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Camera straps are a vital part of every kitten’s diet.

It’s like they were racing through the room and they skidded to a stop and said “Wow. We are some GOOD-LOOKIN’ KITTENS!”

Winn Dixie, laying atop the track toy. That girl cracks me up – why lay on the floor when you can be uncomfortable instead?

“::sigh:: Another day of carrying foil balls around and growling at the other kittens. I guess I gotta do whatever pays the bills, but someday I’m going to be a SUPERSTAR.”

Gorgeous boy.

I imagine there was a feather teaser over thataway.

Trader Joe’s all “I SEE you laying over there, tail. Don’t think I don’t KNOW you keep following me around!”

Ears of Annoyance, big time.

Just SUCH a floofy girl!

We were playing Bunny Ears. Well… I was playing Bunny Ears, Ralph was playing “What is going ON?!”

“I recommends you not do that again, lady, or it’s POW right in the kisser for you!”

Trader Joe, asleep in the sun. His little old-man face makes me just want to squeeze him and squeeze him.


Someone’s loons are well-tuned.

Occasionally, Jake likes to pick up a toy and walk around the house with it in his mouth, howling and howling (we always call “Jake’s got a baby!” when he does it. I mean, except when he does it at 2 am). Here’s a (not great) video of him going from the kitchen to the dining room, and then back into the kitchen. Turn it WAY up to get the full eardrum-piercing effect.

YouTube link.


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10-28-14 — 51 Comments

  1. I was playing the video of Loony Jake and I didn’t think about how my two girl kitties would react. All of a sudden, they jumped up on the windowsill looking for that intruder cat – they were so freaked out. Their expressions were so funny that I almost blew cereal out my nose. Note to self: don’t play funny videos while eating breakfast!

    • That girl does NOT like to lay on the floor, unless it’s with part of her laying on something else (ie, laying with her top half on the floor and her bottom half on a toy or cat bed or my leg). She’s a little nut!

  2. While my Anna doesn’t have the full-on loons, once each night, usually within 30 minutes of us turning off the light, she ‘brings me a gift’. Same song. She drops it on the floor on my side of the bed. Silly kitties!

  3. I love the other cat lying in the box, i’m sure he’s thinking, “If I lie in here quietly, maybe he’ll just GO AWAY!” How can you resist not squeezing the stuffing out of Trader Joe?? Don’t see how you do it!! 🙂

    • The other cat in the box in the Jake video cracked my stuff up. UP. “Yep, here I am just sitting in a box. Idiot is walking around the house yelling his fool head off but I am just gonna sit here in this box. Yep.”

    • Don’t I know it! It’s cute when he first starts out… but the longer it goes on, the less adorable it is. 😀

  4. We used to have a dear old lady cat who would wander around at night with “sock babies” going ” Mow-WOW, Mrow-WOW” up and down the hallway by my bedroom. She’s the only cat I’ve ever lived with that did this goofy behavior.

    • You know, Miz Poo used to do it a lot, but she hasn’t done it in a long time. I kind of miss it – she always seemed to have a set plan: “I have this baby, I’m carrying it into the bedroom and then I’ll be done.” Jake just wanders and wanders.

  5. Aw, the bunny ears remind me of my first cat. Well, actually, the game “we” played was bunny, goat and snake. It’d go back and forth between bunny ears and normal: “He’s a rabbit! He’s a cat! He’s a rabbit! He’s a cat” When he started looking slightly annoyed, I’d hold his ears down against the side of his head and say, “He’s a goat!” and then brush them back and hold his entire head and say “He’s a snaaaaaaaake.”

    It doesn’t take much to entertain me 😉

  6. Our cat Ronin, who looks just like Jake , does the same thing, only with fuzzy balls, and is waay louder. He is sitting here with me now, because he came in when he heard Jake.

  7. Ralph’s bunny ears are adorable! Even if Ralph seems to disagree. I really love how floofy all the kittens are. I wish I could reach through my monitor and just snorgle them all til candy corn and marshmallow stuffing came out their ears!

    Speaking of candy corn, are you planning to do anything with the Crooked Acres felines for Halloween?

  8. Our Pumpkin (orange female who had to be spayed 3 times before she quit going into heat) does this too. She has 3 babies – 2 socks and a fabric mouse. I figure she thinks since she doesn’t go into heat now, she must have some babies around someplace.

