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Sugarbutt would really like to get into that box, but as you can see, Joe Pickle has laid claim to it using the “If I am touching it, it’s MINE” rule.

Mr. Innocent. “Yup, still touching it. Why?”

“Make him stop touching it!”

Dandelion needs a sign that reads “Kitten cannot hold her licker.” She is the lickiest cat ever. It’d be more annoying if she didn’t purr loudly the entire time she licks.

I love that Petey Pickle.

Purslane and Joe, hanging out.

Purslane keeping an eye on… someone. I have no idea who that is, but they certainly have long eyelashes!

Thistle in the foster room.

Smug Percy is smug.

Joe Pickle, looking like he could be related to Corbie.

Pretty Percy is pretty.

Joe and Magoo, inspecting the dishwasher. “There are no dirty dishes to lick! This is highly irregular!”

Petey Pickle. So so purty, that boy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alice Mo, doing her very best to stay warm.


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10-30-12 — 45 Comments

  1. When I saw Joe’s picture, I thought it was a younger (um…and thinner) Corbie! They must be long lost cousins! 🙂

    • For some reason, all I can think of is in “Forrest Gump” when Forrest said to Lt. Dann, “No Sir, we are not relations.” HA.

  2. Purslane is the most beautiful kitten EVER!

    Thanks for the story of the box rules, Robyn. Good therapy after worrying about the storm! ( we are ok).

  3. Alice Mo the calico should find a kitten to cuddle, don’t you know. (Yeah, I know 😉 )

    So do the dishwasher inspectors inspect the dishes or the dishwasher? And how many dishwasher inspectors can fit inside the dishwasher? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • If there are dishes, they inspect (lick) the dishes. If there are no dishes, they lick any water off the door of the dishwasher and complain that there are no dishes to lick. That was the first time I’ve actually seen any of the Pickles IN the dishwasher. I bet they’d all fit with room to spare, though. 🙂

  4. Checking in from the storm – okay here, still have power.

    Petey is so gorgeous. <3 Love the silver tabbies.

  5. So this AM I’m singing Alice Mo, the Calico in my head and ended up finishing it off with “with a hey nonny nonny and a yo ho ho!” She just needs an eye patch and we’re set. 🙂

    • Ha – I’m imagining trying to put an eye patch on Alice Mo, and the resultant fallout (which would likely be me losing an eye!:) )

  6. Oh, Dandelion is just so pretty. I usually am attracted to gray (Percy) or tiger colorings (Joe)..not white. She is just gorgeous. My husband would go crazy if she is a licker. He hates when our fosters get on his shoulder and start licking his neck or ears, freaks him out.

    Well we made it through the storm with power. Lots of CT residents without power and lots of flooding on the shoreline. NYC (Queens) is on fire, flooded…terrible. All along the Jersey coast…Sandy you created a MESS.

    Yesterdays story of a headless squirrel had a lot of responses..we all have stories of what our precious kitties bring home. Did you expect such a response? LOL ~ Maybe Fred could write a short stories book about your permanent kitties & fosters..I bet you have a lot to tell..

    • I’m so glad you’re okay, Deb!

      She is a SERIOUS licker – I usually let her do it once or twice, but if she keeps going (and gets more aggressive with it), I usually blow in her face and she backs right off. I’m trying to teach her that a little bit of licking is okay, but too much is annoying.

      Everyone loves to tell stories about what their cats bring in, that’s for sure (and it always makes me feel like maybe I don’t have it so bad!)

      • Sidney likes to lick the tip of my nose which will take flesh right off after a bit. I blow in his face too. Works like a charm.

    • Am thankfully south of the worst of it, in MD. We got a lot of rain and a lot of wind but I still have power.

    • I definitely want a story about the headless squirrel riding a Barbie horse. I can’t get that image out of my head (and I’m giggling every time)

  7. Joe is gorgeous like Corbie! I survived Sandy, barely. Thought I would be meeting the Wizard, all of that wind! But we’re still here thank God.

  8. So glad all of you came thru the storm safe and sound. Hugs to all. We here in Florida know all about it.

  9. Looks like Purslane has a secret admirer…hummm…wonder who that could be? Certainly not a certain professed kitten heter?? 😉

  10. I’ve been away 2 weeks, without internet. I thought I must be on the wrong website when I seen how big those kitten have gotten. Wow. Dandelion…what a gorgeous blue-eyed doll! Others are pretty too, but I have to admit I have a soft spot for Purslane; my Slinky looks just like her.

