post. That is heavenly and I bet those cat beds feel pretty close to it ;)!

  5. Yay, Wellington! I have to admit, as sad as I am that the Dingbat, Sungold, and Mr. Stripey have not yet found their homes, I’m glad that two of the black kittens have been adopted.

    I have today off for Yom Kippur (there are definitely perks to being a teacher! But to those for whom today is a holiday, good luck with the fasting and atoning…) and it’s overcast and cool outside. Seeing the photos of piles of sleeping kittens makes me, well, want a pile of sleeping kittens to come to my house and snuggle with me.

    Knowing kitten behavior, though, those snuggle sessions probably soon deteriorate into crazy play-fighting… Maybe I’ll take a Sugarbutt and a pile of warm laundry fresh from the dryer instead.

    • With regard to piles of sleeping kittens…Can’t you just smell the corn-chip feet?

      (Okay, I’m weird.)

      • NO! You are not weird! My mom always used to talk about how our dog’s feet smelled like popcorn, and I (being a sullen teenager at the time) thought she was nuts (and wouldn’t have admitted it was true but for a generous amount of cash). I’ve since learned — and learned to admit — it’s true! But I agree, it’s more like corn chips.

    • I’m really surprised that two of the black kittens went before either of the orange tabbies. That’s unusual – but awesome, of course!

  6. We are so happy for Wellington’s adoption – and we know everyone else’s families are just around the corner.

    Love the babies….they are just too cute!!!

  7. That pic of the three in the cat bed in pin-up worthy. But it is kind of like when someone sticks rabbit ear fingers in back of you with the addition of Magoo. Not that HE isn’t pin-up worthy but that was just not his shining moment.

  8. You are such a great photographer — I love the theme of Sleeping Cats. Have you thought about creating a photobook as a fundraiser? Cats Asleep, Cats at Play, Wild Kittens, etc. . . .I get my orangecatfix here!

  9. Signed the petition and posted it to FB…. usually lurk, but ALWAYS enjoy your wonderful pictures and humor πŸ™‚

  10. Glad to know I’m not the only one who uses “the third.” Our dog Ellie’s full name is Eleanor Ann Fuzzypants the third.

        • I hesitate to use the third because my friend’s older brother told us about a the third he went to school with. He was an overachiever and always getting called up for awards. Whenever they said the third the guys would all say the turd under their breath(it was an all boys parochial high school). So for me the third=the turd. Boys!

          • My dad was in basic training with a guy named Donald Ignatius Schubkegel III. (I hope he doesn’t have a google alert set up…) The stories we heard about good ol’ Donald Ignatius Schubkegel III! And it was never “Don” or “Schubkegel” or “Shubby” or “Number 3,” it was always “Donald Ignatius Schubkegel III.” I asked about him the other day, in fact – wondering if he was real or one of those people parents sometimes make up to make their lame, 20-years-out-of-date jokes sound relevant – and was assured that yes, Donald Ignatius Schubkegel III was a real person, and really did all those things. So he’s who I think of whenever I hear a “the third.”

  11. Percy and Joe sleeping together makes me lonely for my kitties – I’m at work, they’re at home. The pictures and the comments get me through the last half of the day. Last night, for the first time in her 2 1/2 years, one of my former feral kitties climbed on my lap for scritches and snuggles. She has done the 1/2 lap – sitting on the couch, with front paws on my leg, and she gets on my chest to wake me in the morning, but this was the first time she’s snuggled ON my lap. It was wonderful!

  12. I am willing to bet that you CANT stack all the cat beds in the house in one pile! I bet they’d be way taller than your ceilings!

    Yay for the adoption, hope for more!!!!

    Mr. The Third is too adorable sleeping with his paws over his face!

  13. So, if you stack all the cat beds up and out a pea into the stack would it be like the Princess and the Pea?

  14. If Tony Pickles name gets too much longer & convoluted he is going to have to grow some… or develop split personalities !!

    Added my name to the petition too.

  15. I signed the petition, too. Why, oh, why would they even think of ending this vital, forward-thinking service??? On a less whiny note, today’s pics are one big beauty pageant (OK, I’m betting at least a couple of the Pickles and several perms have too high an IQ to go in for that sort of activity, but you know what I mean…).

    • Thank you, Kerry! It makes no sense to me, either. You’d think they’d be thrilled that the clinic is there, but they appear to be concerned that it might mean less money in their pockets.

      (I initially typed “less monkey in their pockets”, which is another issue entirely.)

  16. Awww, Purslane is such a mini-Pooh! Beautiful pictures of all the babies. I love TRHPTTAL’s white furs! Didn’t realize that he had so many. Signed the petition too. It’s just WRONG! I don’t get it, either.

  17. About the Tower and the Timer:

    If you felt like it, you could do it as a fundraiser for Challenger House, similar to the pool you did for Emmy’s babies (and someone else’s babies, if I recall correctly…). Set up the webcam, pile the beds in a corner somewhere where they won’t easily be knocked down, and walk off. Sell slots in 10- or 15-second increments, or by which cat will be the first one to do it, or whatever. Proceeds to Challenger House, winner gets… I dunno. A calendar? To choose the next litter naming theme?

    Oh, never mind, Robyn, I’ll do it. I’ll just have to go adopt ten or fifteen adorable, cuddly, lovable cats to make it interesting. O! the sacrifices I’m willing to make! lol

  18. Added my name to the petition and I am not sure how I restrain myself from leaping into the car and hauling a** to Alabama to snatch up Purslane (and snuggle Miz Poo… oh how I long to snuggle Miz Poo). I think it is the whole no job/no gas money thing that keeps me from making the trip. *sigh

    At least I can stare longingly at pictures on your website.

  19. I’ve only been reading your blog since Emmy’s kittens were born, so I love going to the prior year’s posts and catching up. I’m really loving seeing baby Sugarbutt and then coming back to real time and seeing adult Sugarbutt. He was such an adorable kitten. I’m glad you made him a permanent resident.