10-31-12 – Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

Remember Caspian, best Floof-suit-wearer in recent memory? Perfect Halloween kitty!

Dingwall Scotty’s got a really good floof going on, too.

And Caspian again, slightly floofed.

We tried putting some of the Pickles and Weeds (well, one of the Weeds) in Halloween costume hats.

Joe Pickle was all “Do not want to wear the hat! Take it off. TAKE IT OFF!”

“Seriously, dude. Take. It. OFF.”

Dandelion was pretty sure she didn’t want to be a giraffe.

So she just kind of froze until we took pity on her.

“I not like this.”

Polly Pickle was too chicken to wear the chicken hat.

Sugarbutt was NOT HAVING this nonsense, even though Polly was all “Dude, seriously. Purple is your color!”

So we resorted to Tommy. Poor, stoic Tommy who froze in place and thought “Oh great Ceiling Cat, make these people stop this torture.”

Happy Halloween, everyone! Those of you who were in Sandy’s path, I hope your power has come back on. Pretty sure y’all get free candy for LIFE after that lovely Halloween slam.

And happy anniversary to Fred; today is our 14th wedding anniversary! (Yes, we got married on Halloween. No, we didn’t wear costumes.)

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Maxi, fangin’ it in honor of Halloween.


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10-31-12 – Happy Halloween! — 72 Comments

  1. All I did was pose the kittens with pumpkins. Guess I need to up my game for next year (with the fosters of course, Simba would draw blood before I even closed the velcro on one of those things) πŸ˜‰ Where does one acquire Halloween costumes for cats?

    Happy Anniversary! You’re my second friend today celebrating their anniversary on Halloween. I like it.

    • I got the costumes at Petsmart! (I’m sure Petco has them, too.) They’re actually intended for small dogs, but they work! Or if you want to spend more money, you can always check out Etsy. There’s some nice stuff there, but it’s usually kind of expensive.

      But mostly I think you should scroll down and check out the link that Laney provided. I am SO going to try that! πŸ™‚

  2. Holy crap! Tommy made me almost snort milk out of my nose! Precious little Dandi. Also, LOVE the fangage there Maxi! And Caspian won the floof suit contest hands down!!!

  3. Happy anniversary! I have cousins who got married not on Halloween and still had a costume wedding. I guess you are or you aren’t costume-wedding people, no matter the day.

    Thanks for sharing the floof!

      • Well, there’s your theme if you ever decide to renew your vows, right there! Happy Anniversary and Many Happy Returns of the Day!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I think getting married on Halloween is great, very Steele Magnolias! We got married on Friday the 13th, because I thought it was funny. No costumes for us either! LOLZ

  5. Happy Anniversary Fred & Robyn! The great advantage to marrying on a holiday is that it’s hard to forget the date. That’s why my grandparents got married on St Patrick’s day. My mom and dad got married on April 4 1964 because my dad’s favorite book ‘1984’: “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” That novel starts on 4/4/84

  6. It kind of looks like Dandelion is smiling underneath her costume, maybe she secretly liked it after all! Happy anniversary!

  7. LMFAOOOO! These photos are too funny! The cats are like wtf? Lol!

    Happy anniversary Fred and Robyn! How cool is that to marry on halloween?

    Side note: are you gonna do another calendar this year?

    • I am going to do calendars this year – I’m just behind in figuring out which pictures to use. I’m hoping to get ’em done and available by Monday! πŸ™‚

  8. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Looks like Polly Pickle is ready to kick some @ss about that costume; she has the laid-back-ears thing going on, a sure sign of anger.

    Poor Tommy just looks….scared, like he’s seen a ghost or something freaky.

    Thanks for the chuckles! Happy Halloween!

  9. Delurking to wish you and hubby my heartiest congrats on your anniversary!

    PS the pics of Dandelion and just her chin peeking out almost killed me with her cuteness. Good god, cats are the best lol

  10. OMG LMFAO on the pictures. Those poor cats XD Toooooo funny.

    We do indeed have power here – never lost it. No idea if we’re doing Halloween or not. I have a bag of candy just in case, but I didn’t put up any decorations yet. Good job, too, they all would have gotten drowned in the hurricane.

  11. Happy Anniversary from one Halloween Wedding couple to another. Love the pics. I second the thought that Dandy was giving us a great big smile. The mouth on the giraffe looked like it was hers, well kinda.

  12. Love the Halloween kitties and their floof suits! At first I thought you had pulled out pictures of the Peppers – some of the best floofers ever!

    Poor Tommy…that’s what Cellar Cats get this time of year! Happy Halloween and happy anniversary! I so wanted a Halloween wedding but the 28th was as close as I could get.

  13. I’d love to see Jake in all those costumes! I’m pretty sure he won’t mind, you said he’s very laid back, and his profile pic shows he’s no chicken.

    • We were going to costume him up, but he wasn’t in the mood this time around. He’s usually pretty laid-back, so when he says “no”, we listen! πŸ™‚

  14. Happy anniversary, Robyn! Love the floof suits on Caspian and the Dingbat. Happy Halloween to all!

  15. Those pics are hysterical Robyn! I love Dandy as a giraffe. Giraffe are my favorite animals. Happy Anniversary!

    We never lost power here-just a couple of flickers. I believe Trick or Treating is back on. Yea(not!)-I pretty much hate Halloween. I don’t quite get the point of dressing up, walking around in the cold (possibly rain) to get a few pieces of lame candy which I wont eat anyway (because most have peanuts or peanut butter which I don’t care for). I think I must be a cat!

