10-31-16 Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween!

Hi-ho! The return of Alice de Frog!

This is supposed to be a lion mane, but it looks more Ziggy Stardust to me.

Stefan Ingalls, reporting for butter churning duty. (I’m thinking this might have worked better on a cat with a smaller head. Stefan’s got a great big ol’ head and it really filled up that bonnet!)

“Bugawk. Now can we be done?”

I’m pretty sure my days are numbered. If I disappear, y’all know who to blame. (That’s Sheriff Mama/Kara.)

Any guesses who’s most patient with wearing hats? Poor Dennis. “Is almost over?”

“I gets to ride a broom around?” Newt was also surprisingly patient with this nonsense.


“But… if I really AM a princess, is wearing my crown really dressing up for Halloween?”

“Off with your head!” declares Princess Iva.


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10-31-16 Happy Halloween — 19 Comments

  1. I think the bonnet on Stefan fits perfectly! 🙂
    The look on Kara’s face is priceless. You may just disappear. We will miss you.

  2. Bwahahaha! The Little Crooked Acres on the Prairie picture cracked me up! Happy Halloween!

  3. They’re all adorable but Stefan Ingalls is my favourite! Everything about that photo is perfection! <3

  4. Cuteness abounds! Dennis is the best thing ever. He is so patient with EVERYTHING! I like the lion but to me it reminds me of Animal (going with the muppet thing). I don’t really care for Halloween and dress up but I love when the cats do it.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Robyn and Fred! I love that you celebrate by mentally torturing the residents 😀

  6. Stefan’s pic was my fave and then I almost snorted diet coke thru my nose when I saw Kara’s picture. LMAO!

    • That’s funny! I had totally forgotten about Hollie Hobbie. (I guess that makes me old too…sigh…sigh)

  7. Love tough old Stefan patiently wearing the holly Hobie hat. And Dennis lopsided chicken look.

    Never get tired of caspian’s Halloween cat act! Such perfect stance back on his paws.

    Happy anniversary you guys! Hope that it’s been a great year and here’s to the future and whatever comes!

  8. Robyn, I hope you and everyone reading this has had a chance to play with the awesome Google doodle for Halloween this year – it features a black cat who’s a wizard and must defeat foes! It’s best on a touch screen device, like a smart phone or tablet, but if you pull it up on Chrome, you can use a mouse with it. I think it’s really clever, and the designers really got the cat right – the ears, especially, are spot on! (no, I don’t work for Google LOL)

  9. You’re well on your way to a witches’ brew with “eye of newt and toe of frog” (in picture form only of course.)