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BTW, did you see this? “The Internet knows where your cat lives

I’m curious if any of your photos were included on the prof’s map. Let us know, ok?

As far as I can tell, none of the pictures on that map are mine – I didn’t go through and look at all the ones in my area, but I did zoom in on my town and street on the map, and there’s nothing near me.

I’ve turned geotagging off on my cameras (I think!), so none of my pictures should include that information.


So I got a banner for “Catie, Mopsy, Flopsy, Cottontail, and Seamus” today. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of those guys, so I’m off to do some research in the sidebars…

Catie and her kittens were only with us for a couple of days, way back in 2006!


I love this picture so much. Mainly because it features kittens donning floof suits and trying to act frightening, which just ends up making them look cuter!

If there’s anything cuter and LESS scary than a floofed-up kitten, I don’t know what it is!


I was just thinking about how regional grocery stores are when Robyn posted about this litter! In the northeast (I live in Brooklyn, but have also lived in central New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut) they would end up with names like “D’Agostino,” “Genuardi,” “Stu Leonard,” and “Wegman.”

D’Agostino is actually a name we considered, as well as Wegman and Aldi. There are so many great names that obviously I’m going to have to have a second Grocer’s litter (Harris Teeter!)


I absolutely LOVE the Grocers naming theme! It’s so cute and original! I’ve heard of Piggly Wiggly, Trader Joe’s and Winn Dixie… but Ralph & Von? I’m Canadian so that’s why the last two seem puzzling! LOL

Ralph’s and Vons are both grocery chains in California. I don’t know how I knew both of those names, but I did!


Hi Robyn. Since you don’t have enough to do running that Crooked Acres joint and all, I was wondering if you could create a chart on how each of the perms interacts with you and Fred.

Y’know, who likes the pettins, who does/not like being picked up or climbs into laps, who has particular preferences (e.g., “don’t touch my ears!”) and whether any are friendly to strangers.

You could whip that up in no time, no?

Here you go! It actually didn’t take all that long, once I sat down and did it! If there’s any particular preferences y’all would like to see added, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh good lord, Winn Dixie. Are you trying to KILL me with the cute?

Ralph thinks the catnip mat is pretty awesome.

Oh, the TEEF.

Sweet Von enjoys that sunshine.

PW: 99% floof.

Trader Joe is havin’ a think.

“Watchin’ you, lady.”

Oh, this one. He looks so sweet and INNOCENT, but don’t be fooled.

Trader Joe gots places to go.


Every night at bedtime, when Dennis jumps up on the bed and flops down next to us and writhes around on his back while I rub his belly, we talk about how we are great big suckers, and how Dennis must have been playing us from the very beginning, playing all SHY and NERVOUS. Look at that smug face, he’s all “Yeah, I totally played you. FOOLS.”


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9-26-14 — 36 Comments

  1. I usually check in at day’s end…but with a stressful work day today I totally needed a kitten fix, so here I am at 6:l5am – and it started with that wonderful banner of a decidedly unstressed Ruth, and follows with great pictures of the most beautiful litter evah, and a bonus shot of SmugDennis.
    Facing today will be a snap! Thanks, Robyn!

  2. Your new chart is awesome, and pretty darn funny too… Stinkerbelle, being picked up – only if you want to die! And friendly to strangers – OH MY GOD, NO! Made me laugh out loud and almost wake my sleeping husband!

    Thanks for the great start to my Friday.

  3. Love the kitty pix – this group – SO adorable!! Funny chart!!! And Dennis… Such a smart, smug boy!! What a lucky, happy young boy!!

    • Oh – on the chart…. How about ‘favorite spot to pet’ ?? Of course Stinkerbelle’s would be ‘the OTHER cats’… but for me, I know Orlando lurves his chin the most, while Pickles loves at the base of her ears the most… And I love to watch them both MELT when I hit those spots! lol

  4. Love the new chart! I laughed all the way through it. So out of 13 cats, there’s only ONE that’s actually friendly to strangers? And two more that aren’t adamantly opposed to them? Yeah, that sounds about right.

    Every time I see this litter, my brain starts singing, ‘The FLOOFS, the FLOOFS, the floofs is on FI-YAH!’

  5. I saw that site …. yeah. Seriously. Turn geotagging off on your photos and if you do stuff with a smartphone, be really choosy about what you allow to access location information. A lot of these apps advertise your location publicly, or upload it to their servers and use it to provide crowdsourced information to everyone. The problem with publicly advertising location is that it tells people where you are … and where you’re not. Like at home. ๐Ÿ™‚ </rant>

  6. Robyn,
    I had to order some of those Primal Dry Roasted Buffalo Liver chips from chewy.com, as my local Pet Supplies Plus hasn’t gotten them in as yet. They arrived yesterday and my dogs went ape over them. No sniffing, no nothing but eating. They really loved them. Thanks for the head up about this product.