    • 40 degrees, 19 mph winds, and 80% chance of rain in the forecast for tonight. I’m actively campaigning to get the kids to stay home tonight. (But then again, my youngest is in 6th grade so… )

  16. Happy anniversary guys!! Poor tommy, he deserves a treat or do for that ding to his dignity.

  17. Tommys pupils look like lightening daggers. He is soooo gonna get you tonight!
    My mom had a killer bookshelf when i were growing up. I are 4th gen DC, but my fam is from Macon, NC and Louisa county, VA. I identify as black (say it loud!),but I have great grand pappys who fought for the Confeds ( The Cause!!!) . And i love them, dirty drawls and all. We are all a mix of something. I heard that I’m a desensant of George Washington. If its true hey papi. This, on top of the info that lightskinned blacks passed for white. Are you exempt from what you are hateing? Are you? Do you know? I need to post this stuff on twitter

  18. I love kittens and cats, I love you as a cat guardian, i love all my cat community commenters. This is a waste of time in my world, my world needs to expand. How can you knock caring for unloved fuzzy animals?? I am cleaning house.

  19. Gosh,!i am soo sorry for posting political shit here. I know you said dont do it. But i cant understand how folks hate black cats and folks when they are rhe ones who mixed them. Where did light skinned black people come from?

    • Ockqua, I’m not sure what’s going on – I hope you’re okay. As far as people hating black cats, I can say that most of the time it’s due to a silly superstition, and like most superstitions, it makes no sense.

  20. I may be asking you for landmarks and coordinates. I asked my boo if we could road trip down to Alabama.

  21. I agree–Caspian is the perfect Halloween cat!

    Happy Anniversary! Was that choice to make sure Fred remembers your anniversary πŸ™‚

    • It was Fred’s choice because he was SO sure he’d never forget (and if you say “When’s your anniversary?”, he knows the answer), but he completely FORGOT this year. I had to call him up at work and give him a hard time. πŸ™‚

      • Our anniversary may or may not be part of an important phone number that Brian needs to know. Whenever he asks what the number is, I ask him when is his anniversary and then he figures it out.

  22. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! btw, how is it possible that dingwall scotty, sungold and mr. stripey are still not adopted? how are they doing at petsmart?

    • It’s because adoptions are at a complete standstill right now. I think that tends to happen about this time every year, which I HATE, but I’m hoping that they start picking up again very soon.

      I need to get to Petsmart to spend some time with them (and take pictures!) I had thought about taking the Pickles to Petsmart and swapping them and bringing Dingwall Scotty, Sungold, and Mr. Stripey home, but I keep hoping that THIS is the day someone will see one or more of them and fall in love. So frustrating when adoptions drop off like this. They’re doing well, though. They get play time in the mornings and evenings and cuddles as well, but I sure would like to see them go to their forever homes.

  23. I’m pretty sure Caspian is posing for the official Halloween floofy cat. Happy Anniversary! We were going to marry on April Fool’s Day but my mother didn’t find that humorous.

  24. Best thing I’ve seen on the internets this week – thank you for the laugh. Cats DO NOT like costumes, which is why it’s all the funnier.
    Happy anniversary to you & Fred!

  25. Happy Anniversary, you guys!! (and Happy Halloween, long-suffering costumed kittehs! I hope Robyn gives you extra treats today after that humiliating photo session πŸ™‚

  26. Maxi and her fangs are now my desktop wallpaper. Too many cute pictures to choose from, but she stands out because she looks happy to be fangin’ it. πŸ™‚

  27. Caspian is the Halloween kitty. Seriously, that’s the classic black cat pose of Halloween. I would not want to be on the other side of that floof. On the other hand, little kitten! So cute!

    Happy anniversary to you and Fred!

      • Happy Anniversary, Robyn and Fred and diddleymazz and spouse. We were 32 years this October as well!

        I was a Flapper matron of honor in a friend’s Halloween costume wedding. The bride was Marilyn Monroe, the groom an Arab Shiekh/Elton John (someone made him sequined black frame glasses). Fun wedding, bad marriage, didn’t last.

        We had a pine tree land on our garage and were without power for 36 hours. Lots still here w/o power and many homeless. We were very fortunate. The kids are off school in many areas until November 12th. Schools are being used as shelters or daytime comfort stations. A lot of sad devastation. My family are all OK. Sister’s house got minor damage from a tree that grazed it and her car got dented by the 350 lb. basketball hoop that hit it. One friend’s house flooded. She heeded the warnings and went to her parents with her son ahead of time. Sad about all the damage to the beautiful coastline,and even more so the loss of life and homes. NJ, NY and other areas are strong though. I’m confident we will rebuild!

  28. Happy Anniversary, Robyn and Fred — and happy relief from headgear, pussycats! Hope two- and four-footers alike got extra treats today.

  29. Happy Anniversary Robyn and Fred!!! I should have known you two would do something whacky – even without costumes, a Halloween wedding is fun!
    And thanks for another round of laughs with these pictures. Laughter is so much needed this week!

  30. Wishing you a wonderful Anniversary and a very Happy Halloween!! Thanks for the Halloween Kittehs…..they made my night!

  31. Happy Anniversary Robyn and Fred…I know I’m late but we just got power back….I have a desk top computer and none of these new fangled hand held anything so I had to wait …but it is really sincere!!

    • Cells didn’t work here at all so maybe that stuff wouldn’t have worked there either! I just got my voice mails yesterday. Texts were sporadic too, most failed to go out. Modern technology is still no match for Mother Nature!