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A Norbulletin!

No pictures today- just letting you know we made it home safely. He did meow for the first 20 minutes of the trip, then settled in and snoozed for the rest of the way.

Now he would like to know “WHY I CAN’T EXPLORE THE REST OF THIS PLACE LADY?”

And Claudette would like to know “WHY IS THERE AN INTERLOPER IN MY BEDROOM LADY?” Hopefully she won’t pull a Stinkerbelle, and will come around.

He has been nothing less than adorable – purring up a storm and snuggling when he wants, but independent enough to find a hidden napping spot and disappear for a while.

We’ve had lots of playtime – he demonstrated his skills with da bird and tumbled off the bed several times! We had to scale that back until we can get out into a bigger room. He is so cute when he grabs his “prey” – it’s a good thing he will be an indoor cat, I have a feeling he would decimate the local bird population.

And lastly-I’m not sure why I never noticed this before- he has perfect set of little spats to go along with his tuxedo! So, so cute.

I told Kirsten that Norbie is like James Bond – well-dressed, but deadly. (And Kirsten is the one who came up with “Norbulletin.” Perfect!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And here are the last of the Norbie pics, which I took the day he left us. The house is certainly quiet without his sweet, silly little self running around.

Norbie, on display. The box with the window in it finally died (got crushed by Jake laying on top of it), so we bought a display box because… we thought it would be cool (and a cat can lay on top of it without crushing it). It’s made of clear plastic (in case you were worried about it being glass), and of course the day after we got it, Norbie went home so we haven’t had a chance to really try it out with kittens. Stefan has been in it a few times – I’m sure that if we put a bed in there, it’d be occupied all the time.

Norbie, hiding under the cabinet and keeping an eye on Stefan.

I put the harness on him a few hours before we left, so that he could get used to wearing it (I’d been putting it on him for a few hours every day for the previous week), and he tried to cute me into taking it off. Didn’t work, but seriously – look at that face!

“You know you wants to take this harness off me, lady.”

“You know you do!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I think it’s safe to say that Adriana likes a good stretch-and-yawn.

Kitten mosh pit.

“What doon, lady?”

“Shhhhh, don’t tell them I’m over here…”

Adriana really likes to keep an eye on me.

“Let me OUT!”

Smug Meadow.

“Let. Us. OUT!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you’re not checking out the posts from 2005 (linked at the bottom of each post), you’re missing out on Baby Sugarbutt (and Baby Tommy). He has certainly grown into a fine figure of a mancat. I can’t believe that he and Tommy are 8 years old!


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9-24-13 — 19 Comments

  1. Look at Norbie styling and profiling in his red harness! Such a cutie! Thank you Kirsten for the Norbulletins!

    With 7 kittens, I think Livia will be asking you to put her in “witness protection” from time to time, to get some respite for the mob! 😉

    Widdle kitten blue eyes and widdle folded earsies make me go *thunk* too!

  2. I just realized – I’ve been reading your blog since 2009, and it is the only foster blog I read. I came over when the True Bloods were having their surgery (was there fundraising for that, or something? Seems like Charlene Butterbean sent a bunch of us over here). You and Fred do such good work; thank you for sharing it with us (especially those of us who would love to foster but are unable).

  3. Norbert should be in a museum as a rare and precious resource. A beautiful one too.

    I knew Adriana was going to steal my heart with those Precious Moment eyes. How you didn’t scoop up Meadow and kiss that pink nose is beyond me.

    Poor Livia, she seems to be taking a lot of respite breaks. I would too if I were being eaten alive by a mosh pit of kittens. Wait, maybe I wouldn’t. It’s like htat t-shirt made up of kittens. Too awesome to let that go by.

  4. Oh how I needed the cute this AM. It’s raining here in the fab ATL and I got up and out to go to work and had a flat tire. which of course couldn’t just be repaired because of the location of the hole – it had to be replaced. With money I don’ts got right now!! call work – and NO ONE answers the phone. Come to find out of the 5 who can answer phones – one comes in at 10, one at eye dr, one at reg dr, me at tire place, and one MIA (showed up late). Oh the partners were mad mad mad. so my need for the cuteness this AM – vital. I imagine you scooped little Meadow up and kissed her after taking her photo though – she just looks like she needed it!

    • Wow, Sherry, you need REAL kitten therapy. Wouldn’t that be great: to go into business as a mobile kitten therapy service provider? Hmm, although, driving around with kittens all day long every day might drive a person crazy. Maybe not such a great idea after all.

      Well, you can see I’m procrastinating when I should be working, getting myself excited with great new ideas to help humanity and then shooting my very own ideas down all in one fell swoop. No wonder I never seem to get much accomplished!

      • I don’t know Charlene – if you start them out as kittens, they might not mind the riding around all day. Miss Wylla Stout of the IBKC travels very well reportedly. Sounds like a plan to me! Forget Aromatherapy – here comes snuggletherapy!

  5. A word of caution: Those Tommy and Sugarbutt baby stories sure have a lot of diarrhea in them. 😉

    Can’t wait for your updated chart. I’d be curious to see a line titled “most fosters” with every permanent resident’s general reaction to them. Like Tommy would love them all, Miz Poo mostly tolerates (don’t believe what she says, believe what she does in those pictures! I have evidence!), Stinkerbelle HATES them, Stephan wants to be BFF, etc.

  6. Norbs’ “You know you do” photo is such a typical Tuxedo pose! Tuxies really know how to work the camera! Sweet Meadow is going to be a charmer, we’re sure!

  7. I will miss Norbie pictures, but I am very glad he’s in his new home and things are going well. Hopefully we’ll get more Norbulletins!

    Now I want to go back and read the old posts on Tommy and Sugarbutt. As previously mentioned, I was also reading old IBKC posts when I ran across Charlene’s mention of the True Blood six, so I web-wandered over here and read everything from that point until now. Actually, it’s kind of nice to know I still have some back-reading to do; there is a certain fun when you can see the whole story at once. Of course, following a litter as they grow is also fun. Kitten posts are a win/win proposition. 🙂

    Finally, I didn’t post yesterday as it was rather late, but I was able to bring Chloe home last night. She’s staying in the guest bedroom for a few days to keep quiet and while I make sure the fleas are gone. We have to go back in a couple of weeks for a follow-up blood test, but for now things look good and she’s happy. Once again, thank you all for the well wishes.

    • GREAT news that Chloe is home now, Delaney, and you are able to decompress by reading kitten posts!
      I too came here via IBKC during the Trueblood era. And haven’t missed a post since!
      I think this Soprano litter is gonna be spectacular!
      Hugs to Chloe!

  8. *sigh* oh Norbs.. so glad you are doing so well..

    btw, word of caution.. not to frighten, just to inform. Da Bird poles have had a tendency to splinter. There are a few reviews on Amazon that attest to it, and Robin over at CICH recently had to take a slew of splinters out of her hand. I’m going to wrap my pole up in tape.. just to be on the safe side.