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Throw Back Thursday: Inara (now Dora).

Six years ago, we got our very first pregnant foster cat. She’d shown up on someone’s front porch, super friendly and super pregnant. We only had her for a day before she went into labor and presented us with four tiny kittens, who we named River, Inara, Kaylee and Zoe (they were named after characters from the series/movie Firefly & Serenity, a show I hadn’t watched, but I liked the names a lot, even though River was female in the show/movie and River the kitten was male.)

That mama kitty was the cat y’all now know as Sheriff Mama (Kara); today’s TBT is focused on Inara (now Dora), who was adopted and went straight from Crooked Acres to her forever home.

A still-wet Dora, upon entering the world.

A few days old.

A somewhat overwhelmed-looking Kara with her babies – I’m pretty sure that’s Dora on the far right.

“Waaaahhhh, Mama, where ARE you?!”

Three weeks old, eyes open, and VERY pleased with herself.

Sleepy girl.

I love this picture so much.

Look! A progression picture, from back in the days when I was even the slightest bit organized! Oh, 2008 Robyn, come teach me your organized ways.
Dora at 6 days old, 10 days old, 15 days old, three weeks, and four weeks.

I love how AMUSED she always looked.

Eyes changing from blue. It’s a process I’ve seen happen over and over, and I find it fascinating every single time.

I swear they would have nursed forever. (Dora on the right.)

Keepin’ the tail clean.

All ready to go home!

Checking out the scratcher in her new home.

A couple of months later I went to visit, and Dora was clearly one happy girl.

And here she is, six years later. All grown up, and gorgeous as can be.

She looks like she’s got a bit of the not-approving-of-your-shenanigans attitude like Kara! Sheriff Dora?

Helping to fluff the Christmas tree.

Curled up in her daddy’s jeans.

Thank you for the pictures, Katherine! You know I love seeing her sweet face. I can’t believe she’s 6 1/2 already!


All the kittens except Catelyn (who has already been spayed) are off for their spays and neuters this morning! Catelyn will be an “only child” for the day, hopefully she won’t be too lonely.

Girlfriend has got some WHISKERS.

Keeping a watch on that tail.

Tail: captured. Catelyn: pleased with herself.

It takes a lot of time to keep all that floof clean.

Keeping an eye on that troublesome Trader Joe.

Seriously, isn’t she just FABULOUS?

I’m having a hard time getting a decent picture of it, but rest assured that she has wonderful floof sticking out from between her toes.

Eye on the feather teaser.

Speaking of the feather teaser, the other night I was teasing the kittens with it, and Catelyn started doing this barely-audible chattering that was so adorable I had to make a video (I also posted a picture over on Instagram).

YouTube link.


Corbie would like you to finish eating your breakfast so he can lick your plate. And hurry it UP, he doesn’t have all day!


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10-30-14 – TBT — 19 Comments

  1. Dora is so PREEEEETTY! I love seeing their little lives play out in one post on TBT, it’s so awesome!!

    Chattering Catelyn made me laugh. She certainly is a character… it’s like she just bossed her way right into this litter like she knew she belonged and ain’t no one gonna stop her!

  2. Oh Lord….I’m dead!! Catelyn just killed me!!! Mercy, I want her soooooo bad!!!!

    Dora makes me think of Khaleesi. Pretty girl!!!

  3. I had tears in my eyes looking at Dora’s baby pictures! (but with a smile on my face) I had to go give her a big kiss. I agree that I see her in Khaleesi, too! Thanks for the great pictorial Robyn!

  4. How is it possible 6 years have passed since those babies were born? Wow, kinda scary. We have our 10th anniversary this Friday ( and I believe someone else’s anniversary is on Halloween as well, yes?)and I cannot believe that much time has passed. It is frightening. I agree about the resemblance to Khaleesi. Such beautiful colors. I love seeing these baby to adult and on stories. If you do hear from 2008 Robyn ask her to contact 2004 Elaine, I need her help.

  5. I named them on the spot. Maxi. And Newt.

    Isn’t it nice that I named cats that aren’t mine?

    Yeah, how’s that working out for you guys? Hindsight isn’t just 20/20, it can be pretty funny too.

    Love the updates on Dora, love updates in general on those little monkeys. And I truly believe that Catelyn is trying to grow her whiskers into a full circle.

    Oh, and Corbie’s a little spoiled.

  6. My Greymokin used to chatter at the birds like that through the window. So adorbs.

    Catelyn just kills me. Am partial to the floofsters.

  7. Pretty Dora! In the three weeks old pleased with herself photo-is there a glowy eyed cat in the depths of the cat cave? It looks very ominous!
    Please, please tell me you have since watched Firefly! IT IS THE BEST! If Norbie’s name had been changed, Malcolm was in the running and Nathan Fillion is my ideal man 😉

    • I think that’s a toy hanging from the top of the cave that you’re seeing.

      I haven’t watched Firefly yet, but I have the entire series on my iPad, waiting for me to watch it! 🙂

      • I was just thinking I was going to comment “don’t make me buy you the firefly series to make you watch it” and look… you already own it and you STILL haven’t watched it??? what on EARTH are you waiting for.. it is AWESOME!! get on it woman!

  8. The chittering/chirping/chattering sound that some cats make just kills me! My cat Squeaky George does it 1) when hunting a toy, 2) watching birds from the window, and 3) when the clothes washer hits a certain point in the process.

  9. Wonderful update — that is one very contented kitty. Same goes for young Catelyn. And you mean Corbie wasn’t thinking the deepest of thoughts?

  10. Chattering kitties are one of my favorite things! I’d never seen it before until I got the two I have now — they are both chatterers! Figaro even chatters at me. I’m not sure how to take that…