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Welcome to the Crooked Acres coffee shop!

Do you need a mug of Adriana to start your day off right?

How about some Silvio? It’s got a bit of a bite to it, might be what you need to wake you up.

Warning: if your mug of Silvio sits for too long, it might get a little sullen.

And occasionally you get a sharp aftertaste from the Silvio. When it’s good, it’s very very good.

When it’s bad, it’s just plain PAINFUL.

How about the Paulie Walnuts?

Citrus with a dash of ginger, and  a smooth, creamy finish.

You’ve got to drink it down fast, though. Sometimes it gets shy and goes flat in your mug.

A Silvio-Walnuts blend? I’m not sure you’re ready for THAT (it hasn’t really been done before.)

Mix the sassy Silvio with the bold Meadow, and you’ve got a treat for the ages.

But of course the Silvio is a treat on its own.

Did we mention there’s a lot of bite to the Silvio, when you’ve done it right?

Combine the bite of the Silvio with a soothing dollop of Adriana, and it’ll keep you going through your busy day.

(Sorry, no decaf versions of any of these drinks, and we ONLY take toys as payment.)


We don’t often have it around but when there’s ham on the premises, SOMEONE senses it immediately.

And she demands her tribute.

Fred always complies. He’s no dummy – you don’t want to make Alice Mo mad!

Is it time? I think it is!

YouTube link.


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10-28-13 — 37 Comments

  1. Awwwwwww…. Spanky as the cover boy brought a bit of mist to my eyes. Or maybe it’s just dusty in here. Sweet, sweet boy.

  2. Love the pictures you chose, and the air here must be dusty too.

    Would Miss Alice actually climb up Fred to get her ham-bute, or does it just look that way?

  3. Yay – Alice Mo.. a girl after my own heart… I LOVE HAM, but only get it twice a year… but always make sure there’s enough for ham sammies (my not-so-little-one-any-more’s name for sandwiches). Well, I LOVE Spanky and still like to think of him as still running around crooked acres. You know I’ll probably be getting one of each (fosters and Anderson’s, not wall and oversized, lol!) and I completely understand how it would be hard to pick just 12… each litter seems cuter than the next, that is until I go back over the previous posts… GAAAAAAH! Putting in a request for 2015… one tuxie, please? (actually, that wish/request is twofold in that you have many, MANY tuxies to choose from in 2015!!!… I loves me a tuxie! and leaning lately to torties… so tuxies and torties for all in 2015!) Can not believe it’s ‘that time of year’ AGAIN!
    PS: Fred mentioned ‘the ability to wooo strays… is there something you’d like to tell us? LOL! Did Stefan get the word out that Crooked Acres is THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH???

    • I’ll update on this tomorrow, but it’s nothing exciting. He apparently belongs to someone down the road and realized there’s food available down this way. 🙂

      • Which means he’ll be living in your house pretty soon – just like Maxi and Newt who weren’t your cats but now are. 🙂

    • And I meant to say earlier – I’ll see what I can do about the tuxies in 2015! I was seriously trying to use a particular picture of Charming, but couldn’t make it work. Grrrr!

  4. LOVE that Stefan made it into the calendar and LOVED seeing Alice! She is so cute in her “bwooop-bwoooop! ham-detected!” state of awareness!

  5. Alice Mo, the Ham-li-co!! 🙂 (I crack myself up sometimes!) And Fred is getting brave – no tongs this time!

    I’ll be baking a ham Thursday for my Halloween party, so I know Tuxie and Sabrina will be right under my feet the entire time waiting for a taste! Jinx and Trixie, too, though they aen’t as insistent about it as the other two. They prefer the sweet stuff I’m baking!

  6. Alice Mo -just so you know-
    Sure does love her hammy, yo!

    All those kitten coffee pictures were cracking me UP! They seem to love lounging around in there. I’m sure you have mentioned this before, but where did you get the big cup? I think it was from Amazon, but I’m not sure.

    • It was actually at a discount store called Old Time Pottery (I always want to call it “Olde Tyme Pottery”!) It’s meant to be a planter, but I always look at everything with a “would the kittens like this?” eye. 🙂

  7. Kitten coffee shop with my first cuppa joe today…what could be more fun?! The titles/descriptions with each pic are priceless!
    Nice to see AliceMo again, too. Funny how certain foods attract certain felines.
    And calendars….how CAN you choose??

  8. My first thought was, I don’t remember an Anderson litter of kittens.

    Then the brain engaged. I suspect you could have a calendar of the Twelve Lunar cycles of Jake and somoene would buy it. People love those permenant residents!

  9. Is this a record year for foster kittens? (I’m talking quantity of course, not cuteness! Those Noms! Those Weeds!)

    • That is an excellent question – I’m not sure! I’ll have to count and see, I did have an awful lot of kittens at one time, between the Royals, the Dragons and the Starks (and now the Sopranos!)

  10. That picture of The Royals cracks me up. I’m afraid I won’t turn the page when that month is done.

  11. While I prefer my coffee weak, Silvio may have forever altered my taste buds. Adriana makes a delicious mocha, Paulie Walnuts the ideal cappuccino, and Meadow a bracing espresso macchiato. Needless to say, today’s coffee-cup pictures are tip-top. Perhaps you’d consider doing an entire kittens-in-the-great-big-cup calendar? And I can’t believe the Sopranos are seven weeks old!

  12. You know what would be REALLY awesome? (not that what you do is not already totally and completely awesome – but…) if CafePress would give us the option of personalizing/choosing our own pics for a calendar. 🙂 Cause I could have some fun with that. (of course I’d end up with 4 – 5 different calendars cause you know – just picking 12 pictures is not going to cut it.) ooo ooo – I could do a “themed” montage on each month! So I could have more than 12! Eek. I could spend hours in this rabbit hole…