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He’s such a Magoo.

I love how he’s looking in Miz Poo’s direction, but isn’t quite looking straight at her. She skeers him.

We had such a lovely weekend that we opened the windows and put screens in them so that the cats could enjoy the air (our windows don’t have permanent screens, unfortunately. I bought those screen inserts at Lowe’s, and they work pretty well.) Tommy climbed up to check it out, and of course Joe Pickle wanted to know what was going on. He was all “Hi, Mister, whatcha doin’?”

Then he made himself at home.

All five Pickles on the cat tree! This would have been perfect if Percy had bothered to look in my direction.

And THIS would have been perfect if Magoo hadn’t looked away. Silly kittens.

Polly and Magoo, snuggling. (Magoo’s got him some nipples, and he’s not afraid to expose them.)

Joe, sound asleep.

“Hey! You! Get offa my cloud!”

Magoo and a grocery bag. He was some kind of annoyed when I took it away from him.

Rolling and stretching.

And yawning.

And being goofy.

Thistle is such a pretty girl. And SO friendly – she’s forever climbing up into my lap and just sitting there while I pet her.

Jake was snuggling with a silvervine pillow, and Purslane came down to stick her tongue out at him.

Which made Jake go all loonyfaced. (What is it with the boy cats and their nipples today?)

Dandelion looked on in disdain.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Snackin’ Time has returned for the permanent residents. They’re pretty pleased about that (especially Stinkerbelle, who will eat any kind of canned food you put in front of her.)

If you count Newt, who’s hiding under the copyright watermark in the lower right corner, there are 10 permanent residents in this picture. Joe Bob was in the other room (he likes his space), Spanky was in the bathroom (so no one would push him out of the way and eat his snack), and Maxi gets her snack on the side stoop.


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9-25-12 — 26 Comments

  1. 13 perms! LOL!!! Not judging, just thinking that you need a few Roombas! 🙂

    Dandelion – be still my heart!

    If you crossed Looney Jake and Purslane – imagine the faces of those kittens!! BWAHHHHHH!!!! 🙂

  2. Now that I’ve seen his nipples I see that it was the light or my eyes but Magoo’s belly is black! I love him anyway My grocery bag, lady, not yours! Mine, mine, mine! LOL! Those cat tree pics rock!

  3. Don’t tell the others, but I think Joe Pickle might be my favorite. Every time I scroll past his photo on the sidebar, I stop to gaze and giggle.

    Hey, Mother Jefferson lets her nipples hang out all the time. Why shouldn’t the boys? ((Side note: While doing all of the extra kitten combing required this weekend, I’d keep stopping at bumps on their bellies and thinking “Oh no!” Yep, nipples))

  4. There is nothing I love more than seeing a cat/kitten with their front paws tucked under their chest. The perfect little loaf, just as Dandelion at the top of the stairs.


    • “The perfect little loaf”, I love that. I refer to that position as the “meatloaf” or the “mama hen”. My friend, whose cat is a brown tabby, calls it the “beaver hat” pose.

      • When we had carpet in our house (tile and wood now), we called the cats who did this “carpet ducks.” Because they looked like ducks on the surface of a pond, and you could imagine their little paws paddling away beneath. 🙂

  5. I have to separate my kitties during snackin time. They are so spoiled they’ll only eat FF ‘elegant’ medleys anything else and they turn up their noses. I have to put my boy (Maximillian) in the room though because he just rolls over and lets the two girls steal all his food if I don’t! The girls (Molly and Duchess) have this strange routine where they switch food bowls, then eat up the rest of Millians scraps when I open the door for him…

  6. The “goofy” picture of Purslane makes me think of the Prince in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” “I think I’ll sing…”

  7. Great pics as usual! I love Jake’s loony face. Oreo loves her some plastic bags too but the best toys are those golf balls with the feathers. Who knew my kids were so good at picking out cat toys? Oh and she ate TWO breakfasts this morning-one with each kid LOL!

  8. can I just say I adore how normal your shelves are!?
    a litle tidy, a little messy! perfect!
    just like mine!lol

  9. Tiny question regarding my tiny Oreo-why when she was cuddling with me did she want to lick my neck? Is this just kitty kisses or is this weird? I found it odd after a bit.

  10. Like Randome Felines, I was thinking Picklehead was starting to look like a normal kitten now.
    That picture on the cat tree, or pictureS I should say, looks like a really good ad for the tree! I’d buy it, kitten assesories and all!
    Must be chilly, the males are all nippley! hee hee!
    Loony Jake seems extra Loony today!