10-31-22 Monday

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Francesca’s keeping an eye on me.

Mike’s having some deep thoughts.

Gus, Francesca and Nacho have the guilty faces.

Lalo needs a kiss. (And he got one, of course!)

Saul considers a nap.

Kim’s checking out the view of the back yard (I’m sure she could see Charlie out there, stomping along the fence line.)

Gus is all “LADY. Tryin’ to eat my donut, here. Do ya MIND?!”


Grandpa Newt, lookin’ regal and also not prone to putting up with shenanigans and hijinks.


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Good morning from the kitten room, where the kittens are just warming up their crazies.

Mike’s all “Hi hi innernets! Hi!”⁠

Gus’s little downturned mouth is just the CUTEST. 😽

Oooh, big stretch, Lalo!

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Mama Kim Wexler keeps us fed. I didn’t manage to get her calling out as she brought the toy mouse to us, but you can see that she was making sure no one goes hungry when she’s around.

Good night innernets. (Nacho)⁠

It’s the time of year where we see wasps outside the window a lot, and the kittens (Lalo, Gus and Francesca) are FASCINATED.

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Frannie hanging out with (on) Mama Kim, hoping that the milk bar will open soon. (It didn’t!)

Saul does love his mama.⁠

Good night innernets. (Mike)⁠

Little punkin Gus was recently elected the President of the Bad Decision Committee after he thought it’d be a good idea to try to eat a stinkbug. He’s fine – just got a little drooly and walked around with stinkbug breath for a little while – but has he learned his lesson? Perhaps… but I wouldn’t count on it.

Saul’s got those crazy eyes.⁠

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It’s the time of year where wasps and other assorted bugs are flying around the outside of our windows, and Nacho is FASCINATED.

Look at what a pretty little poser Nacho is. (Don’t be TOO impressed – I just got lucky. The instant after I took this picture, she hopped out, jumped to the floor, and off she went.)⁠

I do believe Francesca was ready to curl up for a nap in that bucket.⁠

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Permanent resident kitties Khal (the big floofy one, whose nickname is “Floomp”) and Charlie are hanging out in the back yard. They’re buddies.⁠

PS: Our permanent residents are allowed outside in our back yard. We have a cat fence around the back yard – Google “Purrfect Fence Cat Fence Conversion” – and so they cannot escape the back yard. We open the cat doors to the back yard when it’s light out in the morning, and bring the cats inside and shut the cat doors (though they still have the screened porch) at dusk.  

Good night innernets. (Francesca and Lalo)


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