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Okay, since I’ve come to the end of my Norbie pics, here’s his “Norbie Growing Up” collage. Click on it to see a larger version over at Flickr. I intend to do these for all the fosters from now on, but we’ll see if I’m actually able to get ’em done.

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I rarely get to see this, because when I walk into the room, Livia usually runs over for love and petting. I mean, she’s not going to let the babies starve, but when it comes down to it, MAMA NEEDS PETTIN’.

She cracks me up. Keepin’ the babies clean is of utmost importance to her!

She wubs the babies.

Wee pink toeses.

He just GLOWS, doesn’t he?

“HEY! Stop CRAWLING across meeeeeee!”

“Wah! Paulie’s CRUSHING MEEEEE!”

I love this video so very much. From Adriana not knowing where her mama has gone, to Livia kneading on her kittens, to Paulie Walnuts nursing like crazy, I just love it from beginning to end.

YouTube link.

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Tommy is all “Heyyyyy, laydeez. How YOU doin’?”

Laney pointed out in yesterday’s comments that the 2005 posts about Baby Tommy and Baby Sugarbutt involve a lot of diarrhea. And they do – Sugarbutt was such a MESS back then, and I wrote ALL about it. So, you know, if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, you might want to just skim for the pictures. Of the kittens, I mean – there are NO pictures of poop. I promise!


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9-25-13 — 18 Comments

  1. Ohhh Little Norbie – I love him! Robyn, you did an excellent job! From his humble beginnings he grew into the most lovable (and beautiful) kitten! Hoping he brings Kirsten much happiness and joy for a very long time… and she brings us periodic updates!!! Looking forward to watching this new litter grow and develop their own little personalities – – momma sure is a pretty girl!

  2. The Norbie Retrospective – I see a calendar in the making.

    And…I am still giggling over a kitten named Paulie Walnuts.

  3. Livia is such a good mama! Especially since she has to put up with a kitten mosh pit at the milk bar. Loved the video!

  4. Oh Norbie. I will always believe you were engineered by Ferrari with your perfectly curved head and ruler straight ears.

    What a lucky kitten to be taken in by two sweet mamas when things were rough. Now you have a third mama and I hope that they’re happy together for a number of years.

    I could ovulate looking at those Livia pictures. I think Adriana is more of an explorer, she seems fascinated looking over the edge day after day. Like she wants to get out there but she’s just a little too scared still. With those Precious Moment blue eyes I’d assume that she could see/smell mama.

    • Yeah, she’s definitely one of the explorers – I suspect that either she or Paulie will be the first one out of the crate. I bet it happens in the next week or so!

  5. Robyn I think it is time you put in a “Live Video Cam” (one for fosters and one for permanent residents) !!! I think all you followers would agree with me ( of course we would never get anything productive done again, as we would be watching 24/7 ! ) It would be fantastic !!

  6. OK, so Barrett/Bear is Tommy and Sad Eyes is Sugarbutt? In the pics with his other orange brother, he’s the paler one?

    • Yes, Barrett/Bear is Tommy (we renamed him when we adopted him) and Sad Eyes is Sugarbutt. I think that Sugarbutt and Smitty were just about identical, Sugarbutt had some darker stripes – the main difference was in the shape of their faces. I had a hard time telling them apart when they were my fosters, but I have no problem telling them apart now, go figure.

  7. So — with 7 bebehs at the milk bar, is there one who is always pushed away or are they all fed equally? It looks like Paulie Walnuts is going to be a bruiser, but not quite sure who the next “Stompers” will be. Inquiring minds need to know

  8. So I went back and have been reading the blog from the beginning (which I’ve done already once I admit) and got VERY tickled at this part from the Sept 19 2005 entry:

    “The other day Fred and I discussed the fact that we don’t have nearly enough carriers for the number of cats that we have. If, god forbid, we needed to evacuate, there’s no way on earth we could fit all four of our cats in the one cardboard carrier we have. So Saturday, knowing that I was going to need a decent carrier on Sunday anyway, I went to the pet store and bought a carrier with a door in the front AND a door in the top. I’m going to buy one more at a point in the near future, so that we’ll have three carriers. We can put Spot in one, Miz Poo in one, and Mister Boogers and Spanky in one.”

    So, I got to know Robyn – how many carriers do you have NOW? 🙂