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Throw Back Thursday: Norbie.

Back in May of 2013, we had the pregnant Khaleesi in our second foster room (remember back when I had a second foster room? Wasn’t that awesome?). She finally gave birth after weeks and weeks and years and decades (or so it felt like at the time) of waiting. While she was actually in labor, we got a call from another rescue – they had a newborn kitten whose mother and littermates had been killed in an accident and wanted to know, would we consider trying to introduce him to Khaleesi? We gave it a try, and after some confused looks from Khaleesi, she accepted him completely. (You can read the whole post about that evening here.) The little orphan was Norbert, who pretty quickly became Norbie.

Whereas his adopted brothers and sisters were round and cottony soft, Norbie was sleek and silky – Kar has said from the beginning that he was designed by Ferrari, with his sleek curves and well-engineered straight lines.

Mr. Independent.

Two bros, hanging out in a basket.

Lookin’ a little like Yoda.

Hanging out in my lap with his sister.

There’s just something about a well-dressed tuxie, isn’t there?

The crisp white against the sleek black, the big bluish eyes. GORGEOUS.

Snuggling with Stefan.


Keeping an eye on the goings-on.

He was such a good big brother to the Starks, too. They LURVED him.

Such a nut.

Little bit of a stressball but, y’know – whatcha gonna do?

Did I mention gorgeous?

It has now been MORE than a year since Norbie went to Chicago to live, can you believe that? Here he is now:

Kirsten said: I’ve had this bucket of love for 1 year now! I’ve loved rewatching the dragons grow up this summer. I forgot he was so tiny when I picked him up!

This is his “I just ate a really big horsefly” expression.

Kirsten reports that Norbie and his big sister Claudette still have crazyfunplaytime occasionally which makes me happy. The middle-aged lady kicks his butt most times!

Awww, Norbie. He had such a rough start to life, losing his mother and siblings, it’s great to see him grow up so happy and healthy, isn’t it? Love that boy!


Speaking of history, it’s been 9 (!) years since Sugarbutt and Tommy came to us – along with their brother and sister – as our fosters. I love seeing them as little ones, and if you want to read about them too and see pictures of them as little ones, you can start reading here.


Von, head of the Love & Hisses IT Department, works on fixing the internet. (That’s a range extender, and I do believe I’ll be moving it out to the hallway!)

PW says “Rawr! I am a monster! I am FLOOFZILLA!”
Trader Joe: not impressed.

PW says “See my floof? I gonna crush you with my floof!”
Trader Joe says “I take exception to your tone, mister, and you just better back right off.”

“Rawr!” says PW. “Rawr, I say!”
But he gets no attention from Von and Winn Dixie, who are trying to figure out how to break into the closet and see whatever fabulous things are kept in there.

“::poke:: I talking to you!”
So PW moves on.

Being about a week older, PW finds it important to explain to the other kittens How Things Work.
“See, there’s a ball in there, and every now and then it comes around, and you have to try to grab it!”

Ralph says “What? There’s no BALL in there!”

“Look, there! There it is!” says PW.
“You’re INSANE!” says Ralph. “A BALL. Of all the crazy ideas!”

Sweet, floofy Winn Dixie.

I love her curly fur on her chest. She’s just 99% floof, that one.


“Pardon me, lady, I am trying to have a little quiet time while I learn from Oprah how to Relax! Reset! Revive! You go away.”


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  1. There is so much sweetness in today’s post! I’d forgotten how wee Norbie was so it was great revisiting his youth, and being reminded about how much I was in love with him (that whole Dragon litter was amazing). It makes me so happy to see him chillin’ in his new home, livin’ the life. *wipes a tear* SO HAPPY.

    These Grocers may kill me. That RAWR episode with PW cracked me up. And see? I knew it! (I mentioned it on Facebook). I knew it wouldn’t take long for Von to be promoted to IT Manager. That girl has the right stuff!

    Ah, Stefan. What’s not to love about that guy? He’s just so full of awesome. It still amazes me how seamlessly he fit in at Crooked Acres. Sometimes things just happen the way they’re supposed to, yanno? 😀

  2. Aw, Norbs! What a cutie. That was an adorable litter (like this one).

    So I got a banner for “Catie, Mopsy, Flopsy, Cottontail, and Seamus” today. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of those guys, so I’m off to do some research in the sidebars…

  3. I love seeing pictures of Norbs – my Sammy looks an awful lot like him. He’s been with me since I plucked him out of a tree at a mall where he’d been dropped at about 8 weeks old. He was practically feral and I thought he would end up being a barn cat but at least he’d be relatively safe in the country. It took him a few weeks but he came around and decided humans weren’t so bad, especially if they are the ones filling the food bowl. That was 3 years ago and he’s still a sleek and shiny tuxedo wearing James Bond sort of cat. And I do call him Norbie sometimes.

  4. I LOVED those pics you took of Khaleesi counting her kittens. I could’ve SWORN there were only… one, two, three, four… what the….

    Norbie’s grown-up tail is amazing!! he is gorgeous.

    I want all this new batch of kittens. be right over to pick them up! wish I could!! sigh

  5. I love updates, the happy endings and contented (typically sleeping) faces.

    So glad Norbert’s living the good life up in Chicago, thank you Kirsten!!

    Oh PW, you’d be an instigator if you could but unfortunately for you, no one can be bothered.

  6. Fantastic throwback Thursday !!!! I remember that day when Khaleesi had her babies. The exciting drama of the “extra” kitten, the comedy of you being locked out of the room ! It was like a blockbuster movie !!! I couldn’t stop watching and waiting. Then of course of all the updates of watching this little family grow up. Norbie is a very handsome tuxie !!! Thanks for the update Kristen !!

    PW gets no respect !!!!

  7. What an exceptionally awesome post today. Norbie’s story was so touching, I loved reliving it. And so wonderful that his mom is terrific about sharing updates with us! Thank you thank you, Kirsten.

    The little stories you weave about the Grocers are so entertaining. Just makes me love them all the more (if that’s even possible!)

    BTW, did you see this? “The Internet knows where your cat lives” http://www.mnn.com/family/pets/stories/the-internet-knows-where-your-cat-lives?utm_source=Freekibble&utm_medium=Quiz&utm_campaign=Sept252014
    I’m curious if any of your photos were included on the prof’s map. Let us know, ok?

  8. I love the Norbie update but it’s too bad he grew up to be so stressed out. He was my favorite of that litter (of course!).

  9. I love Khaleesi’s birth story! I actually go read it every once in a while. I always laugh at the part where you are locked in the room, and I inevitably cry when I get to the part where Khaleesi starts licking Norbie. Such a sweet story!

  10. it was that third photo in this post that made me fall head over heals for Norbie.. I mean I was gone. LOVED him.. and yes, I’m still a wee bit jealous of Kirsten.. she is one lucky kitty mom..

    Oh the floof.. beware the wrath that is in a floof suit, floofed or not

    • I know I am! Every time I pat that little belly (without any fear of bunny kicking or biting!) I’m very grateful he’s mine.
      PS Robyn-I’ll be down for Trader Joe in a couple of months 😉