10-30-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

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Goofballs in the foster room. #Raleigh #Charleston #Chesnee

#Charlotte fits perfectly in the #TinyBasket, and that’s where she’ll be taking her Sunday afternoon nap. ❤️

We’re having a hard time waking up this morning! #Mondays

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#Raleigh learns not to talk smack to #Charlotte, ’cause she’s more than happy to show him how it is. #kickingtailandtakingnames

“Whoa, whoa, WHOA. You’re staying up ’til TEN tonight? That’s just crazy talk!” #Iva #PawsUpYall

Add one cat head-shaped scratcher bed to the kitten room, mix in a kitten, bake in the sun for an undetermined amount of time… #KittenPie #Charlotte

#KittenPie is in high demand right now. And so easy to make!

Extra-large #KittenPie, just in time for lunch. Get you some! #Iva #Chesnee

Order your favorite #Charleston #KittenPie: sassy and a little sweet with a squeaky meow and a low, soft purr.

And finishing off today’s #KittenPie selection: the #Raleigh: deceptively quiet and shy, but robust and goofy. Best way to end the day!

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Have I mentioned that #Charlotte is nuts? #CarolinaKittens

The #OpenMouthofOutrage AND the #PawsofIKeelYou – that’s some pretty good multi-tasking, #Iva. Too bad you had to pick a fight with #Charlotte and get put in your place!

#Charlotte has a giggle over her favorite joke. She just never gets tired of it! #WhatsBrownAndStickyAStick

Just laying in the sun, hugging her rope lobster. You know, a regular day in the life of #Chesnee.

There goes #UncleStefan, sticking his paw under the door again, freakin’ #Charlotte out. #FloofSuit #StrangerDanger

I mean, COME ON. How cute is this? The cherry on top of the Cute Sundae is the little crossed paws. She’s a LAYDEE. #LambiePie #Iva #CarolinaKittens

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Apparently #Charlotte felt that #Raleigh needed to be taught a lesson!

Happy #Thlurrrpsday! #Charleston #thlurrrp

“You SEE what I gotta put up with, here?” Poor, long-suffering #Charlotte (except that she LOVES it!)

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Raleigh likes to fight with #LambiePie – maybe because Lambie Pie doesn’t fight back!

This seems comfy, #Chesnee. #SunDrunk

“What, lady? Having some bonding time with my favorite lamb!” (I love the adoring way #LambiePie is looking down at #Raleigh. Lambie Pie’s got a weak neck and will require some surgery soon… when I get around to it!)

Charleston does his very best Enzo Framboise impression, while #Iva waits patiently for him to put his tongue back in his mouth and find someone else to pick on. #blep

I don’t know what you did to #Raleigh, but he is NOT pleased.

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#Chesnee has decided she’ll be a lap kitty. ❤️

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These kittens LOVE the Kitty Boinks toys. (Pardon the way the phone is swaying all over the place, I was trying to kiss Chesnee and take a video at the same time! ) #Iva #Raleigh #Charleston

“Hurray, hurray, it’s #Caturday!!!”

“When I remembered it was #Caturday, I smiled like THIS.” #Chesnee


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10-30-16 Weekly Roundup — 4 Comments

  1. Ok, what the freaky freak is wrong with that last picture?? Either some other kitty is sitting on Chesnee, or she’s bent herself over completely and put her back feet on the floor next to her own neck! I was about to comment that it looks like whatever that thing on the floor is has killed the kitty who killed it, but now all I can think is someone folded the kitty in half after she killed the thing on the floor! If she is folded in half, it explains the deranged look on her face! #totallyfreakedoutnow

  2. There is just too much cuteness going on to even begin to know what to comment on!!!

    Charlotte certainly seems to be the ruler of the roost! 🙂 They are all so adorable. Iva….*sigh*…