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Sleepy babies.

Dr. Melfi is exhausted. It’s a tough job, but SOMEONE has to be this cute.

Stretchin’ Adriana.

Sweet little toeses.


“You can’t see me.”

Oh, how Paulie wants OUT. But it’s so far down!

He has to resort to sitting and staring sadly out the door of the crate until I grab him and kiss him on top of his fuzzy little head.

Carmela is pretty sure no one needs to go out there.

The Sopranos are three weeks old now! I suspect that in the next week they’ll start escaping the crate, and then it’ll be time to set up litter boxes all over the room for them. I think Livia will be REALLY glad to see them using the litter boxes on their own. I know I would if I were responsible for pottying 7 kittens multiple times a day!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Newt has got to be the quietest cat on Earth. I never ever hear him meowing or complaining, and in fact the only time I ever hear a sound from him is when he comes face to face with Stefan. He’s decided he doesn’t care for the cut of Stefan’s jib, and never misses an opportunity to growl and swipe at him. Otherwise, he’s like a big ol’ teddy bear.


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9-26-13 — 31 Comments

  1. Thank you. Really needed fluff and love and community. Unbelievable tragedy at work. This is my coping mechanism. Thank you.

  2. Sending good thoughts and strength to Carol – need you to know we’re here for you – – I do love this Love and Hisses community! (Thank you, Robyn!) The community and your blog are so ingrained in me that I can NOT help myself from thinking “Paws up Ya’ll” each and EVERY time I see a kitten or cat (or any animal for that matter) with their forearms outstretched!!! Today it was Adriana.. tomorrow it may be a random FB post from one of my fur-friendly friends… just can. not. help. it. (I blame you, Robyn!)
    Oh, Newtie… I think you judge Stefan too harshly, but there is love enough for both of you in my heart!!! Looking forward to ears fully popping and “The Great Escape(s)”!! Take care, ya’ll!

  3. I could stare at Adriana’s belly for hours – what amazing markings! And the smudges on the underside of her left front leg – too cute!

  4. Oh, how I love Newt.

    That picture of Paulie’s fuzzy little head is so cute, my stomach hurts! Baby tummies and toes…*sigh*

  5. Hey, Robyn, Silvio and Tony seem to be keeping a low profile. May I beg you for some pictures of these two? Greedy, I know…

  6. Whatever is happening at your workplace, Carol, I’m sorry you’re going through it. Hopefully, sleep-grumpy kitten faces help.

    Does anybody else just want to kiss those fat lil tummies and fuzzy heads? Ehn!

    May I request some whiny baby video, please? I love the whiny babies and their hilarious toothless mouths. Something about the fierceness and the trying to gum you to death just kills me.

  7. For every Momma-raised litter that resides in a crate at Robyn’s, I anxiously await the “peering over the edge” photos… something about those teeny little baby heads looking out at the big world — have mercy! πŸ™‚

    Also, not infrequently throughout the day, I whisper “Paulie Walnuts” to myself, and it makes me laugh — every time.