  7. OMG yes you will have to have a kitten named Harris Teeter! Safeway is a boring name but here in the mid-Atlantic we have ‘Super Giant’, and for defunct stores there’s A&P.

    • Don’t forget the also defunct Food Lion. Wouldn’t that fit a ravenous kitty?

      QM for Quiki Mart ๐Ÿ˜‰ Skaggs would be good, too. I think Minyard would make a great name.

    • Actually, there’s still A&P stores in my area (Lower Hudson Valley). There’s a lot more ShopRites and Stop&Shops (or “ChopnChop” as I call it, to my husband’s chagrin), but A&P still exists and does business.

      There’s also Mrs. Green’s, Stew Leonard’s, H Mart, and La Marqueta.

  8. Trader Joe’s little dark brown “eyebrows” slay me.

    And I swear, Robyn, you are killing me on Facebook with the “Hallo, innernets” series. I don’t know how you do it but you manage to make every batch of kittens unique in such an endearing way that I never ever get bored and am always excited to see what’s next. I know part of it is due to their own personalities but it’s how you capture them & translate them to us that is so special.

    • Oh, and I just looked at the new chart. I nearly spat my coffee when I read about Sugarbutt’s most annoying trait. SO FUNNY. Horrible, but FUNNY.

      Update: And when I got to Stefan’s most annoying trait I literally said “awwww…” out loud and a coworker hollered over the cubicle “What’s wrong?” to which I quickly replied “Nevermind!”

  9. To me the only thing cuter than kitties that are floofed, are kitties that are floofed doing the crab-walk-sideways-bounce thingie. ARGH! SLAYS ME! These lil grocers are killing me, I want them all.

  10. Wow, the Internet DOES know where ONE of my two cats lives…more or less. If anyone came to find him they would be knocking on my neighbor’s door four doors down…and she owns a very large and not very friendly German Shepherd. Good luck with that. But still, it was fun to zoom in on my street and see a photo of my own goofy Fergus.

  11. Thanks Robyn—that chart is great.

    I was surprised by the friendliness & playfulness of Alice Mo (tho’ of course I knew she loved her daddy, yo). I think because early on I associated her with the green-eyed psychopathic murderer Alice Morgan from “Luther”, I must have imputed PMAM’s personality to Miss Mo as well.

    And I totally dig your house feral, Stinkerbelle, and her militancy even amidst such comfort. It’d be pretty awful to have a houseful of fanatic felines, but I’m glad you and Fred made room for a cat who has (almost) no use for you—or any of us humans.

    • I agree! I was pleasantly surprised by Alice’s chart. I sort of assumed she only had eyes for Fred but it’s great that she’s an interactive kitty!

      LOL @ Stinkerbelle’s “militancy”

  12. I so love the kitties that are fluffy and colored like Winn Dixie, they look so much like Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal. I decided long ago that if I ever got one that’s the name it would get.

    Loved the new list. We have one, Pogo, that when he first gets picked up will start to push away to be let down but once we start rubbing on the back of his neck he absolutely just melts and will stay as long as we want, sometimes longer than we want.

  13. I met my husband while working at a Harris Teeter, so I fully endorse that as a kitten name someday! That particular store was converted to a Bi-Lo and is now closed, unfortunately.

  14. Interesting that none of your kittehs are very keen on strangers. Maybe you need to have more visitors ๐Ÿ˜‰ (And here I picture a stampede of L&H readers volunteering)

  15. grocery names: Kroger and Meijer (from Ohio)

    Oh that Dennis…he knew EXACTLY what he was doing

    OMG – love going back to read post and I don’t think I ever read the one about Maddy… I think I may have snorted water out my nose ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I never get any less thrilled about Dennis! And I’m so glad that most Crooked Acres residents adhere to their stranger-danger approach — though only because it makes me feel a lot more sanguine about my two shy tikes. Sorry to be deeply superficial, but Trader Joe is ridiculously handsome.

  17. So after looking at your new chart, I feel better about the fact that neither of my two are lap sitters or particularly enjoy being picked up (Harley hates it, Allie tolerates it), and that both are scared of strangers. Apparently, in the past I’ve been blessed with friendly, brave cats, and didn’t realize how lucky I was!

  18. That chart was the best! My favorite part was Jake’s annoying trait…. “howling like an a**hole”. LOL!

    • Sugarbutt’s annoying trait was the one that killed me. Fire and brimstone in the litterbox indeed XD (Is it said that I know exactly what Robyn is talking about?)

  19. I, too, love the Grocer naming scheme… you should add Tesco to your list of popular names… I think it’d be super cute!

    Trader Joe has totally won my heart… he looks like he might have a bit of Ragdoll in him?

  20. Aw, the whole way through that chart I was so happy that MizPoo would be my friend but gutted that most of the rest of the residents wouldn’t like if we visited!
    I was surprised by how affectionate Alice is though! I’ve never noticed it in posts before so it was a happy surprise as she’s so purrty!
    Winn Dixie is so adorable!