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You’d never know by looking at that super-serious face, but Ralph is a total lovah.

Trader Joe. I love the way his eyes are dark-blue around his pupil. So pretty.

Winn Dixie, very pleased to be using my slippers as a pillow.

Ralph, practicing his Crazy Eyes.

PW thinks about spying on the neighbors.

She’s the FLOOFIEST.

Von decided that Trader Joe needed a smack. Trader Joe wasn’t too concerned.

Ralph gets his Kravitz on.

Catelyn’s feeling skeptical.


Alice Mo, feelin’ smug.

YouTube link.


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10-29-14 — 27 Comments

  1. Oh my….Flurry really tugged at my heart strings!!!

    Once again, this litter of kittens and Catelyn are just STUNNING!!!!

  2. Awww… Flurry is so adorable. She would totally fit in with this batch of Floofsters. hehehe

    Can I just say…. Catelyn’s whisker situation is CRAZY. CRAZY, I say!

  3. Awww, Flurry is beautiful, but she’s not a good match in my current household. I need a cat who will be a playmate to my (kinda nuts in a good and adorable way) youngest, and she probably isn’t a good candidate. I’d be afraid Sheba would hurt her.

    Also, the 2012 entry cracked me up. What a morning.

  4. πŸ™‚ the Bewitched theme would be an excellent source of names. Especially around Halloween (alas I guess it will have to be NEXT Halloween):
    Tabitha, Samantha, Adam, Derwood/Darwood/Darrin, Mr. Stevens, Mrs. Kravitz, Aunt Clara, Esmeralda

    • I did a Bewitched theme with the litter of kittens I rescued 2 years ago. The mama cat became Tabitha (she was a tabby, of course!) and the 4 kittens were Samantha, Clara, Sabrina (which should have been Serena – I got mixed up, but hey, the Teenage Witch so I kinda stayed in theme!) and Tippy. I know Tippy wasn’t a Bewitched name, but she had the cutest, floofiest white tipped tail and I couldn’t resist!! πŸ˜€

  5. Just voted for Challenger’s House in the PAL Showdown! Here’s hoping you all win big!

    Also, I just remembered the video you posted a while back that featured a very persistent Jake trying to follow Stinkerbelle around until she released her mighty hellcat scream of fury. Have there been any other “hellcat scream” instances since then? I think if I heard that at 2am I’d pretty much have a heart attack on the spot!

    • Thanks for voting!

      We get the occasional middle of the night hellcat scream – maybe once a month? – but it’s been a while. Which probably means we’re due for one!

    • It was a Von/TJ combo pkg for me. But now that Von has been ripped from my grips, it is a TJ/Catelyn combo!

  6. This is very tangential, but is Tomato still unadopted? If she is, she really should come for a visit, she’s been unofficially yours for awhile.

  7. Hahaha!!! Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here laughing like a silly fool at Ralph’s Kravitz-ing picture πŸ™‚

  8. Catelyn’s whiskers are forming her initial in the “she’s the floofiest” pic. Great pics today as usual!

  9. Just learned that today is National Cat Day! Who knew… right?

    Anyway, guess what, this is for real: TODAY – UBER IS DELIVERING KITTENS ON DEMAND IN 7 CITIES! https://blog.uber.com/KITTENS

    They charge $30 for 15 minutes of kitten cuddles. Didn’t I tell you that this is a winning business proposition? Crate up these kittens, drive them around for a couple of hours every day, and you’ll bring smiles and joy to a lot of people plus pocket some cash in the process!