    Hope all your readers in the hurricane path stay safe and protected. I know what it’s like to go through a devastating storm, since I was in the path of the horrible tornado outbreak in 2011.

    Take care & I’m glad to be home.

    • They grow so fast, don’t they? I was looking back through earlier pictures of them yesterday (trying to choose calendar pictures for the 2013 calendars) and I had forgotten what teeny babies they were!

  11. Bourbon must be related to Dandelion…..that boy is a licker from way back. Of course, he is just doing it to soften you up for the piranha act to follow. 🙂

  12. We made it through the storm unscathed also. Glad to hear everyone else is good as well. I have relatives in CT who have trees down all around them and resultingly have lost power. It’ll be about a week like it was last year till they get it back I’m guessing.
    Loved all the pics today Robyn. Love the quote about Dandy. Am wondering where Polly was through all this though, she’s the only one not represented.

  13. Maybe it’s a white cat thing because both of my white cats are major lickerholics. In fact, so much so that Ripley’s nickname is Lickly and his sister Lexi’s Licky.

  14. I could be without electricity and water for several days* so will be relying on the mad kitty power generated by Love and Hisses. Go Permanent Residents, Pickles, and Weeds! *But I still have to go to work, which is miraculously kitted out with the things one is lucky enough to usually take for granted.

  15. We had power all night in our Brooklyn neighborhood with just a couple of flickers here and there to indicate that anything was amiss. Clearly Manhattan and Queens were not nearly as fortunate. I did not, as y’all might guess, go into labor overnight, thank goodness (if you’ve heard about the hospital in NYC where the power went out, the generators failed, and they had to evacuate, that’s the one I’m supposed to deliver at. Yikes!). The only silver lining (??) is that I don’t have to teach again tomorrow — schools are closed again — and I can recover from the cold that I came down with yesterday!

    In the meantime I get to lie on the couch and look at awesome kitty pictures — thanks, Robyn, for keeping me occupied. Although now I kinda want to curl up a la Alice Mo and take a nap…

  16. Looks like Joe Pickle is practicing his Longcat impersonation technique in pic #2. Keep at it, Joe!

  17. Eeee. Knowing that Dandelion is a licker, and a purry licker at that, makes me want to come down there, scoop her up, and take her home.

  18. “Cannot hold her licker”….hee! Glad to hear everyone is safe after the storm. When the Hurricane passed over in Central PA during the night, I was sure at one point that the roof was going to lift right off the house and end up on someone else’s house! It was making noises I’ve never heard in my life! My kitties spent the night under the covers with me. But we all made it through, safe and sound. Just lost a few shingles (on a brand new roof I just had replaced a month ago – Ugh! But that’s better than losing the whole roof). I’m thinking about everyone in NJ and NY who experienced much more devastating damage – hope you are all safe and sound. Stay safe, everybody up North who is still experiencing the storm.

  19. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by Sandy. I hope that the hardships resulting from the storm are shortlived. Also, I always think about the animals… those that are pets/family members, and especially those that are ‘homeless’. I can only hope that many will find a way to survive and/or be rescued and helped if necessary.

  20. So glad to hear that everyone on the east coast made it thru the storm all right. Whew.

    My littlest (the oldest, but the littlest in size) is one heck of a licker. She cannot hold her licker. It also comes along with kneading and purring, and the occasional nibble. And, she’ll be 14 years old in a week’s time. Some habits never disappear. 😉

  21. So are you telling me that big giant Sugarbutt cant get one wee little ornery kitten to move that single foot from the edge of the box? OR just freaking sit in it anyway? It’s not like Pickley Joe is INside of it!
    Alice has that ‘I’m freezing’ look down pat, trying to get some sympathy? So did you cover her as soon as you took the picture?

    Ok, I’m way behind reading but I looked at yesterday’s post and against my good sense, read that first part about the dead squirrel! I hate to say I laughed my butt off and had to read it to my hubby at two o’clock in the morning! Now that I see comments about yesterday’s comments.. I’m going to have to go back and read those because I skipped them.. I have a feeling I should be afraid!