      • Don’t know if you go back and read replies, but the first spay was not done by our vet – done before Pumpkin ended up at the shelter and we had no records of who did it. She kept going into heat at our house, and it wasn’t a quiet heat either. Plus she peed on stuff, only when in heat. So our vet said sometimes that happens. She’s done 2nd spays and never not found what she’s looking for. But…. couldn’t find anything. In the end we were kind of desperate and went to the vet school where they did this whole hormone protocol to make the left over tissue show up and then it worked. She was just an odd, odd case.

  9. Ah the “Loony Tunes” had my 3 little dogs going nuts. I feed strays on my carport, and occasionally they’ll tangle up and give the loud yowls. So when the dogs heard the Loon calls, they all ran outside to bark at the gate leading to the carport! LOL

  10. Von’s intense look as she carries that foil ball… Hilarious!! 🙂

    And like a few of the others – the other cat in the box, just chillin’ & watching & listening to Jake, cracked me up!!! What a set of lungs on Jake!

  11. oh, that Loony Jake! I was already in stitches, then Ellie tried to find the ‘other cat’ she heard and that made it worse! Mabel used to carry a toy mouse around and cry like that, very loudly.
    Maybe Winn Dixie likes ventilation?
    And belatedly, so sorry about Sungold’s too-early passing. Never easy, and so suddenly it was his time.

  12. My cat is still in the window 10 minutes later, looking for his lost lady love (who used to call like that in the middle of the night outside our last apartment). The Loon is responsible for enriching dozens of cats this morning, it seems! 🙂

  13. As usual, Robyn, your post is a joy! The floofy, cutie-ptootie kittens, the kissable photo of Loony Jake and the great video….. I wanted to comment on just about every other pic or caption. (This actually happens just about every day, not just on days like today when I actually do comment. BTW, is there a way you could make it so that we could add comments below your captions? And if you could do it so that the comments pop out in a pop-out box when we hover the cursor over a link that says something like “readers’ comments,” that would be awesome! Sorry, I’m not telling you what to do. It’s just that I’ve often wished for that feature on your blog….)

    Anyhoo, I was wondering if we could get feedback from the L&H community about this question: how often do you give your cats catnip? and Is there any harm or even drawback to giving it to them as often as, say, every other day? (For instance, do cats build up “immunity” or “resistance” to catnip so that it takes more of it for them to get the same “high”?)

    Thanks! Charlene

    • You know – I’m not sure how I’d do that. I’ll look and see if there’s some sort of add-on that will work with WordPress to do it.

      And I’m going to post the catnip question on Friday – I’ll be interested to see the answers!

  14. Barney has a baby too! He usually sings the songs of his people about 5 minutes after we switch the light off to sleep! My husband just thought Barney was odd…I showed him this video and now he knows that he’s special! 🙂

  15. My mother had a cat named Tiger who would “stalk and kill” a stuffed toy raccoon almost every night. He’d walk the house with it in his mouth just like Jake, making that noise. And in the morning, without fail, Mom would find that toy outside her bedroom door, as if Tiger’d brought her the “dead kill” as a gift. How that stuffed animal lasted 13 years without falling apart, we’ll never know!

  16. Trader Joe has the least convincing Ears of Annoyance ever, Robyn. That boy is such a cutie. And I wish I could say that I voted early and often, but the site has cleverly circumvented such nefariousness. One vote will have to do!

    • There’s a cat staffer who doesn’t have random boxes in their kitchen? I’m afraid I’m not in that select and very odd group. 😉

      • Ha ha ha! I read that and looked up to see the current favorite box sitting in the middle of the dining room. And there is only one box only because I’ve been cleaning up for my Halloween party!

    • It varies – sometimes we only have one, sometimes we have a large selection. It all depends on my mood, and how many of the boxes are getting used on a regular basis!

  17. I have two that sing with toy mice. One sounds just like Jake – I think that is why I got no feline reactions to the video – they all just thought, Oh that’s Bonnie. When she starts, Toby goes and gets his mouse, which he keeps under the dresser, and joins in. He has a lower voice so when they are both singing away together I say they are practicing their soprano/tenor duet. Madama Butterfly, Act I, anyone?

  18. Ok, I’ve always loved Loony Jake, would stalk him if I could! 😉 But that video made me love him even more! What a loud sweet meow he has! I could just smooch him until all his grey furs wear off..
    Love the kitty in the box who’s like “Dude, it’s the middle of the night.. shut up and let me sleep!” Who is that, by the way??

    • That’s Tommy – he’s such a good boy, all the other cats get annoyed by Jake and his singing, but Tommy just shrugs and sighs. 🙂