So, my mother is on her way home to Maine. I got up at 6 this morning to shower and get dressed, then go out to Smallville to give everyone their medicine and put the kittens in their carriers. They were NOT happy at being put in such a small space, and either Westley or Fezzik howled all the way to Ardmore. Whichever one it was, he sounded JUST like Maxi.

At the vet clinic I told the receptionist all of the kittens’ names, then we carried them out back for weighing. While we were back there, the vet’s assistant was holding either Fezzik or Inigo when a man brought his dog out back to weigh him. I thought the kitten saw the dog and was okay, but I was wrong – because when the kitten saw the dog, he freaked OUT, and that vet’s assistant ended up with some serious scratches before I could pull the kitten off of her, poor woman.

Anyway, the kittens are being spayed and neutered and are getting their ID chips today, and I’ll be picking them up after 5 to bring them back here to the house.

I don’t know why my mother felt that Maddy would make a good hat. Maddy did not agree.

Maddy’s favorite place to nap.



Maddy likes yogurt a LOT.

I understand that y’all are disappointed that we’re not keeping Maddy, but I TOLD you we weren’t! And I can guarantee that she’s going to a really good home where she’ll be spoiled rotten and loved to within an inch of her life. Maybe I can browbeat her new Momma into sending some pictures of her as she grows up.


Mister Boogers is currently in a state of catatonic despair, he hates you so much.


2005: I think Miz Poo and Mister Boogers have more fun in the kitten room than the kittens do.

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